Loyalty? Trump Blames His Evangelical Cult Followers for His Own Failures and Electoral Fiascos

The unholy alliance between Donald Trump and the right-wing evangelical crusaders in America was always a marriage of political convenience. Trump, a profane, serial philandering, greedy, narcissistic, pathological liar, never really liked the religious chumps he suckered into backing him, and they never really liked him either.

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Donald Trump Messiah

From the outset of his political pursuits, Trump sought to exploit the faith-based community. And they were more than willing to be exploited so long as he delivered on their political agenda. Their relationship endured even when Trump portrayed himself as on par with Christ’s divinity.

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Well, just like Trump’s other marriages, this one was destined for a messy divorce. The signs of the breakout become more apparent on Monday when Trump called into the right-wing “Real America’s Voice” Internet show with Trump-fluffer, David Brody. Trump revealed that he was very upset with some evangelical leaders for being insufficiently worshipful of him after recent elections exposed his fading influence (video below)

Brody: Your were the ultimate fighter, the ultimate counterpuncher for sure, and that makes me think of evangelicals, why they loved you twice in those elections. And when you announced your candidacy, at least as it stands now, some of these prominent evangelical leaders that backed you last time are not yet willing to commit – like Robert Jeffers is not, some others. It seems like many of them are waiting to see how the field takes shape before backing anyone. what is your message to them?

Trump: Well, I don’t really care. That’s a sign of disloyalty. There’s great disloyalty in the world of politics, and that’s a sign of disloyalty because nobody, as you know – and you would know better than anybody because you do such a great job – nobody has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump. I put three Supreme Court justices who all voted [to overturn Roe v. Wade]. And they got something they’ve been fighting for for 64 years. Many, many years. Nobody thought they could win it. They won. Roe v Wade. They won, they finally won.

So Trump says that he doesn’t care that some evangelicals aren’t supporting him now. Sure he doesn’t. He doesn’t care so much that he is blaming them for Republican electoral losses. He was particularly disappointed that they didn’t repay him with their votes for his nomination of three anti-abortion Supreme Court justices. He went on to whine that…

Trump: I was a little disappointed because I thought they could have fought much harder during the election, the 2022 election. Because they won and a lot of them didn’t fight or weren’t really around to fight, and it did energize the Democrats. A lot of people fought for years to get it. They sort of, I don’t know, were protesting and doing what they could’ve done. But with all of that being said, there’s nobody that did more for the movement than I have. And that includes the movement of evangelicals and Christians and the movement very much of ‘right to life.

True to form, Trump is taking all the credit for the Supreme Court’s ruling against reproductive rights. And naturally, he insists that he’s done more than anyone for the cause. In reality, Trump was a pawn of the Republican right and evangelicals. He was put in a position to nominate anti-abortion justices by conservative, theocratic voters. Those justices were then confirmed by the GOP majority in the Senate. That was the plan long before Trump came along.

Trump is also predictably blaming his own failures on others when it’s clear that he was the primary reason that so many of the extremist candidates he endorsed in 2022 lost. Trump is also exhibiting his pattern of expecting complete loyalty to him despite his utter lack of loyalty to anyone else. He’s willing to throw everyone under the bus whenever he believes it benefits him, or if they weren’t bowing low enough. And in this case he’s expecting his cult followers to chose loyalty to him over their lord and savior – which, of course, he thinks he is.

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As for the evangelicals, they are proving that to them it has always been about politics. When Trump is no longer helping them achieve their political goals, they ditch him. But when they found him useful, they ignored all of his blatantly sinful ways and his lifelong dismissal of any religion that didn’t worship him. Because, when all is said and done, these evangelicals are no more reverent than Trump.

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11 thoughts on “Loyalty? Trump Blames His Evangelical Cult Followers for His Own Failures and Electoral Fiascos

  1. The evangelical community love this guy. They think he’s the greatest and this cult is not going to be broken up anytime soon. Let’s face it, these evangelical pukes are grifters taking advantage of gullible people with zero critical thinking skills just like Trump does all the time and continues to do. Trump saw how easily they did it and thought, what the hell, I can do that too and that he did, much to the detriment of the United States and the entire world.

  2. It’s disgusting when evangelicals use God, their so-called faith, and misinterpretation of scripture to promote their political agenda. It is sickening when Trump promotes himself as God.

    • I do not know how true this is, but i have read that some of these churches that worship this asshat TUMP have put large framed pictures of TUMP beside the picture of Jesus. I refer to these ”evangelicals” as religious fanatics. Anyone that would worship that cretin are obviously very mentally ill. I am shocked and dismayed at what is happening here in the United States. I am very concerned about these MAGA nuts in congress now threatening to let the United States default on this budget debt thing and an ensuing Government shutdown. They say if Dems don’t agree to cut Social Security and Medicare and other Government programs they WILL NOT agree to raise the debt limit. McCarthy made a deal with these misfit MAGA congress members so they would vote for him to be the Speaker of the (looney) house. President Biden has already said he was not going to negotiate with them and not agree to what these criminals want. I am tired of worrying about this, i don’t give a damn any longer. There is nothing i can do about it. They are above the law and they are the MAGA’S that committed insurrection and the riots on the Capitol building Jan 6, 2021. They should be on death row right now instead of in our congress. The deadline is this Thursday on the debt default. I have tried to be optimistic that things were going to get better, but it sure doesn’t look that way now.

      • And I am frankly getting sick of seeing MTG’s bulky arm stretched out in front of McCarthy taking their photo, both with large smiles, head to head I keep calling her crazy but she is totally bonkers. She could fill a room with her conspiracy theories. She, Boebert, and Gosar received cushy jobs in the House. Exactly who we want running Congress!! Like I remember you saying, John, we still have a Democratic White House and Senate. As time goes on, and ,I read more about McCarthy’s fiasco, I get more and more upset. Evangelicals praying to God through Trump? We need to pray to God for our own survival.

        • Now more than ever we need to pray to God for our very survival. I forgot to tell you about the outrageous thing my daughter showed me on her phone, there was this MAGA freak praying, not to God, but to TUMP. He was saying, ” Please TUMP forgive me for my sins i have committed, please watch over my loved ones and keep them safe, and please Lord TUMP, I pray to you for my salvation after i die. To say the least, i was awestruck and disgusted by this display of pure ignorance and absurdity, this ignorant creep is entrenched in the TUMP cult so deep that there is no hope for these people. It’s very disturbing that there are millions like this ignorant lunatic in the United States. If my daughter had just told me about this, i wouldn’t have believed her, but i saw it with my own eyes and heard him with my own ears. As for Kevin McCarthy, i hope him and the rest of these MAGAt’s in congress crash and burn. I want to see them fail miserably, especially, Gosar, Marjorie Traitor GOON, Max Gaetz, and that uneducated tramp, Lauren Boebert. I wonder out loud how many male congress critters she slept with to get where she is at? She is too stupid to be in congress.

          • For me, I am getting particularly sick of seeing MTG’s Cheshire Cat grin every time I try to read about the new razor thin Republican House, I honestly feel like vomiting.

            • I cannot even stand the site of that female Goon, MTG. When i see a picture of her ugly azz I immediately look away, her and that Lauren Boebert are two of the ugliest creatures i have ever laid my eyes on.. They look like they would stink to high heaven with the odor of rotten sardines..

          • I want Jim Jorday added to that list. I’m sick of his being a Rep. from my state. Admittedly he has the Southern Ohio vote. I’m in Cuyahoga County which is where Sherrod Brown is from.

            Whatever state she’s from, they can do better than MTG, whose only look out is for herself. She doesn’t care about her constituents. Boo-Boo, I think, is going to lose her next election. Now, if we can get rid of Gaetz the Problem Child we might be able to take a breath. Gosar hasn’t done very much — publicly.

            • I hate to admit it, but Marjorie Traitor Goon’s district borders the district i live in, and believe me, the voters in her district are tried and true MAGA’t backwoods hillbilly hicks and there are many of them, i just hope some of the better people in her district will wise up some of these hillbilly hicks and tell them just how bad MTG is and convince them to vote against her. MTG is the worst of the worst and isn’t qualified for anything, much less as a congress critter.

  3. I’ve got to admit, you would never expect your evangelical cult followers to desert you. It must be tough.

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