LOCK HIM UP: Trump’s TRUTH Social Scam is Being Criminally Investigated By a Federal Grand Jury

America’s most notorious scam artist, Donald Trump, is once again the subject of a criminal investigation into his shady business dealings. It is endlessly perplexing that there are still rubes who fall for the swindles perpetrated by Trump, who has presided of multiple bankruptcies, fraudulent charities, fake universities, and grifting operations whose only purpose was to deceitfully enrich himself.

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Donald Trump, Prison

The latest con game played by Trump is his already dreadfully failing Twitter ripoff, TRUTH Social. This project grew out of Trump’s desire to seek revenge on Twitter for banning him due to his repeated lying and violence-inciting disinformation. With the founding of his Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the recidivist racketeer sought to further the fleecing of his dimwitted disciples.

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Part of the plot included taking the scheme public by merging with a shell company, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). Now DWAC and its board of directors have been subpoenaed by a federal Grand Jury in New York. According to CNBC

“A federal criminal investigation is threatening the proposed merger between former President Donald Trump’s social media enterprise and a special purpose acquisition company, a deal that would give the combined company access to billions of dollars in public markets.

“That company, Digital World Acquisition Corp., revealed in a securities filing Monday that it became aware on June 16 that each member of its board of directors received subpoenas from a federal grand jury in New York.”

In addition to the Grand Jury proceedings, the SEC is investigating whether TMTG and DWAC executives improperly coordinated with each other and engaged in insider trading. They have also partnered with a Chinese firm with a dubious legal past. And the SEC filing even mentions Trump’s prior business failures.

These probes have contributed to the cratering of the value of Trump’s crime vehicle, DWAC. It has declined by more than 75% since March. And that’s even after Trump began posting on TRUTH Social – or perhaps because of it. He now says that he will never return to Twitter. But like everything else he says, that can hardly be trusted. He is also appealing the dismissal of his ludicrous lawsuit alleging that Twitter violated his free speech rights by banning him.

With each new day there seems be a new crime that Trump is being investigated for. His long list of illegalities incudes financial scams, political malfeasance, and sexual assaults. And with every discovery of his legal and personal depravity, he whines that he is the victim of a “hoax” or a “witch hunt.” However, his complaints might be more credible if there weren’t so much witchcraft being revealed.

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UPDATE: It turns out that Trump bailed on his crooked company. Just weeks before the subpoenas were served, Trump removed himself and Don Jr from the board of TMTG. He is also no longer named as the company’s chairman. Unfortunately for him, all of the criminal activity took place while he was in still charge. So if he thinks he can escape legal liability, he’s going to be sorely disappointed.

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  1. This asshat TUMP has committed so many crimes that would make the most horrible Mob boss blush. Hitler would have been so very proud of him. Both of them will go down as the worst the world has to offer.

    • don the con the grifter in chief. A complete and total MORON except when it comes to any illegal or immoral activity. The orange buffoon needs to be locked up.

      • You are right. TUMP is king when it comes to illegal and immoral activities. Why do people even think about voting for him is what puzzles me to no end.,

      • YEP! And if he’s such a complete and total moron, what does that say about the people who worship him?

        • I agree, most of my gullible, dumbass relatives worship him. All of my neighbors worship him too. I want to go to Canada and live out the rest of my life there, but now i am afraid of the dreaded border agents beating me up if i try to cross the border. It’s a no win situation now. I sure don’t want to stay here now either surrounded by TUMP people. HELP!!!!

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