Fox News and Texas Gov. Abbott are Enticing Migrants to Come to America For ‘A Better Life’

The Republican Party, and their Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) have long exploited the issue of immigration as a foreboding crisis that threatened to destroy America with an influx of drugs, gang members, terrorists, and scary ethnic replacements of its shrinking white majority. They characterized migrants as invaders, despite the the Statue of Liberty’s compassionate entreaty to the world’s “huddling masses yearning to breathe free.”

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Fox News, in particular, dusted off their fearsome tales of “caravans” of marauding migrants in the weeks prior to every election. They embraced the xenophobic hatred of Donald Trump and other GOP bigots, who always favored the divisiveness of the issue over any solution for it. In fact, their constant declarations that, because of Biden, America’s borders were open, has surely motivated more refugees to immigrate.

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On Thursday’s episode “Outnumbered” on Fox News, the five panelists collectively defended the inhumane tactics of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who had just dropped off a busload of refugee families in the the freezing District of Columbia on Christmas Eve. Co-host Cheryl Casone led the Abbott Appreciation Society with an unexpectedly sympathetic approach…

“These migrants, first off, they chose to go to Washington, D.C. They signed waivers in multiple languages. They wanted to go. And all of a sudden the left screaming over the weekend, [mock crying] ‘They dumped migrants in the middle of the cold on Christmas Eve.’ They knew exactly where they were going. They were going to hopefully a better life in sanctuary cities.”

First of all, Casone is almost verbatim reciting Abbott’s justification for his barbaric political stunt. His spokesperson told the press that…

“‘These migrants willingly chose to go to Washington, D.C., having signed a voluntary consent waiver available in multiple languages upon boarding that they agreed on the destination.”

However, there are some questions evolving from that statement. Were there actually any waivers? No one has seen them. Were they really voluntary, having been allegedly signed “upon boarding” the buses? Were the refugees told that their destination was given no notice that they were coming or any opportunity to prepare? Were they informed that Washington, D.C. was suffering historically cold weather that had already claimed dozens of lives throughout the the region that the storm impacted?

What’s more, both Casone and Abbott are portraying this heinous human trafficking operation as beneficial to the migrants. They regard it as free transportation to what they say will be “hopefully a better life.”

Really? So now Abbott and Fox News are suddenly concerned about making these refugee families happy? And if so, aren’t they encouraging more migrants to come to America? After all, the governor of Texas will welcome them into the country with a free ride to a place where they will receive food, clothing, jobs, and shelter.

One might ask: Why Abbott would want to persuade more refugees to make the arduous journey north to the U.S.? There are at least two plausible reasons. First of all, the more migrants come across the border, the more Abbott can complain about it and blame it on President Biden and the Democrats. And secondly, Texas and other states actually need to enlarge the labor pool in order to stimulate the economy. They especially need cheap labor since there is currently a glut of job vacancies that gives American workers an advantage with regard to wages and benefits. And the GOP’s corporate donors certainly won’t tolerate that.

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Fox News, for its part, can profit from Abbott’s tactics by producing more frightful stories about invading caravans. So it’s a win-win for both Fox News and Abbott. Too bad it’s so harmful to the nation, and to the poor souls that they are taking advantage of and subjecting to torturous conditions. But then, when did Fox News or Republicans ever care about any of that?

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  1. They will always do incredible mental gymnastics to cover for terrible fascist Republican behavior.

  2. Nothing wrong with migrants coming here to escape persecution. They don’t need to suffer a continuation in America.

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