Apparently Inebriated? Rudy Giuliani Countersues Over Smartmatic Suit Against Him and Fox News

Among the most egregious of the many broken promises of Donald Trump’s torturous one-term tenancy in the White House was his predictably improbable claim that he would always hire “the best people.” And Trump himself has been the best witness to the absurdity of that pledge. The list of former Trump staffers that he now says are losers and idiots who were never up to the job could wallpaper the entire exterior of Mar-a-Lago.

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Rudy Giuliani

That list includes Trump’s cabinet secretaries, his chief of staff, generals and other Pentagon officials, and legal representatives. Which brings us to his long time lawyer, the apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani. Since heading up Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has lost more than sixty cases related to Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. He has also lost his license to practice law in New York, and is being investigated in Washington, D.C. His relentless and unabashed lies even got him banned on Fox News.

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Giuliani has also been named in a couple of multibillion dollar lawsuits filed by election services companies that were defamed by Trump associates and Trump-fluffing media. One of the suits was filed by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6 billion. The other one was filed by Smartmatic Software for $2.7 billion. Both explicitly cite Giuliani as a named defendant, along with Fox News and other individuals.

Now Giuliani is fighting back with a countersuit against Smartmatic. Reuters is reporting that…

“Rudolph Giuliani has sued Smartmatic to recoup legal fees as he defends against its $2.7 billion lawsuit accusing him, Fox News Network and others of falsely claiming that the company helped rig the 2020 U.S. presidential election so Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump.

“In a counterclaim filed late Monday in a New York state court in Manhattan, Giuliani said the voting machine company’s defamation lawsuit, which he characterized as baseless, interfered with his constitutional right to speak freely on issues of public concern.”

Considering the fact that Smartmatic’s suit contains an abundance of documentary evidence to prove their claims against Giuliani and the his co-defendants, it’s hard to imagine on what grounds he is basing his complaint. Giuliani’s defamatory statements were made on national television programs where he unleashed bizarre and baseless charges asserting that Smartmatic was “formed by people close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his late predecessor Hugo Chavez, and founded ‘for the specific purpose of fixing elections.'” Then again, almost all of his charges are bizarre and baseless.

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Giuliani is also asserting that his First Amendment rights are being infringed upon. But the First Amendment doesn’t shield speech that is false and defamatory. And any honest and competent lawyer would know that. Which, of course, leaves Giuliani out. The only thing he will accomplish with this suit is to bring more attention to his pathetic ineptitude, as well as the guilt of his client, Donald Trump. So bring it on, Rudy, and pass the popcorn.

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3 thoughts on “Apparently Inebriated? Rudy Giuliani Countersues Over Smartmatic Suit Against Him and Fox News

  1. In the last paragraph, “incompetent” should be competent. Other than that, a very good article.

  2. “But the First Amendment doesn’t shield speech that is false and defamatory.”
    I always thought that ‘dangerous/violent speech’ & ‘to incite a riot’ forms of free speech were also on the not-allowed list (for obvious reasons)!?!
    Besides, I think Am. #1 states that GOV’T. cannot infringe upon the free speech of citizens. (Did I get that wrong too?)
    In any case, sure seems to me that FauxSpews, pretending to be a “news network”, saying they are the only honest news, while promoting violence & hatred with their constant lies. Like Trump, Faux shows whip up their audience with lies ’til frothing with anger &”ready to fight”.
    But, turns out that what *ucker & the rest say/do is NOT necessarily protected free speech!? How can that be used to remove Fox?! UK got rid of him somehow. In Australia, Murdock owns most of news — print & broadcast combo — but he has nowhere near the power he’s allowed here, to destroy us. In Aus., the people just kind of ignore him, read local papers tho…he just is not the propaganda machine that he is here. They have rules, standards, for what is news!

    2nd item:
    “And any honest and incompetent lawyer would know that.”
    {I know you meant “competent”, no ‘in-‘ in it.}

  3. My grown daughter who is also a strong Democrat and keeps up with the political scene frequently talks to people from other free Nations such as: Britain, Scotland, Norway, Canada, France, etc. and they are all shocked and appalled at what’s going on here in the good old USA. She said some of them even said it was so shocking it was amusing in a bad way and some of them said they felt sorry for our citizens. This article about the clown show Rudy Giuliani is putting on proves that to be true. I just wish this ”shit show” would end. I don’t think Hollywood could come up with a script that could top this. All of this seems like something a mentally deranged severely brain damaged person could come up with. All of this is so fictional I would have to laugh at a person if they told this to me 20 year ago. Only in the USA….

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