Democratic Truth-Teller on Fox News Righteously Rails on Republicans as the ‘Party of Hate’

If there is one thing that Fox News is good at, it’s managing their platform to make certain that only the most categorically conservative, ultra-MAGA propaganda actually makes it on the air. They do this by front-loading their bookings with reliably right-wing guests and cutting off the commentaries of their occasional lefties.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

However, every now and then they let their guard down and some inconvenient truths slip through their anti-reality radar. This rare occurrence took place on Thursday morning’s episode of the “Faulkner Focus” during a segment in which some recent political remarks by Elon Musk were discussed. Musk has been in the news lately as a result of his bid to acquire Twitter, which is rapidly going downhill.

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In addition to making profoundly idiotic comments that put his Twitter bid and other businesses at risk, Musk thought this would be a good time to expose his political ignorance, dishonesty, and biases. So he tweeted that…

“In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican.”

Comparing that comment to reality, we find that Musk actually donated heavily to Republicans. And notice the dates on these donations – January 4-8, 2021 – just before and after Donald Trump’s insurrection at the Capitol.

What’s more, Musk’s assertion that the Democrats “have become the party of division & hate” is utterly without foundation, and contrasts with all the available facts. Democrats are still the party that gave us healthcare, provides food and other necessities for the poor and middle class, protects the environment, fights for women and minorities, and defends democracy in the U.S. and around the world.

It is those principles that were featured in the brief remarks of Kristal Knight, a Democratic pundit who appeared on “The Faulkner Focus” on Fox News Thursday (video below). Responding to the wingnuts on the program, Knight said that…

“I think it’s very interesting that Elon Musk thinks that the Democratic Party is the party of hate when the Republican Party produced a failed insurrection on January 6th. This is also the party that supported the ‘Big Lie.’ We also see that Gregg Locke down in Tennessee has been preaching anti-Democratic rhetoric in the name of religion because he doesn’t like Democrats. We also have to remember the ‘great replacement’ theory, that has been spewed on this network alone – and the Buffalo shooter referenced it – these are all remnants of the Republican Party. That’s the party of hate.

So in about one minute Knight nailed some of the most flagrant flaws of the Republican Party. She even managed to slip in the fact that Fox News – via their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson – has been America’s most prominent proponent of the “white replacement theory” that incited the mass shooting in Buffalo.

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It’s unusual, and somewhat astonishing, that Knight managed to get through her commentary without being interrupted and cut off. Host Harris Faulkner and her other guest, conservative Charlie Hurt, must have been napping on the job, But they still wound up dismissing Knight’s criticisms and even condemned her for politicizing a massacre that was unambiguously political in its motivation and execution. Which is what they always do when they have no substantive response to the unvarnished truth – especially about themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Democratic Truth-Teller on Fox News Righteously Rails on Republicans as the ‘Party of Hate’

  1. But, wait…*ucker Carlson & the other lying, decisive hate-mongers (not to mention the owner) of FauxSpews, have been so very PROUD of themselves & very smugly bragged about all the chaos, hate & bullshit they put out there, calling it “news” & love the fact they have SO MANY viewers that eat up & then regurgitate every bit of whatever Faux Spews claims to be true & factual.
    Now, cuz’ yet another big fan of their hate-filled lies has acted on it & given due credit to those who inspired him, they want to claim innocence, with *ucker’s “constipated & confused” face on TV, feigning hurt injustice & blaming Dems for spewing hatred & violent suggestions?!! Wow! They really DO think their viewers are stupid enuff to believe anything they say. Even that! A day later, they’ll be right back to routine of telling viewers who to hate & why it’s righteous to do do. All lies & blatant projection, as usual. But, maybe their viewers are as stupid as Fox folks think they are, or just can’t hold onto 2 thoughts at same time ?!
    Whatever Faux lies about next, will just push prior thing down the garbage chute, where it will join the massive pile of stinking, fermented trash rotting down there, in the addled, shared mind of FauxNotNews viewers everywhere!
    Considering all the hate & violence that FauxSpews fills their viewers with every night of every week & people who’ve acted on it, quoting Faux’s BS in their reasons, it is unbelievable to me that FauxSpewsShit is still allowed to be on the air at all in USA! They’ve been responsible for so many deaths of Americans ~ between their Covid lies & mass shooters who quote Fox sources ~ that NO self-respecting Country would allow them to still be on TV as a “news network”! (UK got rid of them.)
    Like the violent mob on Jan. 6th, the fools who believe Fox’s mind-numbing, ridiculous LIES & act upon it are the only ones facing the consequences, while those who designed it & made it happen, pay no price for what events they cause to happen! They’re free to keep doing it & angry people will continue to act out on the lies they think they heard on “the news”, costing many innocent people their lives. Our stupid gov’t refuses to do anything to stop the destruction of our Country & deaths of so many people!
    I’d like to see this nation after 1 whole year of NO FOX, OAN, NEWSMAX, allowed on TV. For 1 yr… only news on TV would be fact-based ~ is still corporate news, so it’d be biased, but nothing like the crap sucking out viewers brains now! Wanna hear the nightly news? Ya’ gotta’ see/hear basic corporate &/or local newscasts. After 1 yr, how much better informed would general public be on current events/issues?? At least, we might agree on what the news actually IS?!! Maybe we’d even know about things going on in the rest of the world?! More real news & less political focus all the time!? Russian trolls be workin’ OT on social media to spread their BS, no doubt; but at least “catching nightly news” would make folks able to talk actual news events again “at the water cooler”. Maybe it”d bring back sense of ‘reality’ a little bit? It’s a very big world out there & we should know more about it! We should know what the rest of the world does. We don’t.

    • Sunny B, Thank you, thank you, thank you, that was one awesome comment that matches EXACTLY to my very feelings about the way things are going here in the USA. Your comment soothed a good bit of anger that i am feeling tonight.. I am furious about all the Rethuglican ads i keep getting on my Yahoo email page. I opened up one of the ads bad mouthing Biden on the food shortage, in the form they had on there, i put some very bad and vulgar thoughts in the form where my first and last name was about my feelings for that miserable despot named TUMP. (The GQP Gestapo might just come after me for the very bad things i said about TUMP) The other thing i am upset about is my TV streaming aps keep running ads for the GQP asshats here in GA badmouthing the Democrats running against them, The very Democratic website DKOS is even running TUMP ads on their website…. that one really baffles me to no end, i couldn’t believe that one! I am sick and tired of websites and TV trying to shove these corrupt, hateful, evil, fascist, Nazi, racist, criminals down our throats with their lying, misleading ads. My personal anger and hate toward the GQP and their cult is at an all time high right now and know that i am not the only one that feels this way toward the GQP. i just wish they would all vanish without a trace, especially Donald J TUMP. Oh yeah, that Rick Scott could die tonight and that would make me very happy.

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