January 6th Hearing Ratings are Burning Up Trump and His Right-Wing Media Liars

On Thursday evening the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump held its first public hearing in primetime. The opening session disclosed never before seen video of the Capitol Hill riots, as well as testimony from a police officer who was injured and a documentary film make who was embedded with the seditionist StormTrumpers, the Proud Boys.

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Flaming Trump

Most of this debut outing was spent providing an outline of the crimes committed by insurrectionists and Trump’s role in undermining democracy and orchestrating an attempted coup. It was a compelling presentation that included numerous revelations of Trump’s criminal complicity, stomach-churning clips of violence, and incriminating commentary by Trump insiders such as Attorney General Bill Barr, Ivanka Trump, and even some Fox News hosts.

The criminal culpability of their program hosts is surely one of the reasons Fox News refused to air the hearings live. They certainly don’t want their audience to see their biggest stars being implicated in Trump’s crimes. That would only add to the humiliation of exposing how the network has been lying about the insurrection for the past year and a half. It would make it ever more evident that Fox is not – and has never been – a news network.

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Prior to this historic event, Republicans on Fox News tried desperately to suppress it. In one segment Fox interviewed Rep. Jim Banks (R-Insurrectionist) who confidently predicted that the telecast would be a big flop. “The American people have already dismissed it,” he lied. “They’re tuning out. They’re gonna flip the channel.”

That’s coming from the guy who was bounced from the Committee because he is an accomplice to Trump’s crimes. Banks also employs Tucker Carlson’s son, Buckley, as his communications director. The following day Banks attested to his own failed prediction saying that “Last night’s hearing was a primetime dud. Nothing came out of it.”

On Friday morning Nielsen’s ratings were released. And despite Banks’ and Fox’s efforts to sabotage and deviously counterprogram the broadcast (Tucker Carlson ran his show commercial free in order to prevent people from switching channels), the numbers reflect solid interest by the American people:

“ABC took the largest haul of viewers, earning 4.8 million of them, while NBC and CBS carried 3.5 million and 3.3 million, respectively.

“On cable, MSNBC pulled in a whopping 4.1 million viewers during the hearings, nearly four times what the network averages on a typical weeknight.

“Usually dominant Fox News Channel came in second place on cable on Thursday night, averaging 3 million viewers from 8 to 10 p.m. CNN came in third place with 2.6 million.”

That’s a combined 18.3 million viewers, and still doesn’t include a few other networks that carried the hearings (i.e. CSPAN, Fox Business, etc.). For comparison, Game two of the NBA Finals averaged 8.2 million viewers on Wednesday, and Fox’s MasterChef got 2.1 million. Fox News averaged 2.6 million across prime time on Wednesday.

So these numbers for Thursday’s hearings show the networks performing better than the top rated cable news channel. Furthermore, there will be a lot more viewers due to streaming, social media, and coverage by news programs in the days to come.

Consequently, the loss of Fox News will be less than irrelevant. Their 2-3 million glassy-eyed viewers aren’t persuadable anyway. So who needs them? The vast majority of the American people are going to be better informed by the end the hearings, and the legal foundation for indictments will be stronger than ever. The Trump junkies will remain irredeemably deranged.

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UPDATE: True to form, Trump is attempting to gaslight his dimwitted cult disciples by claiming that the ratings for the hearings are “really BAD…far lower than anticipated.” Which is 180 degrees from reality. He also calls it a “Witch Hunt” because – isn’t everything he doesn’t like either a witch hunt or a hoax in his diseased mind?

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20 thoughts on “January 6th Hearing Ratings are Burning Up Trump and His Right-Wing Media Liars

  1. I just hope that the American People continue to stay tuned to these hearings! Next ones are at 10am ET… that’s 7am my time (PT). I’m dedicated, but mot getting up so early to watch it ~ glad they invented DVRs so can watch it when more awake (like noonish).

  2. First I’ve seen the rantings. Thanks for posting this. Everyone needs to see these hearings.

  3. Great title to this article, ”January 6th Hearing Ratings are Burning up TUMP and His Right-Wing Media Liars” I hope it burns him up so much that his head explodes! The sorry SOB… If nothing else, i would hope it would lead to him being banned from running in 2024.

    • And, if Trump makes it to even run the primaries to 2024, hopefully enough persons, Republican or Democratic, will have seen the Jan. 6 hearings and will VOTE him out.

      • i sure hope the Jan 6 hearings are watched by a great many persons from both parties. I don’t even want to think about how bad it will be if that asshat TUMP is Dictator again. He is a mentally deranged psychopath that really should be institutionalized for the rest of his miserable life. I hope he is totally irrelevant by 2024.

  4. Yes, talking about “coverage by news channels in the days to come”. I was babysitting my grandchild during Thursday’s broadcast. But Amy Goodman on Democracy Now had a good coverage. I have a great deal of admiration for Liz Cheney stating the truth about Donald Trump and admonishing her fellow Republicans that “the day will come when Donald Trump will be gone and you will have your dishonor.” Followed by the testimonies of those in the White House who told Trump in no uncertain terms, “You lost”. And those who couldn’t stand much more of Trump simply resigned. After Amy Goodman, I watched a program during which Bill Barr, Trump’s attorney general, who also told Trump he lost, was asked questions about his new book, “One Damn Thing After Another”.

    • Yeah… Trump had no shortage of people telling him he lost the election to Biden. He just chose to ignore anyone saying what he did not want to hear. “Ya’ Lost!”
      Trump is not delusional, tho am sure he’s saving that for a last min defense ploy. No, he is narcissistic! 100% & there’s no cure. (Not only an ‘ego thing’…much more. ) To run for politics you kinda’ need to have a pretty healthy ego, to take all the knock downs. Narcissist is far worse in leadership — simple reason — “does not play well with others”. Surrounded by suck-ups ~ either dumber than he is, or just a suck-up.
      Making excuses, bold-faced lying, blaming others…typical narci. Trump & his co-liars in GOP are not “confused in the brain” ~ they know the truth & chose to lie, divide & spread hatred, for their own benefit. They took a chance, made a bad choice & now, no way to “untell” their many lies! Their judgement cannot be trusted…only 2 worth sparing & they can start a new, not yet corrupted, Conservative Party that they can be proud of…or at least, not ashamed of.

      • Whether it’s in politics or my personal life, i have NEVER liked a person that is a Narcissist. There were fellow students i went to high school with like that. i also had a few co-workers like that too, i hated them. Donald TUMP is the very worst Narcissist of all time, the only one that would be close to him is that Ron DeathSantis the Dictator of Florida… of course, there are other Narcissists in the Rethuglican party not quite as bad as TUMP and DeathSantis…..too many to name here…

  5. Yes…Narcissists are now more common than ever before. Seems lost a generation of humans somewhere along the way & many of them turned out Narcis?!?
    2 types of Narcissists (neither is a good thing) – subdivided now:
    1) Malignant Narcissist. (Trump is poster child for that type.) Narci, control-freak, braggart, with sadistic cruel streak. (Over simplified version of defining traits.)
    2) Covert Narcissist. Not as blatantly obvious; more subtle about it, able to hide it for a little while, at least. Quieter, not obnoxiously loud baffoon. Sneaky hidden version. Covert type is person who is generally nice to others, seems normal enuff during limited contacts. Gaslights behind closed doors. Puts on a good front & less harmful than Malignant type!

  6. I wouldn’t know where i would fall in personality descriptions. In public i am quiet, and when someone talks to me i am courteous, polite, and helpful when asked to help someone out. All of that nice and polite and helpful stuff sure doesn’t help when i try to get to know a lady that i am interested in, I have failed miserably for the past 3 years of trying. They talk to me for a week or so and after that all i hear is crickets. I guess i will be alone forever. I had rather be alone than be a Narcissist. Another problem with the ladies in my area is it seems just about all of them are TUMP lovers and i damn sure can’t put up with that. Everything TUMP touches, dies. He is a worthless, lying, Narcistic, low-life pile of filthy sewage scum that should have been discarded many years ago. DAMN HIM!!!!

  7. With your nrighbors being such Trump fans, don’t know if I’d even try to make friends there! Nice as I am, don’t know how long before my mouth would get me in some trouble.
    “I’m allergic to stupid ~ I break out in sarcasm.” Ha-ha!
    Trumpies… That would explain talking to a lady few times, then “poof!” They disappear. Some might say it’s a blessing in disguise. I mean, politics used to be just 1 small part of people’s lives…now tho?! It’s what defines people & separates them in a huge way! Trump, FauxSpews & Rethug Party have done great damage, dividing country, families & friends! With our weak parts on display & so easily manipulated, our enemies must be livin’ this shit! With grifter Trump’s Party around & more than willing to cheat & break laws, can count on outside interference in our elections. Again.
    So, I hear a Southern Belle can tell ya’ to “go to hell” & make ya’ look forwaed to the trip! Is that true? I know when my Aunt Celeste says, “Bless her heart”, it sure doesn’t seem like she’s blessing them, for real. LOL Celeste is SO sweet, like honey, a real Southern Belle her whole life! “Bless her heart.” LOL (sorry – had to!)
    If I lived where you do, would have to get a big dog & some geese, so I’d know if anyone came round my place! For sure, would need to get & learn to use a gun ~ in case someone did get past the noisy geese! (You’re in rural part, right?)
    Georgia keeps most of their really smart ppl in the cities, like Atlanta, don’t they?
    You know politics have gotten out of hand when 1st thing to ask when meet someone new (cuz’ it’s a deal-breaker), is: “So, how do you feel about Trump?” That’s bad, but sure does cull the herd! Some differences are insurmountable ~ that 1 sure is for me! Trump is truly 1 evil SOB…a normal assbite couldn’t fool so many, so completely, without the devil’s help.
    Good luck & keep your head low! (Smiles) You can still find other sane folks here & on DK.

  8. I am in the rural part of GA, but i live only 45 miles from Atlanta, GA. Most of the smart people do live in and around Atlanta. I do live only one county below Marjorie Traitor Greene’s district…YUK YUK… The Rep for my district is not much better.. Drew Ferguson, he is a big Rethug asshole too. I really would love to move from here, but at my age it would be risky. I would prefer to live in the New England area or better yet in the Eastern maritime Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. The weather here in GA at this time of year is truly miserable, it’s so damn hot and humid i can’t even go outside as i am extremely sensitive to hot weather, i can tolerate cold weather much better than hot and humid weather. My family and me are the only Dems on a stretch of road about 4 miles long. All others are TUMP blowhards, i had an incident about a year and a half ago when a TUMP loving asshole and his wife tried to block me from going down a gravel county owned road very near me. They held their hands up for me to stop and yelled at me, ” Go back” road closed, i just kept going past them. They knew i was a Dem from my BIDEN/HARRIS yard sign and were trying to intimidate me…. i gave both of those MF’s a look that could kill and they have never tried that again. As for DK, i still read articles on there and read comments but i got suspended permanently on there back in Jan 2021 for a comment i posted about Marjorie Traitor Greene. All i said was, ” it would be a wonderful idea to put a bullet in Marjorie Traitor Greene’s head” that was after she made the statement to put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi’s head. Several members on there flagged me and they booted me off for good. I have tried for reinstatement several times, but they won’t even reply to me.

    • Despite Rethugs’ projecting their behavior onto others, can’t help but notice that it’s ALWAYS the white-wing Rethugs who threaten people who have differing opinions. When did being liberal, progressive thinking & tolerant in general, become a terrible thing to be & something Rethugs feel free to threaten & harass every chance they get??!!

      There is only 1 SIDE making threats; only 1 SIDE doing election fraud & attempting a coup, + trying their best to DESTROY our democracy! Only 1 SIDE lying about 2020 election; and that same side goes around threatening people with violence!
      Their Party leaders & electeds model the worst, vindictive, nasty behavior & lie so much! No morals, truth, or common decency!! And their voters reflect the same attitudes & behavior as their leaders.
      The only ones I see trying to destroy us & democratic elections… they only ones lying & accusing others of what they are actually doing…the only ones I see angering people with lies & then regularly suggesting violent actions are acceptable(?)…ALL THIS SHIT I ONLY SEE 1 PARTY DOING CONSTANTLY & it is NOT Dem Party!!
      And same Party watches propaganda aka. FauxNotNews, where all that nasty stuff is highly promoted by their talking heads, especially violent rhetoric & numerous false accusations that are just total LIES!!
      That’s not bring conservatives.
      That’s being violent, liars & cheats; plus want to make everyone live the way THEY tell them to! That is anti-freedom & UNAmerican!

      • I know where these corrupt, lying, cheating, adulterous, criminal Rethugs got all of their ideas for all of the things you very correctly described in your comment……. it comes straight out of Adolf Hitler and the Fascist, Nazi agenda. I watched this show on my streaming device yesterday afternoon entitled. ”Apocalypse Hitler” It was a 2 part show that outlined the history of Adolf Hitler from his birth and childhood to his adult life and his rise to powerful Nazi Germany Dictator and then to his demise and the utter destruction of Berlin and the rest of Germany during World War II to his death by suicide when the Russians invaded and finished destroying Berlin. It’s so much like what is going on here now it was really alarming to me, especially the part in the early 1930’s when he abolished all the other political parties such as, The Communist party, the Social Democrat party, and an Independent party. They actually rounded up the leaders of those political parties and executed them. Not to mention all of the Jews that were beaten and murdered in the concentration camps. Anyone that disagreed with the Nazi regime were also sent to the concentration camps and many were beaten and murdered. They hated Franklin Roosevelt and called his ”New Deal” the ”Jew Deal”. That’s just a small section about this show and if i went into complete detail this comment would be 2 feet long. This show has actual film footage of the horrible things that went on with his demented speeches to his brown shirt thugs beating Jews and citizens that didn’t go along with the Nazi agenda. If you can get this in your area, please watch it. it’s on the AHC channel if you have cable or satellite TV. It really is so scary how similar to what’s going on here. By the way, Hitler did attempt a Coup earlier in his rise to power and was sentenced to five years in prison, but ended up serving only about a year and a half for good behavior, HA HA what a joke that was!! Watching that show raised my concern level to new highs….

  9. Yeah, people do flagging at DK & trying to find out anything (like, why?) is futile.
    I was once temp suspended — sutprise to me! Couldn’t find my comment that got flagged; had no clue what I may have said that was wrong, in violation. I wanted to know so I wouldn’t repeat mistake , since I don’t know what/why flagged?
    Tried like hell to ask DK, tell me what I said, since didn’t know it was bad & don’t want to do that again!?! Never did get any answer back, so still have no idea what I said/did wrong. After about 10days, checked back into DK & the suspension was over. Will never know what that was all about?!
    I don’t threaten people, so need to know if I said anything they took as threat ~ so can word it differently next time; didn’t mean any threat, at anytime, ever! A permanent suspension seems rather harsh & worthy of explanation!? I think it may be ‘run’ by the DK community members who have been there long time? Kinda’ casual, self-policing, maybe?

    • That was unfair and harsh even though i didn’t personally make a threat about that misfit Marjorie Traitor Greene, i just made a suggestion of an idea i had about her. About a year before that, i go suspended for 30 days for making a comment about sewage scum Donald TUMP. I said: ” They should pull TUMP out of the white house and do to him what the Italians did to Benito Mussolini” I was referring to the Italians dragging him out and beating on his already dead body. There are some members on DK that are picky and oversensitive and bitch and complain about everything they do not like. I still really like the site though, and they also have some very good articles and most of time i strongly agree with most of the members on there. I trolled a Rethug site a few months ago and became a member out of spite and i lit into TUMP calling him every bad name i could and said some very bad things about him,…Guess what? I was immediately suspended…. that made me very happy. My grown daughter (who is also a very dedicated Democrat) laughed and congratulated me when i told her about that. That was RNC site. A few members on DKOS have did that on TUMP’s ”Truth Social” thing and got suspended immediately also. I call TUMP’s site ” Fib Anti-social”

      • I’m sorry ~ didn’t at all mean to be harsh or unfair! So sorry!
        I really like that idea of going on opposing websites & saying things (like the truth), knowing idea is to get kiched off the site; then I wouldn’t be upset being kicked off.
        Heck, maybe it can become like a new “game” for liberal free-thinkers…to go on those sites & see how many (or few) comments you can post before getting booted?!? Call it something like, “Own the ged-heads, or ‘geds’ (glassy-eyed disciples). I don’t know if can get in trouble for that tho? Would think not, since trolls be trolling all over liberal sites w/o trouble. Have to stay away from saying anything that can be misconstrued as threats, or violence, etc. Everyone ultra-sensitive about that these days, in light of actual violence being done! Which, I might add, is being done by white-wingers ~ from threatening people at school board mtgs. to well, you name it – shootings, violent insurrections. Even white-wing folks who should know better are talking violence & threats. Rethug rallies are a hotbed of that shit! Politics have become way too serious, when political opinions incite violence in a nation that prides itself on everyone’s right to “free speech”.
        Hell, only have to speak truth on certain sites to really make ’em angry…mix it up with some FauxSpews style disinformation & see how fast kicked off! LOL They’d be mad as hornets when nest gets kicked! Have to get as many in as could before booted permanently ~ I notice the white-wing folks have ZERO sense of humor, just like Trump-a-chump. None. Zero%.
        Just a weird thought…in that kinda’ mood tonight. LOL

        • You are correct. My youngest son is a TUMP fanatic and sure doesn’t have any sense of humor when i bad mouth the Rethugs. Every time he comes to my house, he always says, ” you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?” I always reply, ” no, i wouldn’t lie to you, after all, i am not a Rethuglican” he doesn’t think that is funny at all. He doesn’t visit me much at all now because of the friction between us over this. My eldest son and my daughter however, are loyal Democrats though.

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