Jimmy Kimmel Hysterically Mocks Fox News for Whining About Biden Doing His Show

These are challenging times for President Biden and the Democratic Party as they face midterm elections that could see the Republicans winning majorities in one or both houses of Congress. And even though the economy is showing strength and jobs are being created at a record rate, many people are struggling with high inflation and gas prices, which no president has any control over.

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In the face of these challenges, Biden is working hard to communicate with the American people a message that reflects the very real progress that has been made in the past year and a half. When people are aware of the stark differences between the current administration and the last one, they lean much more heavily toward Democrats.

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Consequently, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Biden chose to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night to reach out to a broad sector of the public that may not be narrowly focused on politics. And as Kimmel noticed, “not everyone is thrilled” about that (video below). Kimmel shared that…

“It’s kind of exciting having the President come visit you at work. But not everyone is thrilled about his appearance here tonight. The folks over at Fox News, and the wannabe Fox News juniors, are very upset that the President is doing an interview with, of all people, me while he’s in town for the Summit of the Americas.”

Whereupon Kimmel played a supercut of Fox News shills babbling about how unspeakably horrendous it is for Biden to do what virtually every other president in the TV age has done: Appear on a late night talk show. The clip featured Laura Ingraham, who was livid that Biden might look “cuddly.” And then there was Newt Gingrich, who was furious that the show might make people laugh when they should be quivering in fear over gas prices and being raped or killed.

They were followed by a stream of similar doom-and-gloom mongers like Kayleigh McEnany, Brian Kilmeade, Bill Hemmer, and more, all complaining bitterly that an optimistic Biden chose to talk to the American people on a popular program that they watch and enjoy. Apparently Fox News thinks that people should only watch politics on programs that foment fear and spread lies. In other words, only Fox News. Kimmel’s response to that hysteria was to say that…

“I get what they’re saying. The President needs to be held accountable. You can’t just hide from the people who criticize you. The President needs to get in the box, and take the heat, and field the tough questions from real, hard hitting journalists like these.”

Then Kimmel played another supercut of sucking up by Fox News sycophants like Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Shannon Bream, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. What’s truly funny is that Fox can complain, with a straight face, about others not asking tough questions, when their whole shtick is fawning over Dear Leader Trump and other Republican hacks.

Kimmel also noted that Fox News announced that they would not be airing the House Select Committee’s January 6th hearings live so that they wouldn’t have to preempt shows like “Tucker Carlson Presents a Racist Cow Meows Confederate Battle Hymns.” How could Fox News carry one of the most historically significant congressional hearings in modern times when their own program hosts are likely to be featured among the accomplices who incited the Capitol Hill riots?

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As it turns out, Kimmel asked much more relevant and probing questions than any of the Trump-fluffers on Fox News ever did. And Biden responded with intelligence, relevance, and yes, some humor. Which is why Fox News is so perturbed about the whole thing. The last thing they want is for the American people to see their President behaving like a decent, compassionate, knowledgeable, human being. They might contrast that with the obnoxious, ignorant, narcissistic, sociopath who preceded him.

UPDATE: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has distinguished herself with commentaries about “Gazpacho Police,” “Peach Tree Dishes,” and “Jewish Space Lasers,” has added to her humiliations with a rant about “fragrantly” violated rights. She is also known for having claimed to have reported Kimmel to the police for brandishing humor:

SEE: Comedy Cop Marjorie Taylor Greene Reports Jimmy Kimmel to Capitol Police for Telling a Joke

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Hysterically Mocks Fox News for Whining About Biden Doing His Show

  1. 1st, gotta’ fix somethin’, makin’ me nuts: FoxNOTNews… Fixed it. “Aahhhh… that’s better!” LOL
    Any network claiming to be news, will carry the Jan 6th hearings…or, they really should be forbidden from calling themselves a “news network”, since they are NOT one!
    Nixon – Watergate hearings.
    Reagan – Iran Contra hearings.
    Trump – 1/6/21 Mob Attack on the Capitol hearings.
    In a democracy, We The People have a Right & indeed, a Duty, to be an INFORMED electorate & to hold our Presidents accountable when they violate our Laws.
    While all 3 above are important matters (compared to say, Clinton getting a BJ in WH)… I’d have to say that having a sitting President refuse to admit that he lost re-election, LYING that it was STOLEN from him by fraud & he invites 1,000+ of his angriest supporters to come to WH on Jan. 6th, same day Congress meets to officially confirm new President. (“It will be wild!”) That a m. he holds a huge rally for his guests, speakers using violent words set the tone, fhen Trump comes & riles up angry mob with more lies & rhetoric, then sends them down to the Capitol Bldg where Congress is meeting, telling crowd they have to, “take back our Country!” …”or you won’t have one!” Sending the large angry mob down there, he gets the violence he expects…& we all watched the rest play out live on TV ~ threatening Congress & VP, forcng their way in, violently attacking police & resulting in 5 deaths & 140 injured officers + Congress & staff forced to flee & hide from violent mob hunting them! It was horrendous! NEVER B4 have we seen such a thing in the USA! A sitting president trying to violently overturn valid election results, in order to keep himself – Loser – in WH another term! That wasn’t his only attempt to lie, cheat, steal, another term after he list, as we’d soon find out!!
    IT IS THE 1ST EVER ATTEMPTED VIOLENT COUP IN U.S. HISTORY!! A 2x impeached, sitting U.S. prez, voted out of Office, attempts a coup to overturn our free & fair election, conspiring with others to remain in WH, whatever it took!
    Cannot understate the damage done! Tore the nation in two. Stoked fierce hatred in our people. Corrupted his own Party – all but 2 who knowingly joined him in his lies! Lies that destroyed faith in our democratic elections. All the while & to this very minute, all based on his Big Fat Lie!!
    Some would argue that the GOP/Trump coup is still ongoing, just changed tactics. I agree.
    Knowing all that, is there any news more important than these hearings, informing the American People what truths the Committee found out, with evidence & testimony. We need to know the whole story, who’s involved, how it happened & how to prevent a repeat by anyone else going forward! There’s no more important news than this right now!
    FauxNotNews doesn’t want their viewers to know the truth cuz’ they were lied to by Fox’s talking heads repeatedly & few maybe more involved ~ don’t want that known by their viewers either! All those who promoted the Big Lie (& many smaller ones) all this time, want to continue lying to the people. Guess they kinda’ have to? Or admit what they’ve done…not likely.
    The GOP should be forever banned from holding any Office & be removed immediately. Can’t have traitors within our gov’t! They might do more sneaky shit & keep on lying ~ They might even screw-up our elections now & future to get that “all power” they want so badly, that they betrayed our nation & lied to us all, just to get it!?!
    And Fox + other 2 lesser clones cannot be allowed to be called “News” anymore, since that word has nothing to do with what they broadcast! If you need proof, check out their coverage of these hearings ~ the most important news that we all need to know! Facts. Proof. Truth. Won’t get it from them. They’re about to be “unmasked”…zero credibility as “news”. But they think their viewers are too well-trained to even care.
    They may be right? We’ll see.

    • Yes, and I’m so glad Kimmel had Biden on his show who, gentleman that he is, is the direct opposite of Trump. the “obnoxous, ignorant, narcississtic sociopath”. I remember when Kimmel made a joke about Marjoriie Taylor Greene, the Congressional idiot who, according to Kimmel, keeps everyone else feeling normal about themselves. She reported him to the Washington Police. Kimmel made a joke about that also. Very funny. I just liked he put Marjorie Taylor Greene in place. TWICE.

  2. Yep. Kimmel strikes me as a down- home human of quality. Cannot say the same of Trump-a-chump & his fake pals! They all using each other so works out fine — I have no pity for any of them.
    In fact, world may be much better place if their moms went with abortion.
    Dang! That was awful harsh! Am not usually so cold & nasty as that sounds! May God Forgive Me… I kinda’ mean it.
    (“Bad Sunny!!”)

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