Trump is Said to Be Plotting His Return to Twitter, Affirming that Truth Social is a Flop

Last November Donald Trump announced that he is running for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. In the weeks that have followed he has done nothing to advance his candidacy except to post rancid comments attacking his enemies (especially Special Counsel Jack Smith) on his Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, and calling in to right-wing Internet programs to whine about having lost the 2020 presidential election.

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Donald Trump

Tomorrow will mark two months since Elon Musk reinstated Trump’s Twitter account. However, Trump has been insisting for months that he prefers his own Truth Social website and has not posted on Twitter since being unbanned. In fact, Trump has continued to attack Facebook and Twitter as “boring” and failing without his awesome presence. He has called it a “disgrace to democracy” that “shouldn’t be allowed to do business in this Country,” because they have “only a Radical Left point of view,” and are “hated by everyone.”

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That may all change now that Trump is an announced candidate for 2024. His need to disseminate his singularly apocalyptic perspective of America might supersede his animosity toward Twitter for having rejected him. In the months that he has been posting on Truth Social, he has only managed to accumulate about 4.8 million followers. He had more than 88 million on Twitter. And his massive yet fragile ego simply cannot abide that shortfall. Consequently, he is said to be plotting his return to Twitter. As reported by NBC News

“Mounting a comeback for the White House, Donald Trump is looking to regain control over his powerful social media accounts. […] Twitter planned a permanent ban, but new owner Elon Musk reinstated Trump’s account on Nov. 19 and then criticized the company’s previous leadership for the ban.”

NBC is quoting an unnamed Republican insider who says that “Trump is probably coming back to Twitter. It’s just a question of how and when. He’s been talking about it for weeks.” This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed Trump’s behavior in the media. He demands constant attention and will do and say almost anything to get it.

Apparently that includes tacitly admitting that his own social media platform is a total bust. If Trump begins tweeting again he is not only conceding that Truth Social has failed, he might even be breaching his agreement to post exclusively on it for a specified period of time. Not that Trump is ever bothered by breaking contracts.

What’s more, Trump’s disappointment with Truth Social is warranted by the fact that it has failed to achieve any measure of success. Recent reports show that has seen a a nearly 30% decline in unique visitors over the past few months.

From the day Truth Social was launched it was mired in the sort of mayhem that can only be produced by incompetence. It repeatedly crashed and hosted innumerable fake accounts. It’s being criminally investigated by the SEC and a Grand Jury in New York. And the shell company it partnered with to go public suffered an 85% decline in stock value over the past ten months.

Truth Social’s problems have been festering from the start. And now that Trump is reportedly considering dissing it by re-embracing Twitter, it’s prospects are unlikely to improve. Here are a few of the pot holes it has encountered on the way to its demise…

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4 thoughts on “Trump is Said to Be Plotting His Return to Twitter, Affirming that Truth Social is a Flop

  1. Everything TUMP has did in his miserable criminal life has been a huge ”FLOP” His term in the White house as Dictator of the United States was his biggest and most disastrous ”FLOP” This loud mouthed bum will never give up until he is dead. He did accomplish one thing though, he created the biggest mess of our nation than anyone else in our history. Before TUMP, my opinion of the United States was that we were the best nation on earth, but look at how he ruined this once great nation, the damage is irreversible. Now, and for quite a while in the future, as far as i am concerned Canada is by far the greatest nation in North America and South America, or otherwise the western world. If this MAGA Rethulican cult thing isn’t snuffed out soon, the United States will fall further. It is going to take a long time to repair the mess TUMP and his cult have made here. If the Fascist thing takes hold, i think the United States is finished. Something needs to be done very soon to stop this madness.

    • Yes, Trump will never give up until he’s dead. And according to his diet and continuous and unrelenting activity, his rants and rages, may hopefully be sooner rather than later. He’ll be 77 in June. But still after death. we have a real and present danger from the many MAGA lawmakers, who won’t be able to erase Trumpian philosophy from their warped brains.,

      • i hope i am either dead, or not living in the United States if this MAGA BS is still going then, i cannot put up with this insane crap much longer. I am so tired of this i don’t know what to do. I have mild heart failure and chronic back pain and migraine spells and can’t just go out and try to get a job. I cannot even do the things around my house i really liked to do any longer. I would like to thank the evil, cruel, and heartless MAGA bastard Rethugs for making my damn life miserable. Threatening to abolish our Social Security. I would like to tell them to GO TO HELL, and i hope all of them die a miserable death when their time comes. Freaking despicable dirty rotten creations of Satan. And that goes for Joe Munchkin, claiming to be a Democrat and going along with the Rethugs on the Social Security cuts…

  2. One thing I’ve never seen taken into consideration regarding his YUGE following on Twitter is how many of them only follow him because they despise him and call his out on his BS. They aren’t ALL fans, and rather than buying into the idea that his numbers prove how many people love and support him, I think it would be worthwhile to actually break that number down.

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