Fascista Marjorie Taylor Greene: If I was Speaker of the House I Would Reign with an Iron Fist

One of the benefits of having political opposition as fanatical and stuporous as Donald Trump’s Republican Party is that they so often say out loud, and in public, exactly what atrocities they intend to commit and how they would govern if given the power. Not that it makes their intentions any less abhorrent, but at least we know what’s on their minds.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

On Saturday Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ventured to Michigan to be part of the opening act for yet another Trump cult rally. In her remarks she candidly revealed just what sort of “leadership” she would provide if she were get a political promotion. And it was precisely what you would expect from a demagogue who seeks to force her political and religious beliefs done the throats of the nation.

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Greene was greeted with the adoration of a messianic apostle. The crowd recognized her closeness to Trump and his cult hierarchy. So they cheered her when she said that…

“I am not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings.”

This is the sort of rhetoric that is intended to incite violence. You don’t tell a frothing throng of devotees that there are people who are bent on murdering you – and have already begun the slaughter – without the knowledge that it will provoke them into what they might consider self defense. Greene actually wants these people to assault any Democrats they may happen to encounter, because if they don’t the Democrat will slay them where they stand. It’s sick, dangerously reckless, and characteristic of tyrannical wannabes.

Greene’s lust for power greatly exceeds her ability to understand what legal constraints come with it, or what moral standards are necessary to exercise it responsibly. For Greene, and her GOP comrades, just acquiring power is the goal, and deploying it to suppress her foes is its only purpose. Which explains her comments on the podcast of crusading conservative Charlie Kirk, where she said that…

“If I was Speaker of the House … I would reign with an iron fist. And I would end everything that [Democrats] have been doing.”

Good to know. So along with fomenting violence, Greene would dispense with democracy. She would strongarm her congressional colleagues. She would “reign” supreme in the “People’s House.” Her “iron fist” control of the lower chamber of Congress would be her fiefdom.

Republicans have admitted that they don’t respect the democratic process. They refuse to accept any election results where they are not the winners. And we know this because they say so. Greene was helpful enough to let everyone know what her intentions are should she and her party take the majority in the upcoming midterm elections. Now it is up to the rest of the freedom and democracy loving American people to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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10 thoughts on “Fascista Marjorie Taylor Greene: If I was Speaker of the House I Would Reign with an Iron Fist

  1. MTG is immoral, a bully, and mentally ill. During her 27 yr marriage, she was seen at pool parties laying across other men and drinking beer. Her husband filed for divorce this week. She calls out Democratic AOC, follows her up the street screaming. And who can forget Jewish laser beams causing California wildfires? In this blog it suggests she is telling the Republicans to kill the Democrats. What can one expect? She worships Trump.

  2. The fact that this traitorous s**tstain has NOT been arrested and kicked the f**k OUT of congress already, is very, very disturbing and does NOT bode well for the future.

    • You are correct, what this deranged, unhinged, B*T*CH says is extremely disturbing and angers me to the maximum. I cannot stand the site of her incredibly ugly putrid face. I got suspended from DKOS forever for making a comment on there saying ” maybe someone should put a bullet in her head after she publicly said that about putting a bullet in Nancy Pelosi’s head herself.” Some of the commenters on there had a hissy fit about what i said in my comment on there and they kicked me outta there for good, But that crazy s*ut can say anything she wants to about us Dems and gets away with it. I have never in my life seen a woman as hateful and full of rage as Marjorie b*t*ch Traitor Goon is. I also have never hated any woman as bad as i hate her . She is a huge insult to the good women in our nation. The Rethuglican Mafia is out to put an end to USA as we once knew it.

  3. No one will ever anoint you Speaker, Maggot Traitor. Even your fellow Traitors know you’re a moron. They’ll let Nancy stay Speaker if it keeps you out. Well, maybe not, but you still won’t be in the running. Braindead Traitor….

    • I do agree, she won’t be in the running for Speaker of the house. She is ignorant as they come, just like some of the candidates that are running for Senate like Hershel Walker, he is dumb as a rock and has a history of domestic violence. Him and Marjorie Traitor Goon have something in common too, they are both in Georgia. i also live in Georgia and believe me this state is chocked full of ignorant, dumb, and hateful idiots and brag about their firearms they own. Dems are few and far in between especially here in NW Georgia.

    • Yes and this Braindead Traitor has filed articles of impeachment for Attorney General Merrick Garland who just might straighten out the Trump mess and Joe Biden for only God knows what. Has encouraged gun sales, even appearing in tv commercials holding an AR-15 assault rifle.

  4. Speaker of the House? She isn’t even allowed to have a committee seat.

  5. Would that be the same fist she wraps around her eight incher?

  6. If MTG had tweeted that out, it probably would have ended up as “If I was Speaker of the House … I would resign with an iron fist.”

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