Trump Makes Scary, Math-Challenged Claim to Explain Biden’s 7 Million Vote Margin of Victory

For nearly two years now, Donald Trump has been peddling his dangerous and preposterous allegations that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. Now, just in time for Halloween, Trump is proposing a new and frightening horror story for how President Biden and the Democrats stole the election.

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Donald Trump, Walking Dead Voters

Throughout the past two years Trump has been utterly incapable of providing a shred of evidence to support his claims of voter fraud. Even though he and his minions have pushed their conspiracy theories in over 60 court cases that they lost. They have produced and promoted (with the help of Fox News) pathetic and easily debunked crocumentaries that failed to expose any fraud whatsoever. They have promised to present their proof dozens of times, with each promise going unfulfilled. They seem to have an obsessive need to humiliate themselves with their persistent, but fruitless, crusade.

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The latest episode of Trump’s election fraud fallacies took place on Tuesday when he joined Dinesh D’Souza (himself a convicted election fraudster who Trump pardoned) for yet another discussion of Trump’s election disinformation. And Trump didn’t hold back the crazy as he sought to advance his “Big Lie” to new heights of absurdity…

“And then, of course they voted 6, 7, 8 times, as much as they could in the local areas. Some of the people went back, I guess, they said 28 times in one day to vote at different places with numerous votes. but they can’t put in 1,000 because it wouldn’t look right. They’re very smart. They go in with 5 votes, 6 votes, 7 votes, and then they go to another one. But it adds up to millions of votes.”

Of course it does. Trump has obviously given this a great deal of thought and is convinced of the accuracy of his claim. So let’s break it down.

Biden won in 2020 with seven million votes more than Trump. For him to have amassed that many more votes by deploying an army of voting criminals submitting as many as eight phony ballots each, the Biden conspiracy would have had to recruit 875,000 people willing to risk going to prison in order to rig the election.

Where would those people come from? How would they have been recruited and trained? And how would all of that been done without a single person spilling the beans, or a single slip up exposing the whole scheme?

Even if we use Trump’s highest number of ballot cheats (28), it would have taken 250,000 of them to hit the seven million mark. It would have been the biggest mobilization of criminals in history. If Biden could have planned and pulled this off, he deserves to have won. And remember, this is someone that the Trump camp says is senile and totally incompetent.

What’s more, all of these millions of votes would have had to have been cast in someone’s name. They couldn’t just be duplicates because those would not have counted. So apparently Trump believes that there were seven million phantom voters with valid registrations whose ballots could be hijacked. Perhaps they’re all zombies.

With the 2022 midterm election now less than two weeks away, Biden should reassemble his voter fraud army and deploy them to win supermajorities in the House and Senate, as well as in state houses and other local offices. There wouldn’t be a darn thing that Trump and his Republican losers could do about it.

But don’t be too scared. If Democrats prevail in the midterms, Trump will surely claim that that’s exactly what happened. And still with no evidence whatsoever. Since the GOP has abandoned any attempt to shape a party platform (other than gutting Social Security and Medicare, giving the government control over reproductive choice, and cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy), they have plenty of time to contrive these crackpot conspiracies. What’s really scary is that with all that extra time, you’d think they would be better at it.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Makes Scary, Math-Challenged Claim to Explain Biden’s 7 Million Vote Margin of Victory

  1. Talk about criminal, Zombie, Walking Dead for the proven millions of voters for Biden. ?? Not possible. But for Trump? Not millions of voters as it was for Biden, but whatever small amt. who actually vote for Trump, I would say the statement applies. After reading Trump’s math, his brain is most certainly mush.

    • TUMP’s brain has no frontal lobe, and the rest of it is a tangled mass of spider webs winding into a big wad of dead brain cells much like bugs in a large spider web. TUMP’s math????? that stupid SOB couldn’t add 2+2 and get a correct answer. His answer would probably 2+2=11. It’s amazing how many times this babbling demented asshole makes a damn fool of himself.

      • John, you hit the nail on the head. I think Trump is the only asshat president sinister enough to rip families apart. And I firmly believe it’s a LOT of Amrican families, not just yours.

  2. Yes, there are a lot of families that have been ripped apart because of this monster, TUMP. If only Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 elections we wouldn’t even be here talking about this disaster he has created. It truly astonishing how one insane and demented creature ruined so many lives and caused so much damage and stirred up so much hate and division as TUMP has. The one and only Adolf Hitler is the only one that was worse than TUMP, but only by a small margin…….

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