The Crimes Trump Can (Should) Be Indicted For Now, According to Watergate Prosecutor and Others

The evidence that Donald Trump is guilty of multiple crimes related to the January 6th insurrection that he incited continues to mount. And the legal peril that he faces became even more pronounced with the testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson, the aide to Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows. That testimony is having a profound impact on the American people who watched the hearing in record numbers.

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Hutchinson’s testimony is also having an impact on Trump. He was so distraught by her disclosures that he rushed into the arms of the Trump-fluffers at Newsmax to complain frantically that the House Select Committee was “illegally formed” and that Hutchinson is “absolutely crazy.” Neither of which is true, but both of which illustrate his panicky desperation and total lack of any factual basis.

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Affirming the imminent legal threat to Trump, renowned Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks appeared on MSNBC to discuss the Committee hearings and the potential future consequences for Trump and his criminal confederates. Her assessment of the situation is certain to exacerbate his already heated anxiety:

“Trump could now be charged with a number of crimes — but one key offense would keep him out of federal office forever, Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks said on MSNBC Friday. Wine-Banks said the ‘best’ crime for Trump is Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Section 2383 — the crime of ‘rebellion or insurrection’ against the U.S. — because the penalty is tougher than just prison time.

“’I think it would be horrible not to act on what is now blatantly obvious to anyone who has watched the hearings’ being held by the House Jan. 6 committee, Wine-Banks said.

“’My favorite crime would be 2383 — not the seditious conspiracy’ charge, which is Section 2384, she added. ‘The reason is that the penalty for 2383 is not just jail; it is being barred from ever holding federal office again,’ Wine-Banks explained. ‘And for me, that would be a more important goal than jailing the former president.’”

Certainly permitting Trump to have access to any measure of power would be virtually suicidal for the nation. His authoritarian aspirations would put an end to America’s principles of liberty and democracy. But the necessity of demonstrating that there is no one who is above the law is just as important. And Trump must face the consequences of his seditious acts. To that end, Wine-Banks went on to note that there are several other crimes that Trump can be charged with…

“There is, of course … obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice, witness tampering — so many things just based on Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, just hers, for those few hours, [she] laid out all of those crimes,” Wine-Banks said. “And then you have many more besides that,” she added.

Wine-Banks isn’t the only learned legal mind to express these sentiments. Liz Cheney, the Republican vice chair of the House Select Committee, constitutional professor Lawrence Tribe, and even Fox News legal analyst Andrew McCarthy, hold similar views:

There has been a great deal of debate in Washington with regard to the plausibility of indicting Trump. While there is a fair amount of consensus that he is guilty, some of the more timid players think that prosecuting him would be too political. However, the glaring flaw in their opinion is that choosing not to prosecute because he is a former president is, by definition, political.

There is no avoiding the politics inherent in this situation. Consequently, the only way forward is to rely on the rule of law and practice it fairly and without favor to status or privilege. Anything less would be a stain on the democracy and justice that America purports to represent.

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18 thoughts on “The Crimes Trump Can (Should) Be Indicted For Now, According to Watergate Prosecutor and Others

  1. Trump needs to be charged with every crime he committed. The list is long. The more the better but whatever keeps him from holding any office of public trust must be at the top of the list!

    • I do strongly agree with you, and TUMP not holding ANY office whatsoever would be my top priority, that is the one thing that has to happen. I just can’t imagine what the United States will be like if that asshat becomes Dictator of the USA. I don’t even want to think about that. It’s horrifying to say the least.

        • Yes, he does need to be in prison and should have been put there over a year ago. What are they waiting on?

  2. I think it’s unfair to Trump to limit the discussion of legal prosecution to his attempt to overthrow the government. Obviously he was colluding with a hostile foreign power but his handpicked justice department decided that a sitting president could effectively collude with anyone he wanted. He blatently lined his own pockets by selling favors to various foreign governments in exchange for patronage at his properties and sponsored and encouraged domestic terrorism by violent white supremacists that were, in effect, his private army. The list goes on and on.

    • Yes and his army is involved and entrenched in the Military disguised as contractors who feed off the taxpayers for nothing anygood. There is so much fraud waste and abuse, shady dealings all for huge pentagon budgets with no oversight. I have seen it for the last 19 years as a contractor, former Navy and a staunch believer in the truth.
      Time to coral these wild feral fascists and fix and create a fair system not corruption.

  3. Before you cAn really charge Trump, you need to show that there was attempt at insurrection, that can’t be true, the demonstrators were let into the Capitol by the small police presence, what were they going to do ? It was silly

  4. And now we find out he stole secret and top secret government documents, why? Did he copy them and hide them were DOJ does not know where to look? Who did he show them to and why? My bet right now that Russia has our deepest secrets why? Bc Trump owes Putin? Over what I know not but it must be big bc all roads lead to Putin, they talked privately out of hearing of the transcriber so no one knows what was said, there must be some way to find out if these top secret documents laying around were copied, or he was going to sell them to the highest bidder the only 2 reasonable explanation why he would do this! I bet my dog and lot Putin has been reading very interesting things! He tried to pull a coup now this, a true traitor!

  5. If Trump were banned from running for office we would have DeSantis running a much more clever man than Trump I really do think this is the beginning of the end of our national experiment as all empires die, we just got front row seats is all.

  6. Remember Eric Snowden, Reality Winner, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, Daniel Hale, a former Air Force intelligence analyst,
    Samuel Shaw was a Revolutionary War naval officer who, along with Richard Marven
    and the many more patriots who served our nation but were punished.
    How does the orange turd dictator stay out of prison?

  7. Is Justice Blind? Time to prove it and end this would be dictator’s path of destruction. They should be indicted on the family plan.

    • Is justice blind?? It sure does look like it when it comes to TUMP and his cronies.. All this time i thought Steven Bannon was in jail, he actually wasn’t in jail,… He is out running a radio show with his favorite female Goon whore MTG spouting blatant lies and hate speech. I have spent many months trying to figure out why in the hell TUMP and his band of criminals are still not in prison. I just do not know….It’s disgusting to me.

      • Could it be that TUMP is really some kind of evil, non-human Sorcerer that can cast an evil spell on someone that tries to prosecute him or imprison him? and only judges and law enforcement know about this?? /s They sure seem scared of him for some reason or another. We may never know the reason why.

    • “…the family plan…”

      I like that for the Trump crime family.

  8. Americans are so sick and Tired of this Loser. The man does nothing but lie and cause distruction around every corner.He is is responsible for many Covid deaths by his in action and lies. People that follow him died . He didn’t do his job to protect and defend the citizens of The United States. Everyone that worked for him was crooked or caused them to do illegal acts. Acts of you or I did would put us in jail. Jared Kushner did nothing but set up his post presidency and line his pockets with Saudi Money. Look at how many trips he took after Trump Lost. He was not doing the business of our Country. The whole family are Grifters. I’d like to see One bill where they charged the goverment cost for their secret service rooms. Lie Lie lie all they did was charge the most money they could get to benefit themselves.It’s all their in the numbers and no one is saying anything . They just let this crime spree continue. Just when you think Trump can’t go that low he goes lower.There is No bottom with these corrupt people screwing the taxpayers. He belongs in jail for turning against his country . How anyone can feel he is fit to lead is delusional The guy doesn’t read he has the IQ of a 10 year old and acts like it 2 These people don’t know what public service is. All they serve is Themselves.

    • Stephen,
      I totally agree with everything you said! BRAVO!!! How so many people think that he is wonderful and someone to follow into oblivion is beyond me. Wise up, Americans, and see him for who he really is–someone totally unfit to run our Country–starting in 2016 and, god forbid, in 2024. An animal who will never change his spots and all I can say is make this “adult–child” guilty for his sins against humanity and put him jail now!!!!

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