Fox News (and Ted Cruz?) are APPALLED that the Biden Family Goes on Holiday During the Holidays

Just in case anyone was worried, the Perpetual Outrage Factory known as Fox News is functioning as expected during the devastating winter storm that has battered much of the country.

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Ted Cruz, Cancun

It must be terribly difficult for Fox News to scrape up – or manufacture – derogatory stories about President Biden these days. The President and the Democratic Party have scored a remarkable number of victories during the first two years of his presidency. They include the Infrastructure Bill, historic job creation, strengthening and expanding NATO, nearly 100 judicial appointments, the gun safety bill, record investments to address the climate crisis, legislation to advance U.S. microchip production, and enhancing veterans’ healthcare. All of which were welcomed by most Americans, and opposed by most Republicans.

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Consequently, Fox News has been reduced to fabricating fictional tales of imaginary abominations in order to stain the stunning record of achievement by the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress. And what Fox has latched unto in this holiday season is the atrocity of the Biden family taking a {gasp} vacation! As reported by Fox News’ Senior “Stupid Son of a B*tch,” Peter Doocy with commentary by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Cancun)…

Doocy: The President has a lot on his plate, and for the next few days he’s gonna be dealing with all of it from afar. Because the First Family stayed here at the White House for Christmas, but plans tomorrow to fly to vacation for the rest of this year and the beginning of next year in St. Croix.
Cruz: Enjoy St. Croix.

Oh, the horror of Biden and his family spending “the rest of this year” (all of four days) in a distant land that is as far from Washington, D.C. as San Antonio, Texas. Ironically that’s the same state that “Cancun” Cruz fled from when his constituents were freezing to death last year. And this is what has Fox News steaming mad, despite never having criticized Donald Trump, who spent more time away from the White House than any president in history. Usually at his own resorts where he profited from the stay by gouging staff and Secret Service for accommodations.

Fox News covered the same horror story on their website where the headline read “Biden vacations in Virgin Islands as Americans face problems at home.” Who wants to tell Fox that the Virgin Islands are a U.S. territory and are therefore “home.” What’s more, a vague headline saying that “Americans face problems” could be attached to virtually anything that any president does at any time. Which would make all vacations impossible.

As for Biden, before leaving for his vacation he did what presidents do under these circumstances. He approved an emergency declaration for the affected regions of the country, and he authorized FEMA to coordinate disaster relief efforts. And the week before the storm hit, the Biden White House spoke to 26 state governors in afflicted regions, and he warned citizens to take precautionary measures because the coming storm is “dangerous and threatening.”

The seething panic at Fox News is how they typically respond to anything that Biden does or says. They are in a constant state of “Freak Out” no matter whether the issue is Biden helping Ukraine to defend itself from Russian invaders, or Biden falling off of his bicycle. It’s just what they do. For example, we’ll leave you with these previous outrage triggers that set off the snowflakes at Fox News…

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8 thoughts on “Fox News (and Ted Cruz?) are APPALLED that the Biden Family Goes on Holiday During the Holidays

  1. A majority of America is APPALLED that Fox Spews even exists with their lies, propaganda, and misinformation every day of the year.. and what did that ass eating Ted Cruz do almost 2 years ago when Texas froze over and the electric grid failure cost lives there?? The low life scum bag went running off to Cancun… there is no bottom to how low these liars can go to. They are the lowest life forms in the universe. They prove that fact every day of year…

    • There are other things this scum bag dd. I’d go into it, but I got kicked off of twitter for one statement. Not one minute would I shrink from a “face to face talk” with this bellowing Neanderthal man. In fact I think Cruz himself arranged my demise on twitter Very fishy the way it was done, first accusing me of a suicidal attempt and offering help. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t be so defensive. News Corpse was so gentle with me concerning (the devil) Cruz. Thanking me for my passion but recommending I state only facts.

      • I admire you Guest for what you told Cancun Cruz on Twittler.. I would love to have a face to face talk with Cruz, TUMP, MTG, and many other MAGA creeps and tell them exactly what i think of their sorry asses. I would be willing to bet that Cruz did arrange your demise on Twittler. I am surprised my daughter hasn’t been thrown off of Twittler after what she told MTG and called her a Neanderthal thing. These MAGA GQP morons are rotten to the core and don’t give a damn about any one but themselves and how much money they can con out of their glassy eyed followers. They are beyond pathetic…

  2. I can understand FOX attacking a presidential Christmas vacation as part of their war on Christmas but why is Cancun Ted reminding everyone what a weiner he is?

  3. John, you always give me hope. One of my liberal organizations emailed me today about the hate mail they receive. I’ll only repeat a few. / I will tear you apart limb by limb / I will kill you without remorse / Too bad they didn’t abort all you traitor Nazi liberals./ And daring to bring up God, / You will be begging God for for forgiveness but in the end it will be too late. / We aren’t anywhere near that extreme. And yet extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene and her man Donald Trump are allowed to spark these aforementioned comments all of the time.

    • What in the name of God is wrong with people that send mail like that?? People like that have very severe mental problems and should be in an institution for the criminally insane and not out running free and sending hate mail like that. I am totally astonished that people like that are accepted in our society. There are people like that live about a mile through the woods behind my house that display huge signs that read ” F**k Biden,” and one that reads, ” Kill Liberals” and other hateful and outright disgusting signs. It is an outrage that the United States even allows things like that to be displayed out where the general public can see such rotten garbage like that. These people that send hate mail and threats need to be deported to North Korea where things like this are acceptable and they would fit right in with their kind of society. They are rotten, stinking, garbage… all of them are including Donald TUMP, MTG, Ted Cruz, Steve Bannon, Ester Stone, Lauren Boebert, Kevin Mc Carthy, Max Gaetz, etc.

  4. So Trump takes 428 days off during his presidency but Biden can’t go on a 4 day vacation? Ted Cruz heads for Cancun as soon as the lights go out in Texas but doesn’t think Biden should take vacations? The one thing you can always count on from Republicans is hypocrisy.

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