Trump Rips Off His Gullible Cult Followers, Spends $650K of Their Money on Portraits of Himself

The biggest grifter who has ever occupied the White House has been exposed for yet another theft from his own loyal but gullible supporters. Donald Trump appears to have no shame whatsoever when it comes to fleecing his glassy-eyed flock. And his devoted disciples don’t seem to care much either.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

Trump’s deceitfully named “Save America” PAC recently paid $650,000 to the Smithsonian Institution to fund portraits of himself and Melania for the National Portrait Gallery. The presidential portraits curated by the Smithsonian are generally paid for with private donations from individuals and foundations. This appears to be the first time such funding was provided by a former president’s own Political Action Committee.

What makes this especially contemptible is that Trump pitches the PAC to his cult followers by promising to use the money to elect Trumpy Republicans, to finance futile lawsuits, and to otherwise harass Democrats, mostly by posting rancorous comments on his floundering Twitter clone, Truth Social. They should know by now that, not only has Trump never allocated funds to advance his phony MAGA agenda, he has instead used them to enrich and/or exalt himself. For example…

Trump has always been consumed with exploiting others to line his own pockets. He did it with his real estate business that is now being investigated for fraud. He did it with his fake charity and university, that were shut down by the law. He did it with the presidency by making the Secret Service, and even foreign leaders, stay at his hotels. He even tried to host the annual G7 summit at his own Florida golf resort. And he’s still at it with his appeals to finance the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him.

Trump’s whole life has been a scam. And now he has a small contingent of worshipful suckers who are willing, and even anxious, to be swindled. They aren’t even dissuaded when evidence is produced of his rampant, pathological dishonesty. And somehow these poor saps still believe that Trump – a self professed billionaire – needs their money. As Trump would say… “SAD!”

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4 thoughts on “Trump Rips Off His Gullible Cult Followers, Spends $650K of Their Money on Portraits of Himself

  1. Science has not advanced to a level to cure that kind of stupid

    • I totally agree, Science hasn’t even come near the level to cure that kind of stupid. It’s going to take countless years until they do. My youngest son needs to be the first one in line to get the cure when they do. That is a sad situation for me as him and i was very close before Donald TUMP got into politics. There is no reasoning with him just like it is with others in the TUMP cult.

  2. You can bet he’s angling to get some of the new 1.6b Republican war chest. That’ll pay a lot of lawyers.

  3. I just hope and pray Donald’s cult will realize just what their donations are being used for. And that Merrick Garland can stand up against the most vicious of them. Oh, and the portraits themselves? Doesn’t he know his looks have changed a lot since he was younger? Maybe a Kenny Rogers surgery, or, at least, air brushing.

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