Fox News Host Criticizes Democrats for Having the Audacity to Oppose … Fascism?

It’s been two weeks since President Biden delivered his historic Soul of America speech, wherein he alerted the nation to the growing threat of authoritarian forces deeply embedded in Donald Trump’s MAGA crusade. The speech addressed the stark choice that the country faces between being “a nation of hope and unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division, and of darkness?”

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In the intervening weeks, Fox News has remained fiercely fixated on what they have falsely characterized as Biden’s hostility to half the nation. Never mind that Biden explicitly said that he was not referring to all Republicans, or even to all Trump supporters. The dishonest narrative that Fox News was intent on promulgating was more important than the truth.

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That same seething obsession was evident on Monday’s episode of Fox and Friends. in a response to remarks by her guest, far right radio talker Jason Rantz, co-host Harris Faulkner latched onto the fake Fox factoid that Biden had insulted the MAGA cultists saying that…

“If they’re anti-semi-fascist, which is how they see more than half the country now – because Democrats are looking up and saying ‘Look we we just want lower prices. Where’s that $1.99 gas.’ – Are they pro-Antifa?”

There is so much wrong in that sound-fright that it requires some delving into. First of all, Faulkner is still lying that Biden was referring to “half the country,” when he was clearly referring only to MAGA extremists, like the insurrectionists who stormed Congress on January 6th. And even if Biden was referring to every Republican voter, it still wouldn’t be anywhere near 50% the country. There are 350 million people in the U.S. Only 71 million voted for Trump. Which is about 21% of the country, as well as seven million fewer than voted for Biden. Granted, 21% is still way more than we should tolerate, but it’s way less than than what Faulkner and every liar on Fox News has been regurgitating.

What’s more, Faulkner is not a particularly reliable source for what “Democrats are saying.” However, her whining about gas prices appears to be stuck several weeks in the past. Gas prices have dropped for 13 weeks in a row. And the only reason it was two bucks during Trump’s term was because of the COVID-19 pandemic that he so terribly mismanaged. Does she really want to go back to those days when no one was driving or leaving the house because thousands were dying every day?

More to the point, Faulkner’s complaint that Democrats are “pro Antifa” isn’t the beat-down that she thinks it is. Setting aside the fact that there is no such Democratic entity, being anti-fascist is a broadly popular position in this country. There are many others who likewise consider themselves anti-fascist. They’re called patriotic Americans. But if Faulkner and Fox News want to brag about being pro-fascist, we might as well let them. After all, their Dear Leader Trump doesn’t even bother to disguise it anymore.

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