Trump Shill Calls Violent Insurrectionists ‘Unwitting,’ Peaceful Abortion Protesters ‘Terrorists’

In the wake of the disclosure of the draft opinion that would overturn Roe v Wade, by the Supreme Court’s uber-conservative faction, the anti-choice extremists of America have embarked on a crusade to malign those who support women’s rights to safe and legal reproductive healthcare as radical thugs fomenting chaos and violence.

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Donald Trump Insurrection

The hostile characterization of the peaceful protests by abortion rights activists is as far removed from reality as Donald Trump’s delusional insistence that he won the 2020 presidential election (which he and his toadies at Fox News are still squawking about). However, Americans who are worried about the loss of liberties have been appropriately and responsibly protesting the Court’s perverse opinion that is utterly lacking in legal basis. As opposed to the right-wingers who are dodging the issue by fixating on the leak, rather than the substance.

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Never mind that the identity of the leaker is unknown and is more likely to be a conservative than a liberal. The frantic and coordinated campaign to disparage the left is unfurling in a wave of wrath and fury. On Fox News Laura Ingraham even resorted to contriving an imaginary scenario wherein “mobs of people descended at the Court, screaming what could be described as threatening language toward some of the Justices.” Which, of course, never happened.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, is busy posting tweets that seek to paint a grossly dishonest picture of the pro-choice protesters. Along with a supposedly incriminating video, Harrington said that…

“If people who don’t like election fraud and unwittingly enter a public building are ‘terrorists,’ what does that make these people?”

The first thing to notice about this blather is that Harrington is asserting that the deadly insurrection that Trump incited on January 6, 2021, was nothing more than some “unwitting” folks, upset by nonexistent election fraud, taking a tour of Congress. That’s true, if your definition of “unwitting” includes storming through police barriers, breaking doors and windows, vandalizing and stealing government property, and injuring more than 140 law enforcement officers. For the record, “unwitting” means “without being aware; unintentionally.” So Harrington thinks that hundreds of Trump supporters broke into the Capitol unaware or unintentionally? Really?

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What’s more, Harrington is absurdly implying that the pro-choice protesters are “terrorists.” However, the video that she included in her tweet was hardly proof of her irresponsible accusation. In fact, it proved that the protesters behavior was both lawful and restrained. It shows that they did not invade any private property, nor engage in any threatening acts. They merely conducted a legal demonstration and chanted slogans saying to “Keep abortion safe and legal,” and that “Pro-life is a lie. You don’t care if people die.”

Harrington’s comparison of this nonviolent civil action to the riots conducted by domestic terrorists at the Capitol is preposterous in the extreme. But it is exactly the sort of deceitful provocation that is expected of the ultra-rightists who aspire to foment division and incite more violence. And if there is one thing they’ve made clear, it’s that it is their intention to gag anyone who disagrees with their brand of conservative authoritarianism, and to suppress dissenters who prefer democracy over the tyrannical ambitions of wannabe dictators like Donald Trump.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Shill Calls Violent Insurrectionists ‘Unwitting,’ Peaceful Abortion Protesters ‘Terrorists’

  1. “…their intention to gag anyone who disagrees with their brand of conservative authoritarianism, and to suppress dissenters who prefer democracy over the tyrannical ambitions of wannabe dictators like Donald Trump.”

    Straight outta’ Hitler’s playbook & yet, the GOP manages to get millions of Americans who will be oppressed & ruled OVER along with the rest of us, to believe that the authoritarian dick-tators lying their way into taking power for themselves, are not going to rule over EVERYONE — including GOP followers currently backing their “total power play”.
    When they’re no longer needed by the power-hungry people, they’ll quickly find out they’re no longer part of “the in crowd”. They were just used & no better than the rest of us. But, there will be nothing they can do about it, having killed our democracy in the process.
    “There will be much loud wailing & gnashing of teeth heard thruout the land.” Lotta’ good that’ll do ya’!

  2. This projection BS these stupid, dumb ass Rethugs keep spouting has gotten very old to me, and i am simply so sick of them. These deplorables need to be all rounded up and sent to Siberia and NEVER be allowed back into the United states. Let them fend for themselves over there and they will be with their Emperor Putin and Dictator Donald TUMP. These people and their voters do not belong in the United States. They are evil and don’t care about anyone but themselves. Deport all Rethugs, and much of the hate and division here will fade away eventually….. i hope.

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