MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Delivers a Righteous Rant Blasting Fox News for Advocating Starving Babies

The most predictable consequence of any crisis that America faces is that Fox News will waste no time trying to exploit it for purely partisan political purposes. And it won’t matter to Fox whether there is any truth to their exploitative endeavors, or how much rancid racism is ingrained in it.

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The current shortage of baby formula in the U.S. is the latest example of how Fox manipulates the news to create division and fuel prejudice. Rather than explore ways to address the problem, or even to offer a rational debate on the subject, Fox News went directly to blaming President Biden and the innocent babies brought across the border by refugees fleeing poverty and violence.

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The abhorrent positions expressed on Fox News reflect the bigotry against immigrants that Donald Trump has enabled and exacerbated. But Chris Hayes, host of “All In” on MSNBC, wasn’t taking it lightly. And he let loose with an impassioned monologue that effectively dismantled the noxious Fox News narrative (video below). Hayes began by saying that…

“We have reached the point where prominent figures in the conservative movement, including Republican politicians, office holders, and Fox News hosts, are calling for the United States to intentionally starve babies in its care. That is not hyperbole, and it’s not satire. It is the actual stated position now on the right.” […]

“Causes and solutions are not what the modern conservative movement really does when faced with a legitimate governing crisis. What they do is sniff around, like a dog after a carcass, to find the grossest way to demagogue the issue. And they have certainly found that here.”

Hayes then did something that is anathema to Fox News. He provided actual facts. He noted that there are less than a thousand infants in the custody of immigration authorities, and that they are required by law to feed them. That’s a miniscule percentage of the more than 3.7 million babies in America. So the argument that “illegal” babies (as Fox News disgustingly refers to them) are depriving American babies of formula is a deliberate and despicable lie. But that doesn’t stop Fox News from dispensing such hateful commentaries, and Hayes offers up a damning video compilation of them doing so.

Hayes also mocked the Fox News narrative that “The right solution to this formula crisis and shortage is to stop feeding the immigrant babies.” Obviously, if all of the formula provided to immigrant infants was redirected to Americans it wouldn’t make a dent in the problem. But, as previously noted, Fox News isn’t interested in solutions, just casting blame and manufacturing outrage. And while Fox News and heartless Republicans (yes, that’s redundant) are lying about the reasons for the formula shortage, the Biden administration is actually working to solve the problem.

In one especially loathsome part of the video that Hayes played, Fox hate monger Jesse Watters asked “Why are we feeding illegal babies ahead of American babies?” Just stop and think for moment about the repugnancy of that comment pitting one group of infants against another for life-saving sustenance. Hayes responded with apt revulsion saying, “Because they’re babies, you doofus!” He elaborated saying that…

“It would be a crime against humanity, and mass murder, to intentionally starve babies that you have in your custody, not to mention blatantly illegal. What is wrong with you?”

What is wrong with the cretins at Fox News is that they have no moral core. They are so fiercely fixated on their ultra-rightist political agenda that even the welfare of helpless infants is beyond their capacity to care. They would prefer to see migrant babies starve to death than to look realistically at the problem and seek collaborative solutions.

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These allegedly “pro-life” Republicans and Fox News hacks would literally take the food from a baby’s mouth in order advance their crusade of cruelty. It’s what they have always done. They are just more open about it now.

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3 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Delivers a Righteous Rant Blasting Fox News for Advocating Starving Babies

  1. What the FuxPods are REALLY advocating is distributing tainted formula to babies.

    Why do FuxPods want to murder babies? Because they only care about unborn fetuses and care nothing about humans after birth.

  2. I just read a list of idiotic comments about this baby food crisis on Youtube. The cause is to be addressed next week by President Biden and will be fixed by him. But that leaves an opening for our familiar fire breathing dragon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who states in her disgusting “I am queen of congress” southern accent that we need to stop helping Ukraine so we can “help our babies”. As if she gives a shit. She only cares that she made it to congress probably because everyone in her district is just like her. Liz Cheney called her a piece of garbage. I’d like to slap her in her flapping mouth. BTW, all of those other comments were made by ultra-right. And, yes, the most disgusting of all, Donald J. Trump.

    • Just when you think the reactionary extremist right wing bottom feeders can’t go any lower, they tend to out do themselves and go even lower. There is simply no bottom to these sub-human sub species that must originate in a cesspool that is full of excrement. So, Marjorie Traitor Greene is the queen of congress?? I’d like to do worse than slap that goon in her floppy mouth, but i am not going to say it. i got run out of the DK website forever for giving my opinion of that low-life goon faced asshat. I just have to get out the same state she is supposed to represent. I am beyond sick of living among these hateful, evil, racist, dumb, stupid, gullible, uneducated misfits here in this part of GA I live in. You are very accurate in saying that everyone, or 99 percent of everyone in her district is just like her. I live only 15 miles from where her district is.. and i know a few people that live there.

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