Fox News Commits to Keeping Their Viewers Ignorant By Refusing to Air the January 6th Hearings

This week the bipartisan House Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump will hold public hearings. They are expected to reveal evidence that documents the seditious attempt by Trump and his comrades to undermine democracy by preventing Congress from certifying the election of President Biden.

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Donald Trump Insurrection

The riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, were the result of Trump’s relentless lying that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. Five law enforcements officers died, and more than 140 were injured in what Trump and most Republicans say was a “peaceful” protest.

The House Committee spent ten months probing the insurrection and its causes, reviewing millions of documents and conducting more than a thousand interviews. Now they are prepared to make the case to the American people that Trump and his cronies were actively staging a coup to illegally seize power and install Trump as America’s first dictator.

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The hearings are going to be aired live on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. Notably missing from that list is Fox News. Because they are afraid of the truth and devoted to keeping their viewers ignorant, Fox News has decided not air one of the most historically significant congressional hearings of modern times. Instead, Fox will stick with their regular primetime Trump-fluffing consisting of Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity.

This is more confirmation that Fox is not – and never has been – a news network. They were created to advance an ultra-conservative agenda and to promote Republican politics. And while the actual news organizations are informing the public, Fox News will be serving their master, Donald Trump, with counterprogramming that is nothing more than right-wing propaganda. It’s what Trump ordered his minions to do, and they are obediently complying.

Fox’s decision to blackout the hearings is not merely due to their blatant biases. It is also self-protection. That’s because their primetime hosts are more than just mouthpieces for Trump. They are also accomplices in his criminal activities. Consequently, they could be featured in the hearings when testimony is given about what took place as the insurrection was in progress. For instance, they were texting Trump during assault:

Hannity wrote: Can he make a statement, ask people to leave the Capitol?
Kilmeade wrote: Please, get him on TV. Destroying everything you have accomplished.
Ingraham wrote: Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home. This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy.
Even Donald Trump Jr wrote: He’s got to condemn this shit ASAP. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough.

Never mind that within hours of these texts, the Foxies had retreated to their standard positions fawning over and covering for Trump. As for Carlson, no one has lied more about the insurrection than he has. He even produced the “Patriot Purge” crocumentary wherein he charged that the whole sordid affair was a “false flag” operation orchestrated by the FBI.

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So Fox News has several dishonest and self-serving reasons for suppressing the news rather than reporting it. First, they don’t want to air anything that so clearly contradicts what they’ve been lying about for a year and a half. Secondly, they are devoted to keeping their glassy-eyed audience as ignorant and artificially outraged as possible. And finally, they aren’t about to give airtime to hearings that will reveal their own participation in Trump’s lawless scheme.

The result will be an expansion of the gap between the viewers of Fox News and the rest of the reality-based American people. And that could exacerbate rising tensions and lead to more violence on the part of the StormTrumpers. Which is exactly what Trump wants. And Fox News is, once again, aiding and abetting his treasonous aspirations.

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18 thoughts on “Fox News Commits to Keeping Their Viewers Ignorant By Refusing to Air the January 6th Hearings

  1. And I hope the January 6 hearings make Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity out to be fools I must watch my 2yr. 5 month old grandchild so that takes precedence. Pray that all these NON patriots get what they deserve. That’s all of Trump’s domestic terrorists, and his Republican sycophants in Congress.

  2. Trump doesn’t direct the content of Fox: Rupert Murdoch does. It’s the Fascist of Oz who has decided that his propaganda channel will black out the hearings. Fox’s primetime audience wouldn’t watch them anyway, as its attention span’s way too short for such esoteric things as complete sentences about actual issues. Fox viewers won’t be swayed by reality, even were they to see it. There are only 3 million of them anyway, according to Brian Stelter. The nationwide audience for the hearings will dwarf that many times over. Murdoch and his on-air puppets will carry on with their deranged fantasy show regardless, for their shrinking, aging audience of brainwashed, embittered victims.

  3. It could be a good thing. Viewers may be curious enough to turn from the entertainment over to the news.

    • Hahahahaha!! You’re kidding right?
      Do they even remember how to change channels?
      They should be kinda’ pissed-off at FauxSpews for making the decision for them, that they don’t need to see/hear what the rest of the Country will know & the EVIDENCE to back it up! IF I were dumb enuff to watch that shitty channel, I’d NOT AT ALL appreciate them deciding for me what I should know, watch, etc. Especially something as important as these hearings are! But then, I’d also be making sure to catch the hearings & find out WHY FauxSpews is hiding the truth from its viewers! I mean, if they’ve been as truthful as they claim they are & everyone else is lying about it, like they’ve been claiming all this time…then they’d be showing what the world is watching, what we all need to know. Everyone who cares about the USA,…democracy… attempted coup & big fat lies by big fat liars…right?!?
      If Fox has been truthful, like they say, then let us see it — what you hiding? How stupid do you think your viewers are? How stupid are they, really?!

  4. Fox Spews, Newsmax, OANN, and others live in a make believe world that reminds me of things me, my cousins, and friends used to do when we were 6 and 7 years old, we made up things and lived in a fantasy world, just like most little kids did. The bad folks at these make believe networks make up stuff to entertain their equally Ignorant, gullible, uneducated adult viewers that refused to grow up. The hate and anger these so called news networks stir up is no laughing matter. They think they sound tough promoting killings and covering for their idea of ”tough guy” Donald TUMP. He is their ultimate hero. I still don’t get the fact that so many politicians are still afraid of that sorry piece of crap straight out of a cesspool. Speaking of Rupert Murdoch, why hasn’t this SOB been deported yet? I wish they would send his azz back to Australia in an airtight wooden crate and dump him in the middle of the desolate, dry, Outback. If Fox Spews couldn’t lie, deceive, and spew disinformation, they wouldn’t last another week. I never have watched Fox spews, OANN, or Newsmax, and no one could PAY me to watch that filthy garbage. It makes me very angry to even see it listed on my TV streaming device, if there were some way to take it off, i would in a heartbeat!!!

    • John, please contact whoever runs your streaming service, and start hassling them to drop the propaganda networks. It may not work but at least they’ll know there are folks out here who don’t want the shit spewing into our lives.

      • Thank you for the valuable information. I honestly didn’t think i could do anything about this. I will be contacting them tomorrow. On the same subject, what even makes me more angry is my email server, ”Yahoo” constantly runs ads and polls about Ruthuglicans and TUMP. I have contacted Yahoo about this and thus far, nothing has been done about it, i saw on the complaint message comments where others are fed up and very angry about this huge problem too. I have even trolled these polls by putting my opinions about TUMP and Rethuglicans in the name and address sections of the poll forms. I have called them names that i wouldn’t even say on here. All of this information is relayed to the RNC. As an old saying goes around my area, i have cursed and insulted TUMP and Rethuglicans until a curse word wouldn’t stick to them. If all of you suddenly don’t see me on this site any longer, the Thugs and RNC may have rubbed me out. But, i am not AFRAID of them one little bit. Those ads contain blatant lies and insults about Biden and all Dems. I had to stick an envelop to my computer monitor to cover up their vile, ghastly, ugly faces. They even had an ad about that Rick Scott, i hate that person with a blind rage, if you can call him a person. sure does seem to be pure Right wing oriented and i am currently trying to decide my choice for another email server…

        • You have my sympathies, John. I had no idea a server would be so blatantly politicized, even these days. By all means change servers, and let them know why. I would suggest ANY other server would be better. I’ve used Hotmail since the beginning of time and have never run across any attempts at political propaganda.

          • Thank you again, i am going to check out Hotmail now. I am beyond sick of getting these lie spewing TUMP and Rethuglican ads and polls. And i will be saving my vision from seeing pictures of Donald TUMP and that Rick Snott. (Scott). I hate Rick Snott as bad or maybe worse than TUMP. Both reek of pure ugly and Nazi hate..

  5. Fox personalities were apparently calling Trump on Jan 6 to tell him he was “hurting the brand”.

    • I doubt they were referring to democracy.

      • Indeed!
        And now they are scared to death that a tiny bit of truth might leak into their viewers’ minds… A couple ofcthem might even realize they’re fed total bullshit & Fox is right there, spooning it into them, day after day!
        Would be awfully hard to come up with lies to cover-up the actual evidence of just how involved Fox’s talking heads were with Jan 6th & such.

        • Oh yes, i totally agree with you. Fox Spews condones and encourages illegal and unlawful acts such as the Jan 6 Capital riots. It would be nice if their talking heads were up for indictment too, i would just love to see that. I would especially love to see that SOB Carlson Tucker sweating it out if he was indicted. I just hope something good comes from these hearings, but i am not going to get my hopes up too much, because i have been very disappointed by hearings and impeachment proceedings in the past year and a half. Fox Spews NEEDS to be shut down for good……

          • (big sigh!) Alas, guys like *ucker Carlson don’t sweat getting indicted, or even tried in court. For 1 thibg, their highest-priced attorneys are master of the legal games…stalling, appeals, more “motions” than HS squad of cheerleders. So, even if defense isn’t strong, those lawyers are paid to keep their wealthy clients from being behind bars ~ sure, an aquittal is great (“Bonus!”), but them not spending even 1 night in jail cell, eating prison food, no matter what you need to do THAT is the real job paid biggest bucks for. Some are so good, they’ve stalled with tons of stupid shit for yrs, until his attorney client died, comfy at home — lost all appeals, but not 1 night hehind bars, that SOB! I know cuz’ it was also my Dad’s lawyer in divorce ~ bought & paid for by other side, to lose case.
            Dirty lawyer, stole BIG $$$ from his wealthy client’s Estates, for years. Who’d know? Even if, have to prove every bit of it -&- that it was lawyer’s intent to steal all that money (not ‘mistake’).
            *ucker & his kind don’t sweat court cases, knows can stall, or buy your way out of trouble ~ best lawyers know the judge outside court.
            Guys like Carlson, Trump, Doocy… wealthy, wimp-weasels in their youth, are still afraid of same things now… Much more afraid to “step out back”, or walk alone to car at closing time. THAT makes ’em break out in stinky sweat of fear! But, as always, $$$ can save their lily-white ass & will gladly pay any amt. to avoid an ass-whuppin’! (They have much bigger ‘allowances’ now to pay for too much pride, stupidity, etc.)
            Rich, snot-nosed mama’s boy, brats, don’t change, as adults ~ just have a whole lot more buck$$, not just lunch money anymore!
            Driver/bodyguard for quick escapes helpful too. But are still same wealthy wimp-weasels as always were.

  6. I won’t get hopes up either, just be pleasantly surprised if right thing happens to them.
    I don’t feel same about FauxNoNews & their ugly clones tho!
    1) They call themselves News Channels & that carries some responsibility with it to be actually reporting & broadcasting THE NEWS. The fact that what they do is tell dangerous lies to people who think “news is truth”. There’s NO doubt left that what they’re doing is a danger to society — pick a topic, a pundit, any day/night. To have ‘free speech’ be a good thing, we MUST have & enforce standards for truth, coverage, factual reporting. Faux is a propaganda network, a white-wing opinion format. To qualify as “News”, US media needs minimal standards, to be followed & enforced! Period. It is not too much to ask! We used to have honor & respect in MSM news…that is long gone now & proof of that is on 24/7. We have seen the danger of such destructive lies & the speed with which it spreads its ugliness! State owned media in UK is more truthful in their news reporting than we are. Why? They try harder, to show are not just reporting whatever State says to (like Russia does).
    News is news. Love it, report it, or get out! Anything else is biased opinions of stuff, being fed to people who like that crap. Free speech allows that… but NOT to do it & claim it’s “the news”. It is not! Unsuspecting fools need to be warned, preferably labeled so, on TV screen. Democracy cannot survive when millions of people think they’re getting the news, but what they get is vastly different story than the real one! That must change!!!

    • I honestly think if the regular MSM news would FULLY report what is happening with the Rethugs with all of their corrupt, unlawful actions, the Dems would sail through the elections with easy wins despite their voting suppression and blatant Gerrymandering. I have read somewhere that big Corporations have a big hand in suppressing the MSM not to report fully what the Rethugs are doing to gain an edge. That is deceitful and brutally dishonest. But, i have always heard a saying that money talks and BS walks. I grew up in the 1960’s watching national news with Walter Cronkite and Chet Hundley and David Brinkley and those guys broadcast news like it was supposed to be broadcast. You sure as hell don’t see that now for damn sure!!! That’s a crying shame too. I just wonder what those old school newsmen would have thought about blowhards like Carson Tucker, Sean Hannity, and that Laura Ingraham? I bet they are spinning in their graves….

      • John, I respectfully suggest that there are indeed excellent TV journalists broadcasting the truth about what’s going on in the murky world of the right wing: on MSNBC are Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace and Ari Melber. On CNN are Brianna Keiler, John Brennan, Fareed Zakaria, Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter. There are more but those names are off the proverbial top of my head. They’re all ethical reporters, working to expose the sordid reality behind much of our current politics, as well as showing the efforts of politicians with integrity to preserve our democracy. Walter Cronkite would be proud to share a microphone with any of them, I assure you.

  7. I do agree that all of those journalists you listed are excellent. What i am wondering if networks like MSNBC and CNN are getting through to undecided and independent voters especially the Rethuglican leaning voters that don’t care for MSNBC or CNN and don’t ever watch those networks. Most Rethuglican leaning voters tend to watch the misleading, lying, misinformation, lying networks such as, Fox Spews, Newsmixup, and OANN. ALL of their journalists are piss poor lying cretins than can only get jobs at those lowly networks. Maybe the exposure to the JAN 6 hearings will wake some of those RWNJ’s and possibly open their eyes and ears to what miserable human beings were involved in the attacks on the Capitol that horrible day and how it was it was TUMP, MAGATS and Rethugs that were directly involved in the attack.

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