Grifter Trump Splits Joint Fundraising Donations 99% to Trump, 1% to His Candidate/Sucker

Anyone who has followed the career of Donald Trump knows that his modus operandi is to grab every cent of any money generated for himself and leave his swindled partners crumpled in a ditch. That has been even more true since Trump entered politics.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

A recent fundraising email sent out by Trump’s superPAC, Save America, displayed the unique arrangement that Trump has with his political associates. The email was a joint fundraising effort with Arizona Republican Senate candidate, Blake Masters. And a closer look at how the funds would be divided between Trump and Masters reveals just how deeply corrupt Trump is, even when working with his friends.

That’s right. For a $5.00 donation Trump is taking $4.95 for himself and leaving a nickel for Masters. That should go a long way toward helping Masters defeat his opponent, Democrat Mark Kelly, who is presently leading his every poll.

Not that Trump cares. Like all con artists, the only thing Trump cares about is enriching himself. And he is dedicated to that mission above all else. Trump is still hoarding about $100 million dollars in his Save America PAC that he claimed would be used to finance GOP candidates around the country. However, the only notable spending from that has been on his own personal attorneys fees. And his fundraising of late has slowed to a pittance.

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The only thing that Donald Trump has demonstrated any proficiency with in his political career is fleecing his flock of glassy-eyed disciples. From his scam charities to his political grifting operations, Trump has managed in the past to fill his pockets with money taken from his gullible supporters. And now he is demonstrating that even his political allies are not immune from being his victims.

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3 thoughts on “Grifter Trump Splits Joint Fundraising Donations 99% to Trump, 1% to His Candidate/Sucker

  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all. It looks like these dumb, gullible, ignorant, stupid asshats would have learned by now that TUMP is all about TUMP. I wonder what’s wrong with their minds?? These dumb bastards would bow to TUMP if he made them take off their shirts and let TUMP horse whip them twice a day with a leather horse whip leaving large blisters and cuts all over their backs with them bleeding. They would still be loyal to him and kiss his rotten ass. I have grown weary trying to figure out what the attraction to this slimy, filthy, sleazy ass creature is. Most normal people hate his guts, including myself.

    • I myself feel it is some sort of Trump-brainwashing that has effected the most mentally deficient of us (MTG) as well as those of us who want to bite into conspiracy theories for , at this point in our political setup, personal gain.

      • You are exactly right. My youngest son is one of those brain washed idiots, and he is the only one in my immediate family that votes for the GQP thugs. I have lectured and tried to explain to him how bad the Rethugs are to no avail. We were very close until TUMP came onto the scene. We got into a shouting match at a dinner at my home about 2 years ago and since then we hardly even speak any longer. I have no tolerance for anyone that votes Rethuglican, even my own son. I even told him a few months ago that Rethugs are trying to cancel Social Security and Medicare and that would be devastating to me and his mother(my ex wife) and that didn’t even faze him…. His wife even hates Rethugs, but he actually forces her to vote for them.
        6 votes went for Democrats today as all of my immediate family, except my son, went to the county voting office and voted for Democrats, including myself.. The poll workers there were very nice and friendly and very heipful.. no harassment whatsoever..

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