Trump’s Ego Erupts with Pitch for New TV Network that Airs Only Trump 24/7 – No, REALLY!

If there was one dominant message resounding righteously across America in the wake of the 2022 midterm election, it was that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are a broadly abhorrent political fungus that the nation’s voters were anxious to drench with the disinfectant of democracy.

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In an environment wherein the party in the White House historically loses dozens of seats in Congress, Democrats prevailed to retain majority control of the Senate, and may do the same in the House of Representatives before this story is over.

In the aftermath, there is widespread agreement that Trump was the single most influential factor in driving voters away from the parade of deplorable Trump-endorsed clowns who campaigned primarily on undermining democracy and embracing racial, gender, and class hatred. Even many Republicans spent the post-election week blaming Trump and trying to pretend that they weren’t part of his crusade.

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For his Part, Trump remains confident (aka delusional) that he is a beloved leader whose efforts on behalf of the phalanx of GOP losers were a smashing success. They weren’t. But that doesn’t seem to be dissuading him from making what he calls a “big announcement” on Tuesday, November 15. The expectation is that he will be declaring his candidacy for president in 2024. But a more prudent course would be for him to improvise and announce a 50% off Black Friday sale for all MAGA merchandise at the Mar-a-Lago gift shop.

Among Trump’s self-congratulatory commentaries was a post on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that may have signaled his true aspirations for the future…

“If CNN were smart, they’d open up a Conservative network, only have me on, and it would be the most successful network in History. Fox only made it because of me, Twitter only made it because of me, and even Facebook is now in the tubes, having lost almost $90 billion in value since I was taken off.”

That’s right, Trump is angling to return to pseudo-reality TV on a new CNN (of all places) network that would feature his repugnant mug all day, every day. This might be a good idea for airing in a hospital poison ward in order to induce vomiting. But other than that it’s a recipe for more of the failure for which Trump is so well known.

What’s more, Trump is peddling the deranged notion that he alone is responsible for the success of Fox News, Twitter, and Facebook. While he’s at it, he might as well claim credit for the popularity of the Internet, the telephone, indoor plumbing, and the wheel.

It’s curious that Trump is bragging about his electoral victories while simultaneously whining about all the defeats. In the past few days he’s posted comments lamenting that “The Democrats are finding all sorts of votes in Nevada and Arizona. What a disgrace that this can be allowed to happen!” And that “They stole the Electron from Blake Masters. Do Election over again!” And that “The USA is a failing Nation!” And that “A NEW ELECTION MUST BE CALLED FOR IMMEDIATELY!” So much … winning?

In the end, Trump is going to get some well deserved credit for falsifying his financial and tax records, for stealing and hoarding highly sensitive national security documents at his Palm Beach hotel/home, and for inciting the deadly insurrection on January 6, 2021. The legacy that Trump leaves behind will be one of mostly convictions of the legal variety, but none of the moral.

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