Despondent Fox News Host is ‘Pissed’ About Election Losses and Blames Everyone But Trump

Leave it to Fox News to thoroughly fail to learn the obvious lessons of one of the most pitifully catastrophic election cycles the Republican Party has ever suffered. The anguish on the faces of their hosts, and exclusively right-wing guests, tells a story of a willfully blind confederacy of crackpots.

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Laura Ingraham, Fox News, Goofy

On Tuesday the final Senate election for the 2022 midterms resulted in another victory for Democrats as Sen. Raphael Warnock defeated Donald Trump’s hand-picked GOP nominee, Herschel Walker. The race was called by Fox News during Laura Ingraham’s program, and she didn’t bother to conceal her searing dismay. In a fit of fury she ranted that…

“We felt this coming. To me, it never felt like the Senate Republicans wanted this guy in office. He was a Trump pick. They didn’t like that. They probably liked Herschel as a person, but there wasn’t the intensity on the part of the Republicans as there was on the part of Democrats. I felt it, you felt it, but we don’t change anything. We have the same people in place in leadership. The same people in place, apparently, at the RNC. Perhaps that’s not changing. We just keep doing the same thing over and over again. I’m pissed tonight, frankly. I’m mad.”

WHUT? For weeks Ingraham and everyone else at Fox News predicted that Walker would easily beat Warnock. They hosted his surrogates (Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, etc.) every other day. They maligned Warnock and Democrats as losers. They held multiple “town halls” giving Walker millions of dollars worth of free airtime. Tucker Carlson even had the audacity to whine about that…

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While Ingraham mentioned obliquely that Walker was “a Trump pick,” she deftly avoided assigning any blame to Trump for having pushed such a pathetically unqualified stooge to challenge Warnock, an inspiring and articulate incumbent. She never acknowledged that Walker’s only assets as a candidate were his fawning adoration of Trump, and his race, because Republicans believed that Black Georgians were shallow enough to vote for a retired football player, even though he couldn’t complete a coherent sentence.

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According to Ingraham, the fault lies with the GOP establishment who have presided over at least three losing election cycles. She’s actually right about that. If Republicans were smart (a far-fetched assumption), they would oust the entire GOP operation. However, they still wouldn’t advance their future electoral prospects unless they recognize that the Republican Party has been subservient to their Dear Leader Trump. He is the root of their problems. But they are to chickenshit to admit it, or doing anything about it.

Ingraham’s guests were just as deluded. Federalist editor, Molly Hemingway, noted that Walker’s loss was “really offensive for Republican voters [who] just see kind of failure across the board.” Former Trump White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway praised Walker as “one of the most improved candidates.” Seriously?

Elsewhere on Fox News, Sean Hannity babbled “I think Republicans have been unwilling, for whatever reason – reluctant, resistant – to voting early and voting by mail.” Gee, could the reason have anything to do with Trump’s relentless bashing of mail and early voting as corrupt and riddled with fraud? And Marjorie Taylor Greene insisted that “This is Mitch McConnell’s fault. This is Lindsey Graham’s fault. I’m not blaming Herschel Walker. I’m blaming the campaign team.”

Meanwhile, Trump himself weighed in shortly after the race was called with his customary incisive and thought-provoking commentary. On his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump calmly observed in all caps that “OUR COUNTRY IS IN BIG TROUBLE. WHAT A MESS!” That’s coming from the guy who is most responsible for the losses of nearly every major, contested race this cycle for Senate and governor. Yet he still gets a pass from Fox News.

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6 thoughts on “Despondent Fox News Host is ‘Pissed’ About Election Losses and Blames Everyone But Trump

  1. Republicans believed that Black Georgians were shallow enough to vote for a retired football player, even though he couldn’t complete a coherent sentence.

    They tried that same crap with Kanye West and look how that turned out. They think because a person is black that we will vote for him/her. We dig deeper than that. The proof is there. I say let them keep doing it so we can keep winning.

  2. Are they still bragging about KKKari Lake? She’s embarrassing to a party that has no capacity for embarrassment. Herschel was the icing on the cake.

  3. Do the demented and deluded GQP think that ONLY blacks voted for Warnock??? Well, my whole immediate family is white and gladly voted for Warnock, including myself… I knew all about Hershey Walker as i have been a football fanatic all of my old life and i live in Georgia and i know Walker is dumb as a rock, and add all of the hits to the head and his mind just doesn’t work like it’s supposed to because of all the head truama he has taken in his football career. My comment to Rethugs is, Cry me a damn river, you sniveling, whiny, criminal crybabies. You assholes do not OWN the Libs like you though you would, and you Fox Spews asshats can rot in hell.. and why are you asshats so afraid of the Messiah Donald TUMP???????????????????? Donald TUMP is nothing but a rotten orange coward that has gotten by with commiting more crimes than anyone in the history of the United States. That’s some high honor isn’t it??? Al Capone would be proud of him if he lived in our era. I might add that Marjorie Traitor Goon is even dumber than a rock..

    • As I wrote to another of Mark’s blogs. Trump DIDN”T get away with his cheating on his taxes! A New York jury found two Trump organizations guilty of fraud. I feel mostly overjoyed. Mostly because the District Attorney said the investigation of Trump personally was ongoing and they couldn’t state the voluminous evidence because that may hinder this investigation.

      • I double the emotion that one of the reasons Walker is dumb as a rock is his football head injuries.

  4. Yes, the Georgia election was Trump’s fault to endorse Walker, dumb as a rock ( to put it John’s way) Walker, Of course, at least during the midterms, Republicans swallowing every thing Trump said. Every time I look at this blog, I get a charge of Laura Ingraham’s caricature as Goofy. I really wonder how Kellyanne Conway gets along with her husband, George.

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