White Replacement Theory Huckster Tucker Carlson Now Says He’s ‘Not Sure Exactly What It Is’

The professional purveyors of right-wing rubbish at Fox News have an astonishing capacity for head-smacking hypocrisy. They aren’t the least bit hesitant to flagrantly contradict themselves – sometimes in mid-sentence – whenever doing so helps them to advance whatever new fallacy they are flaunting.

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Topping the list of these deliberate deceivers is Tucker Carlson. For years he has been in a persistent rage over the “white replacement theory,” a blatantly racist concept peddled by hate mongers and bigots who accuse Democrats of “importing” immigrants into the United States in order to dilute the voting power of white citizens. Most recently it’s been in the news because it fueled the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, by an adherent to the theory.

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On Monday night, despite his long established status as Fox’s chief champion of the white replacement theory, Carlson had the gall to disgorge a monologue distancing himself from the doctrine for which he has been the most prominent proponent (video below). He babbled that…

“You’ve heard a lot about the “great replacement theory” recently, everywhere in the last few days, and we’re still not sure exactly what it is.”

WHAT? Suddenly Carlson wants his viewers to believe that he has no idea what the white replacement theory is. Never mind that a recent New York Times investigation found that he has promoted it more than 400 times on his program. Without knowing what it is? Here are a few examples…

In a classic feat of gaslighting, Carlson went on to spin furiously an alternative reality wherein he asserted that it was Democrats who proffered the repugnant theory…

“Here’s what we do know for a fact: There’s a strong political component to the Democratic Party’s immigration theory. We’re not guessing this. We know this, and we know it because they have said so. They said it again, and again, and again. They’ve written books on it, and monograms, and magazine articles. They’ve bragged about it endlessly, and talk about it on cable news constantly. And they say it, out loud, ‘we are doing this because it helps us to win elections.'”

Of course, none of what Carlson is ranting about is “know[n] for a fact.” To the contrary, he’s making all of it up. And he used some badly mangled and out of context video to back up his lies. Among the clips he played was one of President Biden saying…

“Folks like me, who are Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America, from then on will be White, European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.”

Carlson is purposefully misinterpreting the commentaries in the video clips. What they are describing is the demographic reality that the share of the population of certain minorities groups in the U.S. is growing at a faster rate than that of the White population. That growth is coming from the families of Black and Brown citizens whose birthrates are higher than Whites. It has nothing whatsoever to do with immigration. And it isn’t a plot being executed by Democrats. It’s just an observation of publicly available census data, and reasonable projections made therefrom.

More to the point, Carlson’s theory that accuses Democrats of deliberately bringing undocumented immigrants into the U.S. in order to overwhelm White voters doesn’t even make sense. For one thing, such immigrants wouldn’t be able to vote for many years, if ever.

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So Carlson’s entire premise rests on his rancid racism and his shameless dishonesty. Add to that his ignorance to which he is now admitting. However, Carlson’s claim that he doesn’t know what the white replacement theory is is hard to take seriously after he’s sermonized about it so often. But then again, Fox News won a defamation lawsuit by arguing that “no reasonable person” would take Carlson seriously. The only problem with that is that are so many people watching his show who are utterly devoid of reason.

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4 thoughts on “White Replacement Theory Huckster Tucker Carlson Now Says He’s ‘Not Sure Exactly What It Is’

  1. All of this evil, hateful, racist BS, is beginning to reflect it’s effect in the polls according to an email i got today. According to one of the democratic organizations i received it from, the GOP’s poll numbers are doing a huge nosedive because of asswipes such as Carlson Tucker and the shootings that are going on in the US that are associated with the white extremist right wing reactionaries. I hope the publicity from all their despicable acts keep the GOP in their downward spiral. Serves the sorry SOB’s right.

    • “Ooohhhh! Wouldn’t that be loads of fun!”
      And do it with mirrors all around so it isn’t possible for him to NOT see himself doing it! “Hey *ucker, ya’ look real good in that dark color skin ~
      natural ~ maybe some is in your DNA?!? LOL
      I bet if we film the whole thing with *ucker, we might be able to get TLP (Lincoln Project) to make something grand from it & put it out there for all to see, laugh enjoy!?!
      “Replacement Theory”, as explained by *ucker Carlson. LOL
      Shame that ‘the left’ doesn’t have billionaires throwing 10’s of millions of $$$ into our PACS, etc, like white-wing backers of Oligarchy & Authoritarian Rule have dropping into their multi-million $$$$ slush funds of dark & secret monies galore!
      Anyone still wanna tell me that that kind of $$$ goes into both parties equally? Has no effect on outcome?! I call, “BULLSHIT!!”
      What we (&TLP) need, are just a few mega-millionaires, who still truly believe in truth, justice & American freedom & democracy! Who are willing to invest a few of their millions to bring a little equality & truth back into our “free & fair” elections. Now ~ before it’s too late!

      Ya’ see, the Trump Party of liars & power- suckers does NOT HAVE any truthful content for their ads, but do have tons of $$$ To throw around ~ so, tons of lies, be so noisy with it that the truth can’t be heard above their hollerin’. Period. Chaos. No one knows what to believe, so believes none of it. Tired of all the in-fighting & nothing getting done in Congress that helps us! The people get tired of it all! Haters hate & the rest just.. what?…wait?! 2 Parties despise each other & ONLY care to make other side fail. Can’t run gov’t, or this Country, with that giant attitude!
      ~>> 1 Party is violating laws, screwin’ the poor & working-class, have rigged elections so that they can’t lose again. Bein’ thugs!!
      ~>> Party #2 is “taking high road” (to nowhere!) & getting stomped on by the Thugs, who flat-out refuse to play by the rules & laws that kept us civilized & allowed gov’t to function, albeit very slowly.
      Party #2 needs to think outside the box, but can’t do that.
      Party #1 needs to get inside the damn box!

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