Voters are More Likely to Support Democrats When Told They are Running Against Trump, MAGA

As the midterm election approaches, President Biden and the Democratic Party continue face challenges in their quest to retain majorities in the House and the Senate. While the economy is strong, wages are growing, and job creation is booming, many people are struggling with inflation and higher gas prices, neither of which is controlled by any president.

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Donald Trump Walking the Plank

The importance of maintaining – and even expanding – the Democratic caucus in Congress is critical to a wide array of issues including gun regulation reform, reproductive choice, fair taxation, health care, and the environment. What’s more, congressional probes into the criminal activities of Trump and his cronies would be summarily halted if Republicans were to seize power. And GOP leaders have already promised to initiate persecutorial probes of Biden and other Democrats.

Consequently, the need to persuade voters to back Democrats and cast ballots in the midterm election could not be more crucial to advancing the interests of the American people, and to democracy itself. The question is how best to achieve that goal.

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A new poll by Priorities USA, a Democratic SuperPAC, is shining some light onto a path forward for Democrats. They surveyed “persuadable” voters in swing states and found that…

“Democrats would lose narrowly to Republicans among targeted voters when people were simply asked if they wanted a Democrat or a Republican in office. On that generic ballot question, Republicans got 44% of the surveyed – which include battleground state persuadable voters and those who are at least somewhat unmotivated to vote this fall – while Democrats got 41% support. That small difference could be pivotal in Senate and gubernatorial races in those states.”

However, “when Trump and his Make America Great Again [MAGA] agenda are brought into the picture, it brightens for Democrats, the polling found” that when…

“Asked if they’d prefer a Democrat who supports Biden or a Republican who supports Trump, those polled preferred the Democrat to the Republican, 41% to 31%. On that question, the hypothetical Democrat got 11% of GOP voters who picked the Republican in the generic ballot question and 32% of third-party voters who initially went with the GOP contender.”

This is affirmation of America’s aversion to the twice-impeached reality TV game show host and failed real estate huckster. His repugnant personality, inflated ego, callous insensitivity, incessant lying, overt bigotry, and unrepentant criminal tendencies, have clearly had an effect on the population at large. And Democrats would be well advised to make note of those “qualities” in their campaigns between now and November.

For his [part, Trump continues to exhibit symptoms of his malignant narcissism in posts to his failing social media website. On Wednesday he delusionally ranted that “It is being stated by almost all that Joe Biden is the worst President in history.” Naturally, Trump offered no support for that wildly fictional claim, because there isn’t any. The truth is that, according to a survey of presidential historians, Trump is the 4th worst president in history. And according to several other rankings, Trump came in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd worst.

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All of this drives home the point that Trump is a dead weight around the neck of the GOP. And that should be featured prominently in ads supporting Democratic candidates. However, giving Trump the whacking that he so richly deserves should not be done to the exclusion of positive portrayals of Democrats and the Democratic agenda.

Voters still need to have an affirmative reason to go to the polls. And if Democrats can balance the Trump bashing with affirmations of Democratic accomplishments, they might just avoid the typical losses that occur for the party in power during the midterms.

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7 thoughts on “Voters are More Likely to Support Democrats When Told They are Running Against Trump, MAGA

  1. Just wondering, most of the big corporations donate to the Republicans. Is it possible those same corporation’s are raising prices to cause record inflation to damage the Democrats for the November elections?

    • Possibly. I don’t know. However, they would definitely raise prices to enrich themselves without concern for the people they’re hurting. And Republicans would definitely (and dishonestly) blame those higher prices on Democrats to damage their prospects in November.

      • It sure is suspicious to me that inflation has rocketed up as the middle term elections are getting closer and closer. I remember what that asshat Mitch Mc Connell said several months ago, ” We have got to create as much disruption and disorder as we can up to the middle terms” In my opinion, the Rethugs purposely want to make things look as bad as they can to hurt the Dems to increase their chances of winning back congress. Just look at how they abused that filibuster thing to kill BBB, voting rights, and everything that benefits the Dems. Many of the ignorant, gullible, GQP voters here in the South automatically blame Biden for inflation, high gasoline costs, when none of that is true. Those ignorant fools, (including most of my relatives) are quick to jump on the blame train for all of their gripes. …Biden’s fault…. i no longer have anything to do with my GQP loving relatives. Their stupidity makes me sick.

    • It is entirely possible! This so-called inflation that’s making us pay more for everything, while those corps are making record profits too, at our expense. And we have Feds raising interest rates – rather often, in fact – more often than I can recall prior…why not wait & give it time to have an effect, if it’s going to do what they say to rein in inflation??! Seems like interest rates going up would be afding to the cost of living for most of us…& As for the big money players, won’t slow them down much — sure won’t hurt them any. They have all the money!!
      And while real people are hurting, Rethugs harping on stuff not in Biden’s control, blaming Biden – knowing they voted “No* on everything Dems & Biden have done to help regular Americans – the rich are getting richer (as they have thruout pandemic) & as usual, the poor are only getting poorer. What a great distraction from everything that Rethugs don’t want anyone paying attention to come election time. Hell, anytime!
      The fact that Dems suck at messaging, letting Rethugs control it cuz’ they lie so LOUD & non-stop, just make it that much easier for Rethugs to take over, as they intend to do.
      Election Fraud (past & current doings)…the only fraud has been by the Party screaming lies about it. And some involved in Jan 6th are now taking jobs in our elections, where they will now have power to lie, cheat & change election results. Officially! They should NOT be in our gov’t at all & far, far away from the elections!
      ~>> Rethug Party was banned from being at polls fir past 30yrs, due to their illicit, imtimidating behaviors with voters at elections! It’s only cuz’ this SCOTUS decided so, that the ban on them at elections, harassing voters, should be lifted now. No rules to prevent more of same — just lifted & “welcome back”?!! What timing! And they are right back at it again, with a vengeance! WTG, SCOTUS.

      The extremely illegal conspiracy 8n their violent coup attempt Jan 6th + before & after attempts by Trump & pals to change election outcome & keep Trump & cronies in power, has been investigated & there is now plenty of the 1 thing the Party behind all that shit could never have — evidence! Proof! All those court cases, recounts & bullshit by Trump’s Party of Liars, were missing 1 thing….PROOF! Lies don’t have proof, just bullshit up their sleeve. And sadly, many people so fooled by it all that they stopped thinking — makes their head hurt. Guess so!
      We want/need a government that takes bold action when needed. It’s needed now! Get forceful!. Too much is at stake! It’s easier to believe lies than it will ever be to admit being fooled by those lies & liars. 18mos after Jan 6th & we will know so much more – with proof – after these hearings on TV. It’s way worse than we even knew!! Watch! Everyone warch!

      • Good answer, Sunny B. Wish someone on Quora named Thor S–could read it. A while ago, I had my son get rid of postings from Quora because most of the communication were so hateful. I am not that computer savvy. But, when it started up again and asked, “What Made You switch from Anti-Trump to Pro- Trump?”, I couldn’t resist recalling how I was once Republican until Trump graced his presence. I got 13 upvotes. But this Thor guy sure revived old memories. Colloquialisms. “The only good liberal is one pushing up daisies, etc. etc.” A lot of name calling. Got to get my son get rid of Quora again. In the meantime, guys be aware just how much hate Trump is spreading.

        • Oh, and, Sunny B., regarding Republicans at the polls illegally, did you you know that our favorite crackpot, Marjorie Taylor Greene broke into Democrat Marcus Flowers’ headquarters with a couple of her cronies to raise a ruckus and intimidation? We are up against a lot.

          • Whoa! Somehow I missed that! Yeah I expect alot more of that shit, sibce they feel secure no one can/will stop them.
            And once they get that power they crave & sold their souls for, they said they “won’t give it up again”.
            I believe them, on that 1 thing!

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