Fox News Howls Hypocritically Over Biden Correctly Calling Peter Doocy a ‘Stupid Son of a B*tch’

Every now and then a politician speaks from the heart and articulates a message that is honest and expresses what many already know to be true. And on Monday President Biden provided an exquisite example of just such a moment.

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At a White House event on the Biden administration’s efforts to combat inflation, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy shouted out a question that was typical of his tendency to turn questions into statements that advance the ultra-rightist narratives of Fox News. He should know better considering how often he is humiliated by that tendency. On this occasion, Doocy’s insolent inquiry led to this brief exchange:

Doocy: Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?
Biden (Sarcastically, to himself): That’s a great asset – more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.

Biden’s private observation – which was not directed at Doocy, who didn’t hear it – was an understandable reaction to a pointless question. It served no purpose other than to politicize an economic situation that is adversely affecting the American people, and that Biden is trying to resolve without assistance from the GOP.

Obviously high inflation would impact the midterm elections, if it is still present ten months from now. Perhaps Doocy should be reminded of James Carville’s famous political maxim that “It’s the economy, stupid.” Carville could have directed that straight at Doocy, but for the risk of hurting his feelings.

For the record, Biden called and apologized to Doocy shortly after. He didn’t have to, but it is what a conscientious adult would do. And Doocy accepted the apology. However, his confederates at Fox News were far less forgiving. In fact, they were fixated on what they tried to portray as a scandalous breach of presidential decorum. Which is evidence of their blinding hypocrisy and feigned ignorance of the atrocious behavior of their notoriously profane Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

For instance, Tucker Carlson was incensed by Biden’s whispered commentary, saying that…

“Today, Joe Biden, mistaking himself for an emperor, informed reporters that ‘we don’t want to hear any shouted questions about Ukraine [which Biden didn’t say], so Fox’s Peter Doocy, trying to be polite, tried to ask him a question about inflation.”

Carlson then played the video of Biden and went on to insult him saying “What a nasty old man,” and childishly maligned his mental acuity asserting that he “doesn’t remember saying it.”

It’s notable that Carlson called MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough “stupid” on the air just last week. He has not apologized. What’s more, when Fox News addressed this incident, they flagrantly misrepresented what happened saying “POTTY MOUTH: Raging Biden curses out Fox News’ Peter Doocy as he takes his bitterness towards the press to a new level.”

The video clearly shows that Biden was hardly “raging.” And there is no record of his having any bitterness toward the press. That was Trump, who repeatedly called the media “the enemy of the people.” As for who’s the “potty mouth”

Republicans, however, seem to have selective amnesia on this subject. Trump lawyer and Newsmax contributor, Jenna Ellis, asked via tweet, “Can you imagine if Trump said this to a reporter?” Sadly, we don’t have to imagine. Also, GOP insurrectionist Rep. Jim Banks, whose son works for Tucker Carlson, had the audacity to tweet this:

Seriously? Are Ellis and Banks really so brain damaged that they’ve forgotten all the times that Trump attacked and maligned the free press? Especially Black women. Here’s a reminder for them:

As it turns out, recognizing Doocy’s stupidity isn’t a partisan affair. A few years ago Republican Sen. John McCain said it to his face:

Fox News and the Trumpian Republican Party will undoubtedly keep fixating on this triviality. That’s because they can’t make a credible argument against Biden’s leadership and his agenda for the nation that most Americans support. So unfortunately we’ll have to expect more of these preposterous hysterics as we get closer to the midterm elections, and as the law gets closer to nailing Trump. It’s really all they have left.

UPDATE: GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s former White House “doctor,” told Brian Kilmeade of Fox News that “I’ve seen this multiple times with people the President’s age who are starting to have cognitive issues […] He’s not fit to be our head of state.” And Jackson is too dense and dishonest to see that his analysis didn’t apply at all to Biden, who was neither “short-tempered” nor “striking out” at anyone. But Trump fits his analysis to a tee.

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12 thoughts on “Fox News Howls Hypocritically Over Biden Correctly Calling Peter Doocy a ‘Stupid Son of a B*tch’

  1. Here is the trouble with lefties. When President Trump did something awkward, he was “an embarrassment” “a buffoon” “unfit to be President”. But when Drunk Uncle Joe does something awkward it’s “the reporter is a shill for Trump.” Just cut your losses and call Drunk Uncle Joe what he is, a poor excuse for a President.

    • Biden’s remark was to himself and was accidently picked up by a hot mic. So he quickly apologized. Can you imagine Trump doing that?

      Instead, Trump embarrasses himself publicly and on purpose. He viciously insults people, relentlessly lies, and generally behaves like a petulant child. And this is who you admire as a leader? Pathetic. And talk about drunk (which you have never seen Biden) … have you seen Don Jr’s latest video?

      • I would respectfully disagree that donnie jr was drunk. Rather, I think he was high on a mix of hard drugs.

    • “Did something awkward” yeah THAT’S what Trump did. Awkward things. You potato.

      You MAGAts are all brain damaged.

    • Man oh man, are you ever misinformed! The first reason why Biden was elected and BTW not fraudulently, was because he was NOT Trump!

  2. Joe was far too easy on Pete. After all, Faux pays Pete well to be the Biden Admin’s designated pinata.

  3. Ronny Jackass also said that Biden was “completely unprofessional.”


    I said once that maybe Biden should just say that the press was the “Enemy of the People,” then sit back and enjoy the sight of brainless Traitor Party members defending the Press Their Beloved God utterly hated when it wouldn’t worship him. Oh, and when it put up women to ask him questions he wouldn’t have answered anyway.

  4. I have to admit it would have been more politically correct for the President to call Doocey an “imbecile” rather than a “son of a bitch” since the latter seems like a shot at Doocey’s sainted mother. We all know how much Republicans value political correctness.

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