Rep. Raskin: Donald Trump is the Problem of the Republican Party and He May Destroy Their Party

Rep. Jamie Raskin has been a stalwart defender of democracy and an ardent advocate for truth throughout his service in Congress. He served as the lead manager during the second impeachment of Donald Trump. That’s the one that proved Trump’s culpability for the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.

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Donald Trump Walking the Plank

Raskin currently sits on the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection. On Sunday Raskin was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on CBS’s Face the Nation. And in a succinctly articulated response to a question about Trump’s intention to affirm his cowardice by defying the Committee’s subpoena to testify, Raskin stated precisely what the role of Trump is for the Republican Party that just suffered a historic walloping in the midterm election.

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What follows is the exchange between Raskin and Brennan wherein he tells her what many have known for several years (transcript): That Trump is the GOP’s problem.

Brennan: Former President Trump’s basically going to defy the subpoena you issued. He’s planning to announce he’s running for the presidency on Tuesday. Is the prime achievement of the January 6th committee simply going to be this written report? You’re not appearing to stop him from running.
Raskin: Well, in a democracy, the people have the right to the truth. And what we withstood was a systematic assault on democratic institutions in an attempt to overthrow a presidential election. So we have set forth the truth in a series of hearings. […]

When I was over in the Senate with the impeachment team, I told the Republicans there that this was our opportunity to deal with the problem of Donald Trump who had committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the people of the United States. And they needed to act on behalf of the country and the Constitution. But if they didn’t, he would become their problem. And at this point, Donald Trump is the problem of the Republican Party, and he may destroy their party.

Exactly! Republicans have only themselves to blame for their losses last week, and for those that are coming in the future. They had their chance to be rid of Trump and his losing ways, but they chose instead to embrace him and excuse the crimes he committed.

Whether it was out of fear, or misguided self-interest, or simply blind adoration for a cult leader, Republicans decided that worshiping a wannabe dictator was better than being the targets of his infantile insults. So now they are getting what they deserve. Will they be smart enough to cut their losses going forward? They’re Republicans, so don’t bet on it.

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4 thoughts on “Rep. Raskin: Donald Trump is the Problem of the Republican Party and He May Destroy Their Party

  1. I hope TUMP does destroy the Rethuglican party. Serves them right for not convicting the rotten baboon in the second impeachment hearings. The babbling baboon says he is going to run for President?? That statement is wrong, he is going to run for Dictator because that is what the SOB will be if he cheats and wins… Cheating and disregarding the results of that election will be the only way he will win, he sure won’t win it with the vote count as i am seeing more and more of his followers turning against his despicable ass, and he lost the 2020 election by 7 million votes. He shouldn’t be allowed to run for anything. Allowing a proven criminal that TUMP is just shows what a shithole nation the United States has become and makes the United States look very bad to the rest of the world.

  2. The Traitors have already destroyed the “Republican” Party. Under Their God, they have destroyed any republican principle the Party ever had. Past Republican Presidents would be horrified at how far the Traitor Party has fallen.

    The Traitors now embrace the “Evil Empire” identifed by the Sainted Ronnie and have turned against America. They should be treated as the terrorists they have become. Damn them all.

  3. These traitors should NEVER be allowed to run for public office again, no exceptions, and that includes the biggest traitor of them all,, Donald J TUMP. He is the king of domestic terrorists and he should be told, NO when he announces his run for Dictator. That will never happen because they are so terrified of him, except Liz Cheney, but she lost her seat recently because she refused to be a TUMP traitor.

    • And the only thing tfg is good at lies in the entertainment industry.

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