Trump Threatened to ‘Blow Up the Company’ if Truth Social Execs Didn’t Give Their Shares to Melania

Two days after the January 6th insurrection that Donald Trump incited, Twitter permanently suspended his account “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.” That eventually led to the creation of the Trump-branded Twitter clone, Truth Social, where he could mouth off interminably and unconstrained by facts or decency.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

Ever since, Truth Social has proven to be another pitiful failure in the Trump stable of ego-driven business ventures. That, however, didn’t stop him and his minions from pretending that it was not only a success, but an Earth shattering advance in the evolution of the human race. In reality, it was a fiasco on every level. It lost money, failed to attract users, betrayed its promise of free speech, stiffed its vendors, and is mired in multiple legal quagmires.

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Adding to the unfolding apocalypse of Trump’s social media scam and its parent company, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), is a new report revealing the expanding scope of Trump’s greed and corruption. One of TMTG’s executives, Will Wilkerson, has emerged as a whistleblower with allegations that he and other company principals were pressured by Trump to “give up some of his shares to Trump’s wife, Melania?” According to the Washington Post

“Trump Media, the owner of the fledgling social network Truth Social, had just been boosted by a huge merger agreement and a flood of investment that had made the stake worth millions of dollars. Trump had already been given 90 percent of the company’s shares in exchange for the use of his name and some minor involvement, leaving everyone else to split the rest.

“[Company co-founder Andy] Litinsky tried to brush it off, telling Trump ‘the gift would have meant a huge tax bill he couldn’t pay,’ Wilkerson said in an interview. ‘Trump didn’t care. He said, ‘Do whatever you need to do.'”

The Post goes on to report that “Five months later, Litinsky, who first met Trump in 2004 as a contestant on the TV show “The Apprentice,” was abruptly removed from the company’s board.” Furthermore, Trump embellished his pressure campaign in an email wherein he threatened to “‘blow up the company’ if his demands are not met.” Now Wilkerson has filed a whistleblower complaint with the SEC “alleging that “the company’s bid to raise money … relied on ‘fraudulent misrepresentations … in violation of federal securities laws.'”

The Post’s article details at length the soap opera melodrama that went on at TMTG for months. That includes episodes where company founders were terminated and replaced by Don Trump Jr, and associates of Trump’s hand-picked CEO, former GOP congressman and ultra-right-wing Trump-fluffer, Devin Nunes, who had no experience whatsoever in the technology field.

With the company reportedly in violation of SEC regulations and other laws, and investors backing out, its offices were moved from a prestigious commercial building to a mail box at a UPS store. Shares of the shell company that was formed to take TMTG public, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) have crashed from a high of $175.00 to less than $18.00.

This is a story that would make a compelling fictional drama. But it’s facts are meticulously researched and well documented. It is also easy to believe considering the history of Trump’s unscrupulous business practices.

Like virtually everything else in Trump World, Truth Social and TMTG appear to be geared toward fattening Trump’s wallet through shady machinations. And like virtually everything else in Trump World, it’s failing miserably, and taking down everyone connected to it. But it’s hard to feel sorry for people who so willingly signed on to a sham operation by a known fraudster like Trump.

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  1. There is no bottom in the criminal Trump’s barrel! He is a psychopathic in our faces criminal and must be held accountable for his myriad criminal acts!

  2. I DON’T feel sorry for the dumb, ignorant, stupid ass fools that signed to this sham operation. I would love to taunt them about their decision to get involved with the most evil, vile, underhanded, life long criminal Donald TUMP. I am still having problems understanding why the millions of ignorant, dumb people in this nation are so attracted to this walking disaster named TUMP. What is so great about the most horrible criminal in United States history??? Many good citizens of the USA will suffer and die if TUMP and the equally corrupt criminal GQP takes over here. Extreme pain and suffering and death for millions of people is well on the way if these extremely horrible and evil deranged monsters take charge of the United States.

  3. ‘Give them the Melania’? Yeah – in name only, he wanted the lot. As far as blowing up the company – looks like that’s the only promise he DID keep! He’s blown it sky high! ??????

  4. Of course, LIES Sociopath is already blowing up in your face, Lord God Moronikus Benedictus, but, hey, you do you….

  5. Anyone who is too young to remember the crime family. I pity them. Donald J Trump has been a criminal his entire life.

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