Kanye West Seeks to Buy Parler, the Virulently Racist and Anti-Semitic Twitter Clone

The terrain of social media is getting more bizarre with the latest announcement of another takeover by another wealthy narcissist. This time it’s the artifice formerly known as Kanye West who is proposing to buy Parler, an alt-Twitter enterprise that is the home of notorious white nationalists and anti-Semites.

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West, or “Ye” as he is pretentiously calling himself this week, has made an offer to purchase Parler after he was deservedly exiled from Instagram and other platforms due to his rancid hate speech. It’s a perfectly predictable course of action for a rich, anti-Semitic, egomaniac who can’t bear to be out of the public eye for twenty minutes.

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Parler is a social media website that has gained notoriety for harboring unabashed white nationalists such as Nick Fuentes and Laura Loomer. It is frequented by those who plotted the January 6th insurrection, including members of the Proud Boys and followers of QAnon. Parler is currently backed by the ultra-conservative Mercer family. According to The Hill

“Kanye West plans to acquire Parler, a social media app popular among conservatives, the network’s parent company announced Monday. The move by the rapper, legally known as Ye, to grab up the app comes after he was banned from Twitter and Instagram for antisemitic posts on those platforms.”

“’In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,’ Ye said in a statement announcing the agreement.”

The comment that got West bounced from Twitter and Instagram threatened to go “Death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” Now he is reacting to his banishment by scooping up a platform that welcomes such blatant bigotry, That’s consistent with the view of right-wingers who only mention free speech when what they actually mean is the ability to speak freely about their prejudices and to incite violence against those they hate.

While many conservatives have been cheering West’s attempt to acquire Parler, it’s not a universal sentiment, In fact one of his most ardent admirers, Donald Trump, isn’t on board. Trump has reportedly told multiple people that West is acting too “crazy” and that he needs some professional “help.” That assessment came shortly after West appeared on Fox News for a deceptively edited interview (posted below) with fellow bigot, Tucker Carlson.

Trump has his own problems with recent anti-Semitic remarks. He posted on his Truth Social a warning to American Jews that they need to “get their act together” before “it is too late!.”

If this deal goes through, there could be a disturbing abundance of hate mongers controlling online platforms. There would be Elon Musk running Twitter, Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance controlling Rumble, Mike Lindell’s FrankSpeech, Andrew Torba’s Gab, Jason Miller’s GETTR, and of course, Donald Trump’s floundering Truth Social.

Yet somehow, conservatives and Republicans continually whine about the left dominating the media. They must get that from their Dear Leader Trump who has bragged that he is “the most fabulous whiner.”

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  1. What cesspool did this Kayne West emerge from? Must have been the same one TUMP came out of as they are one in the same except one turd is black and the other one is orange. Nazi, Fascist, Germany coming to the Government soon. Goodbye to the once great USA. Piles of dead bodies laying around everywhere just like Hitler did to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany during World War II…..

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