UH-OH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Fears ‘Corporate Communism’ of Advertisers Leaving Musk’s Twitter

There appears to be a congenital defect in conservatives in general, and in the Donald Trump brand of wingnut Republicans in particular. They seem to have an inability to express a thought that doesn’t exhibit profound ignorance. And they do it without the slightest hint of shame.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gun

On Sunday morning Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-QAnon) displayed some of the notable symptoms of this defect in a tweet that aimed to malign both liberals and the world’s biggest corporations, because she believes that they have so much in common. But what’s truly troubling is that her steaming stupidity is taking over the Republican Party as it prepares to assume the majority in the House of Representatives.

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Instead of landing a blow on her targets, Greene succeeded only in embarrassing herself, as usual. In her crackpot commentary she sought to defend Elon Musk as he endeavors to destroy the $44 billion toy he bought by permitting rampant hate speech and disinformation. She is very upset that, as a result, many companies that advertised on Twitter are temporarily declining to do so. So in that vein she unleashed the following lunacy…

“This is Corporate Communism. Corporations using their economic power to force their political agendas. They need to go back to the ‘Customer is King’ mentality, not corporations are king. @elonmusk opening Twitter for everyone’s speech doesn’t promote one side.”

WOW! That’s quite a shipload of cow manure. To begin with, the phrase “Corporate Communism” makes no sense. There are no corporations in a communist economy, where all means of production are controlled by the state. That’s not an agenda advocated by liberals. She might be thinking of fascism, which is also known as corporatism, where corporations have power over the government. Which is precisely the agenda of the Republican Party.

Greene is also criticizing private corporations for exercising their right to conduct business in a manner that best serves the interests of its customers and shareholders. And for some reason, she thinks that linking to a list of fifty of America’s biggest companies that are repulsed by overt expressions of hate, supports her argument.

If a company chooses not to advertise on a certain platform because it doesn’t want to be associated with the repugnant people and ideas that it promotes, that’s their prerogative. Generally, when a company makes such a decision, it’s because of, not contrary to, what their customers want.

Elon Musk has promised to restore all suspended accounts, except those that violated the law or disseminated spam. That means that accounts that engaged in overt bigotry and dangerous disinformation regarding pandemics and elections, are free to resume their hostile activities. Never mind that the American people have communicated to Twitter’s advertisers that they will not patronize businesses that support such maliciousness. Greene doesn’t believe that companies should have the right to accommodate their customers wishes.

In Green’s world – and in Musks’s – “opening Twitter for everyone’s speech” is simply free speech. But that absolutist standard as referenced in the Constitution only applies to the government. And even there it isn’t absolute. Private companies can set there own standards, and be driven by the values of their customers. But Greene would rather the government force companies and other institutions to advance her values and those of the ultra-right GOP.

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Greene went on to condemn Democrats as the party that “mandated unnecessary vaccines [and] drag queen shows in schools.” That’s the sort of asinine speech that she wants to permeate online dialogues. And if anyone disagrees with her they are communists who favor censorship.

However, it is Greene’s positions that hew more to those allegations of censorious state tyranny. Furthermore, she must not have noticed that corporations have “[used] their economic power to force their political agendas” for as long as there have been corporations. Many of them donate to her campaigns. And let’s not forget the Citizens United decision that defined corporations as “persons,” allowing them to advance their political agendas with unlimited amounts of funding. None of that never seemed to bother her.

Now Greene wants to prohibit companies from freely conducting their own business, and to muzzle the American people who want to express their opinions to those companies. But she is too stupid to recognize just how hypocritical she is. And sadly, as Greene goes, so goes the GOP.

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7 thoughts on “UH-OH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Fears ‘Corporate Communism’ of Advertisers Leaving Musk’s Twitter

  1. I have often commented on MTG’s wild pranks. And she just keeps getting more demented and crazy. I have posted before, what does that say about her constituents in Georgia who voted her in? I must say they’re cut from the same cloth.

    • Guest, i know all about the ignorant, hateful, gun toting, arrogant, stupid, dumb bastards that voted MTG in. Exactly the same kind of idiots live all around me and are my next door neighbors that live right beside me. I live only 15 miles south of where her district starts. Me and my family are about the ONLY democrats in my general area. I do not have anything to do with anyone in my area and haven’t spoken to my next door neighbors in 3 years. These people are cut from the same cloth as Marjorie Traitor slut Goon. Words cannot express how much i hate this ignorant and hate mongering bitch. i have to look at ” F**K Biden, TUMP 2024, Save America, signs all around my area.. I just wish i could move to Canada right now and forget about the United States entirely. If i can convince my family to move with me i am going there and giving the United States the middle finger. Ii is a crying shame we have to put up with this Fascist, Nazi shit here. People like MTG and TUMP shouldn’t be allowed to spew their shit publicly in an open forum. Like i have said quite a few times before, this lunacy, and this Fascist crap would not be tolerated in other Democratic nations around the world, and that includes Canada. Eventually, violence and death is going to occur because of deranged people like TUMP and MTG and their eager crowd of MAGAT’s and reactionary hate mongers. These violent despots are dangerous and love their firearms and like to see innocent, peaceful, law abiding, citizens suffer and die and then hide behind their damn religion to make them look like they are doing a good thing…They are all domestic terrorists

      • John, I wish you were permitted to read this paragraph to the House and then the Senate. But, as you wrote, I wouldn’t like to see you subjected to “violence and death” from these MAGAts.

        • MAGAt neighbor of mine’s son sure didn’t mind vandalizing our cars because we had a BIDEN/ HARRIS sign before the 2020 election. I am sure the little son of bitch would try something like mowing us down with his AR 47 rifles he proudly displayed in a Christmas photo last year. We had our tires slashed, air let out of tires and scratches down the side of our cars. The little bastard even has his 3 year son clutching an AR 47 in the front of their Christmas tree last year and bragged about it. These are the kind of low life scum i have to live next to. The kind Marjorie Traitor slut Goon would be proud of here in shitty ass Georgia. I hate and despise these people. TUMP loving scum bag bastards.

  2. Attentive patience will eventually see this clown choke herself to death of her own stupidity saving Americans the trouble.

    • I wrote something like this (he will hang himself) about Ted Cruz on twitter and was promptly kicked off. Seems like we can only post on social media which will have us, vote, and fill out forms sent to us by progressives on the internet.

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