MAGA Marge (Taylor Greene) Blames Imaginary Voter Fraud, not GOP Losers, for Midterm Losses

The post-midterm election analysis is going to go on for the next few weeks, maybe months. Democrats were expected to lose dozens of seats in Congress according to historical precedent and the low favorability of President Biden. That didn’t happen.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

The surprising strength of Democratic candidates around the country is a welcome relief to Democrats, and a stinging wound for Republicans. Under the circumstances, the losing party would ordinarily commence a political autopsy to ascertain what went wrong and how to fix it. But, true to form, the Trump Republican Party refuses to behave rationally, even in their own interest.

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On Monday morning GOP grouch, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was a guest on Steve Bannon’s “War Room.” And her post-election postmortem was as predictable as pestilence at a trash pile. As usual, Greene displayed the hallmark Republican aversion to taking responsibility for anything, when they can just shift blame to others. On that score, Greene summed up the GOP’s electoral defeats thusly…

“We lost in 2020 because of the mail-in ballots and because it was ripe for election fraud. And now we’re watching it again, especially in Kari Lake’s race over in Arizona. This shouldn’t be this way. Everyone was calling for a “red wave.”

“Either all the pollsters were wrong and they need to be fired – and that’s Republicans, Democrats, and every media pollsters saying that we were going to get a red wave, or we have to finally acknowledge the fact – or at least we have to get the other side to acknowledge the fact and admit the truth – that mail-in ballots is the biggest problem in our election and it is going to be a major factor going forward into 2024.”

Greene began her harangue by reaching back to the 2020 presidential race that Donald Trump lost decisively by more than seven million votes. For the past two years Greene and her Republican confederates, led by Trump and his “Big Lie” lie, have failed to produce a shred of evidence that there was any significant election fraud. And they have likewise proven no fraud in 2022 either.

Nevertheless, Greene is outraged by the pollsters she alleges contrived a deliberately false narrative of a massive Republican victory. Bear in mind that Republicans have been bashing pollsters since way before this year’s election. So it’s curious that she is now singling them out for criticism when she has never accepted them as reliable sources before.

What’s more, Greene’s undermining of democracy by casting false doubts on mail-in voting is a preview of where Republicans will be going in the next few months as they continue their crusade to suppress the vote by making it harder to participate.

Now Greene is calling for pollsters and other alleged perpetrators of that “red wave” rhetoric to be fired. Okay. In that case Greene is advocating for the mass termination of everyone at Fox News…

Firing the notoriously dishonest partisans at Fox News would just be the start of the house cleaning that the media requires. Media outlets such as Newsmax, OAN, Breitbart, even Greene’s host this morning, Steve Bannon, should be next on the firing line. Bannon predicted that Republicans could pickup 100 seats this election. He was only off by about 100.

Greene is among the most extreme members of the GOP caucus in Congress. And her refusal to accept reality with regard to the race is typical of her party peers. Which is good news for Democrats. The more delusional Republicans are about what happened this week, the lees able they will be to correct course. Which could pave a the path for another Democratic rout of the GOP in 2024. All thanks to the madness of Greene et al.

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5 thoughts on “MAGA Marge (Taylor Greene) Blames Imaginary Voter Fraud, not GOP Losers, for Midterm Losses

  1. I love the MAGA tears! Young people came out in record numbers and stopped the red wave. Thanks gen-z and millenials. The younger generations are sick of the lies and constant bs vomited by these pukes. Fox et al ain’t so popular with these folks. I’m looking forward to Trump burning down the Republican party when they try to rid themselves of this menace.

  2. Would somebody ANYBODY please rid us of the witch, Marjorie Taylor Greene? She wants to impeach everyone from the president on down. Doesn’t anyone think THIS piece of garbage should be impeached?

    • Witch Marjorie Traitor Goon should have been impeached nearly 2 years ago for her role in the Jan 6th insurrection at the Capitol building. She may even try to impeach us on this site for writing bad things about her. TUMP wants to sue everyone, and this ignorant witch MTG wants to impeach everyone. What does turtle Mc Connell want to do? Have everyone eviscerated?? All of these nuts come in mixed pairs, i wonder what’s next? Putting Carlson Tucker on the Supreme Court? Steve Bannon? Roger Stone? Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does…

  3. Inquiring minds, may be aware of her numerous Adulterous affairs, yet it’s news already. I wanted to put that out there, before I Sue her for what she and 3 of her studs, did to my flock of sheep. Put make up on all of them, fed them moonshine, and had their ways with the poor ewes, and a ram. These are Christian raised sheep, which makes it even more evil than she normally is. Hard to , imagine but every word true, as the Bible she swears on!

    • So glad you brought that up, i had almost forgotten about that. I would think the moonshine made her studs forget how brutally ugly this Goon is. These kind of people tend to hide behind the Bible to make them look good to the general public, I know all about people like these as my Holier than vow next door neighbor that claims to be a dedicated Christian and is a Deacon of his big fancy church just up the road from us. I know for a fact he has had multiple affairs with the wives of other Deacons of his fancy church and he tried to get my ex to go to bed with him several years ago. Of course they are huge supporters of Donald TUMP and MTG. These people are rotten to the core and i do not associate or vote for any of them. All of them are liars, cheats, two faced, adulterers that hide behind the Bible and Christianity.

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