LOL: Sean Hannity Thinks He’s Helping Trump By Scrolling a Long List of His Crimes on Fox News

If anyone needs further proof that Donald Trump is desperately in fear of the legal peril that is rapidly engulfing him, all they need to do is take a look at his posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. He is currently using the site as a cathartic release valve for his smoldering anxieties.

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Trump has good reason to worry. On Monday it was reported that dozens of subpoenas were issued to Trump associates/accomplices for information regarding his criminal affairs. That’s just the latest in an avalanche of bad news for Trump as the long arm of the law gets ever closer to holding him accountable for an unprecedented crime spree. His terror is apparent as he tries to cover it up with inane posts and increasingly absurd accusations.

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On Monday the Senior Trump-Fluffer on Fox News, Sean Hannity, waded into the legal sink hole in which Trump has taken residence. Hannity put together a segment that he surely thought would benefit Dear Leader’s quest for absolution. It featured a scrolling list of many of the crimes and investigations of Trump that are currently in progress. It is not nearly comprehensive, but is damning nonetheless. It includes in part…

  • Russian collusion
  • Misusing inaugural funds
  • Election interference
  • Extortion of Ukrainian president
  • Stormy Daniels hush money
  • Save America PAC donor ripoff
  • Real estate and tax fraud
  • Truth Social Stock Scam
  • Mar-a-Lago’s classified documents
  • January 6th insurrection

How on Earth did Hannity think that it would help Trump to enumerate his vast violations of the law? It is merely a handy itemization of his rap sheet. Now Democrats may have to send Hannity a “Thank You” note for providing such a helpful summary of Trump’s criminality, immorality, and treason. This inventory of illegality is exactly what is tormenting Trump. Will he appreciate Hannity so nicely compiling it?

Also on Monday Trump dropped 25 self-exalting posts that appear to be his pitifully vain attempts to remind himself of his imagined superiority and utter innocence of any crime. These posts included such narcissistic affirmations as a meme that projects his tyrannical reign of power to 2048, a Gateway Pundit article on election fraud, and a QAnon picture of Trump wearing a “Q” lapel pin and featuring the QAnon slogans “The Storm is Coming” and “WWG1WGA” (where we go 1, we go all).

Apparently in Trump World, a gathering storm is a good thing, rather than a potentially catastrophic event that brings destruction, pain, and grief.

It will be interesting to see if Trump has anything to say about Hannity’s catalog of crime. Trump is already angry at Fox News for not being sufficiently worshipful in their coverage of him. He has at times virtually written off the network as beholden to radical leftists. And he has been relentlessly bashing what he once regarded as his Ministry of Propaganda. For instance…

Trump Threatens to Sue Fox News For Airing Lincoln Project Ad that Reveals the Victims of His Grifting

Trump Fumes That Fox News has ‘Gone to the Dark Side’ and Purposely ‘Botched’ His Polling

Crybaby Trump Bashes Fox News, ‘Perverts’ and ‘RINOS’ Who ‘Didn’t Have the Guts’ to Impeach Him

Not to worry though. Whenever Trump needs some emotional support he still relies on Fox News to give him uninterrupted airtime and unabashed slobbering. His love/hate relationship with Fox is like everything else in his life: As long as they are unflinchingly loyal to him he’s a happy camper. But waver even slightly and suffer his rage.

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12 thoughts on “LOL: Sean Hannity Thinks He’s Helping Trump By Scrolling a Long List of His Crimes on Fox News

  1. Sean Hannity Is a Turd (SHIT). Nice acronym for this anti-democracy prick!

    • Hannity once said on his show that he was a very religious man (???).

  2. Oh yeah, all of those violent, hate mongering, criminal, arrogant, law breaking Rethugs are very religious, yes indeed. I am not a religious person, but do know that most religions do not preach hate, killing and making innocent good people suffer for their desire to be rich and powerful at the expense of innocent lives. In their quest for complete fascist Nazi takeover of the United States many decent, common, non-rich folks are most certainly going to die because of them including myself and just so they can have it all. Sean Hannity, Carlson Tucker are the sorry baboons encouraging them and i thoroughly hate and despise all of them.

  3. Amazingly, the trumpster is well past 70 & still hasn’t drowned in his own drool. Maybe there is still time for him to serve some time.

    MAGA: Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.

    Now he’s graduating to MJGA: Making Judges Get Attorneys.

    • I know what i would love someone serve him,,, let’s see, Cyanide, Arsenic, glycol ethylene, sulfuric acid… any of those would be so good for the lousy, rotten, walking cesspool named Donald TUMP.

  4. tRump. The “born with a golden spoon in his mouth” is the most pathetic victim in U.S. history. When is he going to get a break?

  5. I have come to the conclusion that this pathetic, corrupt, life long criminal TUMP will NEVER spend one minute in prison… I don’t know how true it is, but i heard yesterday that a Federal judge dismissed the contempt of court charges against him. And in other news, that Kristen Enema wh*re b**ch resigned from the Democratic Party to become an independent. The bad news just keeps on coming for us Dems and i am about to give up on the whole thing and ignore politics for good.. It’s all rigged for Fascism and i want no part of it. I am about to start the process of moving out of the United States because it seems like the situation here is now completely hopeless. Nova Scotia’s climate is no colder than it is in the New England area of the USA and i can handle that.

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