Marjorie Taylor Greene: The GOP Will Govern Like the Mafia’s 5 Families in ‘The Godfather’

December, being the month of giving, behooves us all to express our gratitude for the gifts that crackpot Republicans provide due to their inbred asininity. While this sort of generosity is a year-round endeavor for them, there seems to be an uptick during the year end holiday season.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gun

So let us give thanks today to Marjorie Taylor Greene. On Tuesday morning she visited with her coup-plotting cohort, Steve Bannon, to discuss the changing control of Congress next year. It’s an issue that she has given a great deal of thought to. For the most part her thoughts have been of totalitarian domination. It’s a theme that the GOP has been fixated on, and one that Greene has personanlly taken to heart.

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During Greene’s banter with Bannon, she revealed the inside dope on the Republican Party’s plans now that they have a razor thin majority in the House of Representatives. Previously they proposed an initiative that consisted mainly of talking points that were stale when they were first proposed nearly thirty years ago by Newt Gingrich. Even Tucker Carlson of Fox News found it to be a hollow farce.

They also promised a flurry of revenge probes, staging phony investigations of everything from Hunter Biden’s stolen laptop, to the evil machinations of Dr. Fauci. But Greene had something even more profound in mind…

“We’ve been doing – and it’s really interesting – people are arguing, people are clashing, people are also starting to agree, and there’s a meeting that’s happening every week, and we meet in Kevin McCarthy’s office, and it’s called the “Five Families.” And the Five Families – you know my reference – are parts of our conference. All the different parts. And we are coming together and having discussions on how we are going to govern in the majority. And it’s literally my favorite meeting.”

So Greene is analogizing the Republican Party to the Mafia and the fragile coordination between various hostile factions of it. How appropriate that she associates the GOP with a crumbling crime syndicate. Bannon couldn’t help but notice that Greene’s analogy also spelled trouble for Republicans, saying that “I hope that those meetings turn out better than the Five Families meetings in ‘The Godfather.’ They went to war.”

The sour note in this soap opera is that Greene’s fantasy puts Kevin McCarthy in Marlon Brando’s role of Don Corleone. That stretches the willingness to believe a bit too far. However, Greene is at least being consistent with her affinity for violence and gun play. She recently told the crowd at a QAnon affair that the January 6th insurrection wasn’t an insurrection at all, and that “if Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won. Not to mention that it would have been armed.”

So Greene thinks that the problem with the Trump-incited riots in Washington, D.C., aimed at undermining democracy, was that there weren’t enough guns. And that is why she is the new face of the Trumpian Republican Party.

Greene is already exerting her control over McCarthy, who needs her vote to become Speaker. He knows that the narrow margin of the GOP majority, and his unpopularity among his own caucus, means he has to kowtow to screwballs like Greene. And he isn’t the only one who knows this. Democrats are watching with a mix of glee and horror…

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7 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene: The GOP Will Govern Like the Mafia’s 5 Families in ‘The Godfather’

  1. Well, WHAT are they waiting for, huh? ARREST this f***ing traitor and be DONE with her. Her s**t must NOT stand. It must NOT be tolerated ever.

    • I can’t for the life of me see why this thing (MTGoon) hasn’t already been arrested and sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole. I am no longer going to refer to this sub-human thing as a woman, or her, or she…. I do not want to insult the great women of the world by referring to her as a woman. MTGoon is a total embarrassment to the entire world as far as i am concerned. They will not Govern anything, those ignorant idiots do not know how to govern anything. All they want to do is push hate, disorder, unrest, division, and violence….. Like i have said many times before, this kind of thing would NEVER be tolerated in any other Democratic ruled nation on the planet…Why in hell is this being tolerated here? Just shows how low the United States has fallen to. I used to hear people say this is the greatest nation on earth… ha ha what a joke that is now. All of this started over 50 years ago with this John Birch Society bullshit. I remember that just like it was yesterday..

      • John, I think we have to ask just how and why the people of Georgia elected such a stupid, ignorant and arrogant Fascist to represent them. If we could figure that out, we might know how to get rid of her ‘democratically.’ And while we’re at it, who exactly is the awful Steve Bannon’s audience these days?

        • Steve Bannon is so physically ugly, it almost approaches the ugliness of his politics. I could never criticize Marjorie Taylor Greene more than I already have. I love Stephen Colbert on the subject of MTG. Almost as funny as John. Although I love my husband, sometimes he is intolerable. I was trying to tell him what Mark, the other “guest”. John and you posted.. All I get is, “Why are you interested in these BUA’s (But ugly Americans)? He’d better not be talking about the 4 aforementioned. I can think of other names for MTG. Pig, piece of garbage. I hope that she, like Steve Bannon gets indicted. And then convicted, then imprisoned for years and years.

  2. I actually appreciate Taylor-Greene’s unrelenting Naziism. Most republicans share her extremism but are too namby-pamby to come out and say it. Politicians really need to declare what they stand for and let the electorate decide what they want rather than try to sneak in the back door by sugarcoating their intentions. Of course voter supression works too.

  3. As my father, a decorated WWII veteran told me. THE ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD NAZI!!

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