Fox News Blames Jewish Philanthropists for Gun Violence in 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities

Last week anti-Semitism rose to the top of the news cycle after Donald Trump dined with Ye (aka Kanye West) and the infamous Holocaust denying, white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, at Mar-a-Lago. Trump claims that he doesn’t know who Fuentes is, but several days later he still hasn’t renounced the repulsive bigotry of Fuentes and Ye.

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Trump is almost certainly lying when he says that he doesn’t know who Fuentes is. But if true it would be even worse. It would mean that the leading figure in the Republican Party is pitifully ignorant about the most prominent hate monger in America. Well, the most prominent other than Fox News hosts…

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It didn’t take long for the seething prejudices of Trump and his dinner guests to surface again on Fox News. Monday morning’s episode of “Outnumbered” twisted a segment on crime into an attack on Jewish billionaires who donate money to politicians and initiatives that seek to reduce gun violence in America, a goal that is popular among the majority of Americans.

The discussion was triggered by comments that Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy made on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. He noted that states with stronger gun laws have much less gun crime than the so-called “2nd Amendment sanctuary cities” that take pride in letting gun violence proliferate. Then he elaborated asking…

“Do we want to continue to supply funding to law enforcement in counties that refuse to implement state and federal gun laws? Red flag laws are wildly popular.”

Good question. Why should the federal government subsidize cities that refuse to enforce laws that are already on the books? Particularly when there is so much evidence that such laws are effective and that, when they are ignored, gun violence increases. However, that rational observation was lost on the hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered. They used the subject to launch into the following foul exchange…

Harris Faulkner: “I think about that George Soros cash that has poured in and how many people have been damaged and hurt in those neighborhoods where they need the most protection. Of course the soft-on-crime is not going to go away, those liberal DAs. He poured a ton of cash through his entities in there.”
Mercedes Schlapp: Soros, Bloomberg, I mean there’s such a large number of these leftist groups that focused on gun control.”

Once again, these hacks are impervious to the facts about gun violence and crime. But what’s worse is that they went out of their way to put all of the blame for the imaginary crime waves on Jewish philanthropists. That isn’t accidental.

Fox News is carrying out its mission to advance the putrid rhetoric of hate that is integral to the Republican agenda. They are brazenly insulting the good intentions and generosity of Jewish Americans who care about their country and its citizens. So it’s no wonder that they don’t bother to call out the anti-Semitism of Trump and his malicious Mar-a-Lago goon squad. They are too busy reinforcing it. And when they aren’t embracing the vile biases of the GOP, they are promoting their spokespersons. For instance…

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11 thoughts on “Fox News Blames Jewish Philanthropists for Gun Violence in 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities

  1. I’m in Australia and I know who that Fuentes arse is….I think I read a few days ago that Faux News lost its media reporting certification…? Something like?

  2. Anywhere else in the world with a Democratic government would not even allow these right wing reactionary so called ”News networks” wouldn’t be allowed to exist. But in this third world banana republic called the United States these crap spewing Fascist Nazis are allowed to survive and thrive and spew nothing but lies and disinformation. Fox Spews, OANN, and Newsmix are the top 3 culprits that should have been banned and shut down years ago. MAGA= Make America Gestapo Authoritarian.

  3. This post makes me think that in addition to Fox news, QANN, and Newsmax being shut down, MTG, Boebert, and Ted Cruz, all three need to be kicked out of Congress.

    • Add Max Gaetz to the Congress list, and in the Senate, Graham Lindsey, or is it Lindsey Graham? Ron Johnson, Rick Snott, and Marco Rubio. Those lower than scum SOB’s want to starve us old geezers to death by taking our Social Security. Those asshats need to face a firing squad. These Senators that keep yelling about cutting out Social Security should have their salaries cut until they received only $200 a month. I despise all of those greedy and corrupt Traitor/Fascist party Reps and Senators. I wouldn’t urinate on these bums if they were on fire. They are lowest life forms on this planet. Even lower than roaches.

      • Well, John, sometimes you get carried away, but I love it. I get equally frustrated by the MAGAts and I don’t even live in Georgia. I can’t stand JD Vance, Dewine, and Jim Jordan from my state of Ohio. I recently slipped on my son’s stairs and got banged up pretty bad. Cat scan showed no brain injury but my blood pressure was 220/ 90. My physician son forbid me to partake in politics. And NEVER to say anything bad in front of my 3 yr. old grand daughter. I never did. She’s the sweetest little thing and talks a blue steak, always surprising us with new and phrases. But I do need an outlet for my hate and disgust with the MAGAts. Thank you for providing one.

        • You are so right, i do get carried away and i need to cool it because i have had a major heart surgery back in 2014. I had a triple bypass surgery and they took a whole length of a blood vessel from my leg to replace my clogged coronary arteries in my heart. I am so glad you are ok and you don’t have any brain injuries. Did the Doctor prescribe medications for your blood pressure?? I am currently on 2 BP medications and have to take that Plavix and half an aspirin a day and take Lipitor for my high cholesterol. I do take vitamins and vitamin supplements. I need to tone down my anger toward these politics, but it is hard for me as we have been bombarded with TV ads about that dumb, ignorant, unqualified Hershey Walker and the outright blatant lies he is telling about Warnock in this run off thing. Now that lying Brian Kemp is getting in on the action telling lies, he is the worst Governer in the history of Georgia and i can’t stand him and his hick style of speech. I should have been born in a northern state as i just don’t agree with a Southern style of living and despise when someone flies one of those tacky Confederate flags. I thank God the North won that shameful Civil War, just think of the mess we would all be in now if the South had won that despicable war.
          Please be careful with stairs in a home, i have them in my home and as i have gotten older i am very careful when i go up and down those stairs. My oldest son’s stepson fell down my stairs the other night, but he seems ok, he is a big guy and only 22 years old and my stairs are carpet covered………. Please take care and i hope you can get that blood pressure down, and oh yes, i just got back home from the elections office and voted for Senator Warnock a second time in the run-off we had to have because of the outdated Jim Crow racist Georgia election law that says the candidates have to have a 50% majority to win. Warnock actually defeated Walker by 37,000 votes, but had only a 49.6 majority, So biased toward the Rethugs.. And i am with you about that J D Vance, he is a scum bag and seems so corrupt.

          • Thanks, John. My normal is 120-140/70 on the high blood pressure, pill losartan.. It was very high because of my high anxiety.

          • And that “Hershey Walker” is also a “scum bag”. I won’t go on about his complete immorality. Suffice it to say, his English is so poor, it’s unbelievable he’s running for Congress. But hey, we have MTG and Boebert, don’t we? I remember seeing Ted Cruz on his right side and Lindsey Graham on his left, beefing him up. These MAGAts are getting worse and worse.

  4. These anti-American, bulls**t, dangerous, 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities, NEED to die, like the bad idea they are.

    • I take it you are against Sanctuary Cities. Did you ever consider they might be an answer to Abbott and DeSantis merely shipping migrants to northern cities like Washington DC and New York? In Sanctuary Cities, migrants can have their human rights as well as employment for the betterment of the community. ICE can still look into sending them back to countries from which they are fleeing because of a corrupt government, starvation, and so on.

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