Trump has an Epically Unhinged Ego Eruption After His Defense Secretary Exposes His Madness

On Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes,” Donald Trump’s former Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, was interviewed to discuss some of the explosive accounts of Trump’s unstable and dangerous behavior as president that Esper disclosed in his book, A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times.”

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Esper appeared on 60 Minutes to promote the book that he said he wrote “to tell the story about things we prevented. Really bad things. Dangerous things that could have taken the country a dark direction.” Among those things were that Trump sought to conduct military strikes against Venezuela and Iran, and to blockade Cuba. Esper also revealed that Trump had asked him about using the military to attack American citizens engaging in peaceful protests. “Can’t you just shoot them?” Trump asked Esper. “Just shoot them in the legs or something.”

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It was that latter heinous suggestion that Trump responded to in a laughably demented letter to “60 Minutes.” Esper was asked about a cabinet meeting at the White House where Trump indicated that he “wanted to shoot some of the protesters in the legs, a lot of foul language was used and accused president Trump of calling members of the cabinet ‘f’ing losers.'”

Trump’s letter to “60 Minutes” contained a thoroughly bizarre response that reflected his psychotic ego and malignant narcissism. Trump wrote that…

“This is a complete lie and 10 witnesses can back it up. Mark Esper was weak and totally ineffective, and because of it, I had to run the military. I took out ISIS, Qasem Soleimani, al-Baghdadi, rebuilt the military with $2.5 trillion, created Space Force, and so much more. Mark Esper was a stiff who was desperate not to lose his job. He would do anything I wanted, that’s why I called him ‘Yesper.’ He was a lightweight and figurehead, and I realized it very early on. He was recommended to me by some very weak RINOs and that is what he turned out to be.”

As with anything that Trump disputes, he calls this a “complete lie.” He was surely thinking it was also a “hoax” and a “witch hunt.” True to form, Trump dismissed Esper as “weak and totally ineffective.” If that sounds familiar it’s because Trump has a perverse pattern of turning against his closest associates and bitterly insulting them when they are not sufficiently worshipful. It’s interesting that so many of his top White House and cabinet appointees were weak, incompetent, losers. So much for “only the best people,” as he promised.

Among those who have been the victims of Trump’s deranged ire were Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Bill Barr, Michael Cohen, Stephanie Grisham, Gen. Mark Milley, John Bolton, Gen. Jim Mattis, Anthony Scaramucci, Steve Bannon, Omarosa, and Gen. H.R. McMaster. It’s almost as if he only hires weak incompetents or slobbering sycophants.

As for Trump’s contention that he has “10 witnesses” to back him up, the only response to that is…Yeah, right! Funny that he doesn’t identify a single one. And his claim that he derisively called Esper “Yesper” is preposterous. Since when has Trump ever been bothered by anyone who would always say “yes” to him?

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Trump, however wasn’t through. In his letter he elaborated with the raving lunacy that he had to “run the military” himself, and that he personally “took out ISIS” and other terrorist leaders. How he did that while fighting crime, clamping down on the communist Democrats, inventing the COVID vaccines, and building a border wall with his own hands, is a whole other story. Trump also lied about offering 10,000 troops to Pelosi prior to the January 6th insurrection. And he had an uncharacteristic “No comment” when asked about his illegal proposal to attack drug cartels by firing missiles into Mexico, a violation of international law. Which actually says a lot.

At this rate it won’t be long until we see Trump in a Napoleon hat claiming to have conquered the entire world and becoming its emperor. Or worse, its messiah. It’s bad enough that too many of his glassy-eyed disciples already see him as that.

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6 thoughts on “Trump has an Epically Unhinged Ego Eruption After His Defense Secretary Exposes His Madness

  1. The most frightening thing is this completely deranged incompetent unfit boob may get back in the WH by hook or by crook! Jesus H Christ I just want him to go away!

    • I want TUMP’s sorry ass to go away too! Along with Mitch McConnell, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Roger Stone, Kevin McCarthy, Rick Scott, Carlson Tucker, and many more of these ass hat Rethugs that seem hell bent to turn the United States into a Fascist, Nazi Nation. I hate all of these SOB’s with a white hot rage. Their incompetent, stupid, gullible, voters need to go too!!! That includes my dumb ass relatives too. I no longer have anything to do with them. They are so ignorant, and i can no longer tolerate being around them….

      • I think this might be the only REAL website we can express our TRUE feelings. For a very long time, statements by Donald Trump, who thinks he’s the second messiah, have nauseated me to such an extent that at times I felt I was going into “a white hot rage.” I especially get sick of his incessant name-calling, and elevating himself above all of his “yes men” to the extent that he boasted that he, himself, had to run the military. Glad Esper called him out on that. And wrote a book about it. Comey, head of the FBI, fired by Trump when Trump first came into office (What was Trump afraid of?) also wrote a book in which he called Trump a “demigod”. Trump. as Mark’s post states, definitely has a “psychotic ego and malignant narcissism”. I prefer the word PSYCHOSIS.

        • It’s very true about this being one of the only websites that we can express our true feelings. I got suspended on DKos for a month for suggesting that we do to TUMP what the Italians did to Benito Mussolini during World War II when they executed him in a brutal way. Then came the Marjorie Traitor thing when she publicly announced, ” Go find Nancy Pelosi and put a bullet in her head” They had a diary on DK about that and i made the comment, ” Maybe it would be a great idea to put a bullet in Marjorie Traitor Greene’s head” No where did i suggest that i would do that, but it was just a suggestion. Several of the touchy members flagged me on there and i was permanently suspended from commenting. I tried to get re-instated several times, but they wouldn’t even reply to me, just silence.
          A few words that i would describe TUMP are, a mentally, deranged, psychopathic liar, and being malignant narcissistic is very accurate. PSYCHOSIS is a very accurate diagnosis of his over all mental health. That would apply to many other Rethuglicans too. It does seem like their overall mental health status is rapidly worsening by the day.

  2. The fact that there are millions of people who want this deranged monster to be president is a terrifying thought.

  3. Trump is prob’ly having his Napoleonic uniforms & hat made to order as we speak…

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