Trump is Terrified that WH Counsel Cipollone Will Tell the Truth to the January 6th Committee

Donald Trump is a severely disturbed individual in desperate need of intense psychotherapy. But being too debilitated by his malignant narcissism to seek the help he so obviously needs, he has been using his failing social media website, TRUTH Social, as his personal, online, cathartic release valve. He employs it almost exclusively to vent about whatever happens to be outraging, depressing, or frightening him at the moment.

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In a recent post, Trump ranted incoherently about the wholly imaginary fears that are consuming his warped state of mind. The triggering event this time is the pending testimony of Pat Cipollone, his former White House counsel, before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection that Trump incited.

Previous testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson, the former aide to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, revealed that Cipollone warned Trump that his participation in plots to overturn the election, including his encouragement of the insurrection, were unlawful. “Please make sure we don’t go up to the Capitol, Cassidy,” Cipollone implored Hutchinson. “We’re going to get charged every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen.”

Seeking additional details about Trump’s activities during, and leading up to, the Capitol riots, the Committee has recalled Cipollone. And that has elicited the following furor by the former reality TV game show host…

“Why would a future President of the United States want to have candid and important conversations with his White House Counsel if he thought there was even a small chance that this person, essentially acting as a ‘lawyer’ for the Country, may some day be brought before a partisan and openly hostile Committee in Congress, or even a fair and reasonable Committee, to reveal the inner secrets of foreign policy or other important matters. So bad for the USA!”

This tirade is another demonstration of how ignorant Trump is of governmental processes and law. He thinks that every conversation with the White House counsel is privileged. That’s false. Conversations that do not involve the official duties of the president are not shielded by either executive or attorney/client privilege. More to the point in this case, is that conversations that involve the commission of a crime are likewise not protected.

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What Trump is really asking is “Why would a future President of the United States want to” discuss with his White House counsel his seditious plot to undermine democracy and overthrow the government? Which is actually an excellent question. Too bad for Trump that he didn’t think of it before incriminating himself.

Furthermore, there is nothing in the conversations that the Committee is seeking testimony for that involve “inner secrets of foreign policy or other important [official] matters.” That’s a red herring that Trump threw into the stew to make his cult disciples believe that he has a rational argument. He doesn’t.

Trump is also showing that he is ignorant of recent history. His hysterical reaction to the testimony of his White House counsel suggests that he thinks it is an unprecedented affair. However, anyone with a bit of institutional memory knows that Richard Nixon’s counsel, John Dean, testified before Congress, and was instrumental in Nixon’s downfall. Or perhaps someone did inform Trump of this fact, and that’s what he’s afraid of.

In any case, Trump’s fear is well founded. With the accumulating evidence of criminal behavior on his part, and that of his associates, he must know that there will likely be legal consequences to follow. So he’s lashing out with these pitifully ignorant outbursts in the safety of his own social media website. He obviously isn’t trying to convince the public at large that he’s an innocent victim of “deep state” persecutors.

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In fact, Trump is just adding to his legal peril by unleashing more incendiary comments that have the potential to incite more violence. And the members of the House Committee, as well as prosecutors in the Justice Department and state offices, are surely paying attention.

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