UH-OH: Trump’s New $3 Million Lawyer Has Been Sidelined Less than a Month After He Was Hired

The clown car of lawyers that have represented Donald Trump has been a source of much ridicule for years. The roster includes Hall of Shamers like Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Alina Habba, and former OAN host Christina Bobb. Some have already had their law licenses suspended. Others are defendants in billion dollar defamation lawsuits. It’s a rogue’s gallery of legal losers.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

On Tuesday it was revealed that the newest member of Trump’s legal F-Team, Chris Kise, has already been sidelined from his role representing Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case. This is the case wherein Trump was found to have been illegally hoarding highly sensitive national security materials at his Palm Beach hotel/home. His attorneys thus far have offered laughably lame excuses for his having done so. And those excuses just seemed to get more bizarre with each new one offered. They ranged from claiming the documents belonged to him, to insisting that everything had been returned, to allegations that the FBI planted them, to his having declassified them with his mind, and more.

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Kise was just hired by Trump a few weeks ago. It was reported that he was paid $3 million dollars in advance, because Trump is so well known for stiffing his attorneys. But now Kise is no longer working on the case. According to CNN

“The newest addition to former President Donald Trump’s legal team, Chris Kise, has been sidelined from the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation less than a month after he was brought on to represent Trump in the matter, two sources familiar with the move tell CNN.” […]

“The move is notable given Kise, the former solicitor general for Florida, was brought on to the team after a weeks-long search and struggle to find someone willing to take on the case who was also experienced in Florida law. The legal strategy for fighting the Justice Department following the August seizure of over 100 documents marked as classified was also in disarray.”

Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budowich, told CNN that “Kise’s role as an important member of President Trump’s legal team remains unchanged.” However, he has not been observed at any of the other hearings for the pending Trump investigations, such as the January 6th insurrection or the lawsuit filed by the New York State Attorney General.

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Perhaps Kise made the fatal mistake of giving Trump some rational legal advice. That would surely have resulted in Trump souring on him and shoving him aside. Or maybe Kise outlined the legal peril that Trump is facing and he got depressed. Although Sean Hannity did the same thing a few days ago so, unless he’s blocking it out, Trump must know the trouble he’s in.

At least Kise got well paid for his month of work. And now he can watch from the bleachers as Trump guides his loony legal league through the quagmire that he’s created for himself. Look for Trump to seek new representation from the only “lawyers” who would still work for him – Fox News hosts Jeanine Pirro or Mark Levin. Barring that, he’d better call Saul (who Trump probably thinks is real).

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  1. That last sentence in this article that TUMP had ”better call Saul” was very clever indeed…. i have tears in my eyes i laughed so hard at that…He may really think he is real and he could ask around how much would Saul would charge him to represent him… Gotta go and get some tissue from laughing so much… that was great…

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