Rick Scott is the Best Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee the Democrats Ever Had

The 2022 midterm election season officially started this week with Labor Day. And there is an abundance of political ingredients swirling in this year’s stew. Most notably is that the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is sloshing around furiously as he attempts to avoid being indicted for a broad array of crimes.

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Democrats are enjoying a bit of a late surge following the successful passage of a flurry of popular bills addressing everything from infrastructure to gun safety, to climate change, and much more. Consequently, the down ballot Republicans are suffering nervous breakdowns as they try to navigate the perilous waters between being sufficiently worshipful of Trump, as he demands, and dodging the toxic animosity and controversy that the flailing Trump is splashing on his GOP colleagues.

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Sen Rick Scott of Florida is currently serving as the chairman of that National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which is tasked with getting more Republicans elected to the Senate. He was a curious choice considering that in his pre-Senate career he was the head of a hospital chain that was fined billions of dollars for engaging in fraudulent activities.

Not surprisingly, the NRSC is now undergoing some financial hardship. This was brought up during an interview of Scott on Fox News by Martha MacCallum. MacCallum read to Scott from a report in the New York Times that asked “how a record cash haul vanished for Senate Republicans.” She elaborated saying that…

“It says ‘By the end of July National Republican Senatorial Committee had collected a record $181.5 million, but had already spent 95% of it.’ Then it goes to August where you have just $23.2 million left that is ‘less that half of what the Democratic Senatorial Committee had’ ahead of the really intense stage of this whole race that we’re now heading into. How did that happen? Where did all that money go?”

Scott’s reply illustrates just how much trouble the GOP is in under Scott’s mismanagement of their campaign.

Scott: We did the right thing. We spent early. Here’s the problem with campaigns. If you wait until the last month there’s too much static, too much noise out there. so what we did, as soon as out candidates got through their primaries we started helping them. We put up ads with them. Talked about what they believe in. And we started early on to define the Democrats. That’s put us in a position right now that we can not only keep our fifty Republican seats, we also can pick up probably as many – doesn’t mean we’ll get that many – but we’ve got six competitive states where the Democrats are… all the Democrats are underwater.
MacCallum: But Senator, you see a lot of these races that are tightening up in Florida, in Ohio, and these candidates are in need of money. at this point. some of them are pointing fingers at your leadership and saying that it’s not working. What do you say to them?
Scott: Well, Let’s look at the numbers. … Ron Johnson’s gonna win.
MacCallum: He’s behind by about five points right now, right?
Scott: Ron Johnson is either up a little or tied or down barely.

Well, thanks for clearing that up Ricky. So Ron Johnson, the incumbent senator from Wisconsin, is either ahead, tied or behind. That narrows it down to every conceivable possibility. Never mind that even MacCallum knows that Johnson is losing, although she understates the margin. The latest poll has Democrat Mandela Barnes ahead by seven points. Democrats are also leading or competitive in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Scott’s own Florida.

Scott goes on to cite the 2020 Georgia senate race between Sen. Raphael Warnock and the then-incumbent Kelly Loeffler. He said that Warnock won because Republicans failed to define him early and that that Loeffler was expected to win easily. That’s revisionist recent history, because that race was always close and ended up being decided in a runoff.

So Scott is citing a race that Republicans lost in 2020, and a current race where a Democrat is ahead of their incumbent, as examples of how he is doing everything right. Fine. Let’s not tell him. Poor guy can’t even fool Fox News.

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  1. The midterm election now going on means it’s 2022.

  2. Rick Snott is a liar and a outright corrupt thief. He is the damn son of a bitch that is trying to end Social Security. He is no better than the other criminals in the GQP. He proudly says Ron Johnson is tied with Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin is a damn blatant out lie. The last i heard, Barnes was 7 points ahead of that dumbass Ron Johnson. I truly hope that Johnson loses badly in this election. I don’t know much about Rick Snott, and don’t want to know anything about that despicable bastard. Snott is nothing but a Nazi and even looks the part. I despise all of these asshats and they should all be locked up in a maximum security prison.

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