Fox News Attacks Biden for Joining the March to Honor the 58th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

It must getting awfully difficult for Fox News to manufacture new outrages involving President Biden. Day after day of inventing pseudo-scandals where there isn’t a hint of misconduct or controversary is clearly over-taxing the feeble minded propagandists at Fox News.

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Following a weekend that featured Donald Trump speaking before the Conference of Political Ass Clowns (CPAC) also posed a challenge for Fox News in trying to surpass the Olympic-grade gormlessness of Trump and his flunkies, including Don Jr, Kari Lake, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell. And they couldn’t possibly come up with anything more asinine than Trump’s own preposterous proposal to award Pulitzer prizes to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and other Fox hacks.

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Consequently, the stable geniuses at Fox came up with a story line that smacks of racism and disrespect for the troubled history of civil rights in America. Pretending to cover a march in Selma, Alabama commemorating the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, Fox published a story on their website titled, “Biden urged to ‘choose more worthy allies’ after marching with Sharpton in Selma.”

The article ignored entirely the importance of the event being observed, focusing instead on some pitifully weak criticisms that rested on irrelevant assertions of guilt by association. It began…

“President Biden is being urged to “choose more worthy allies” after marching with the Rev. Al Sharpton in Selma Alabama on Sunday. Biden marked the 58th anniversary of Selma’s “Bloody Sunday,” where activists chanted for voting rights as they crossed the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge.” […]

“Biden shared the stage in Selma with Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. William Barber II, Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Ala, and Martin Luther King III.”

The remainder of the article found some tenuous fault with Biden for “choosing” to participate in a memorial march with Revs. Sharpton and Jackson, who Fox asserted were anti-Semitic based on remarks made forty years ago.

The first problem with Fox’s framing is that they could not find any evidence of antisemitism by either of the Reverends in this century. And those that occurred decades ago were disavowed and apologized for. The second problem with Fox’s contrivance was that Biden didn’t choose the participants in this event. And surely icons of the civil rights movement like Sharpton and Jackson would be expected to participate.

What Biden was responsible for were his remarks at the event. He gave a stirring speech that promoted the advancement of civil rights and voting rights (full text here, and video below). These were topics that Fox News studiously neglected. Biden said in part…

“I come here in commemoration — not for show — Selma is a reckoning. The right to vote — the right to vote and to have your vote counted is the threshold of democracy and liberty. With it, anything is possible. Without it — without that right, nothing is possible. And this fundamental right remains under assault. The conservative Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act over the years. Since the 2020 election, a wave of states and dozens — dozens of anti-voting laws fueled by the Big Lie, and the election deniers now elected to office.” […]

“In January, I signed the Electoral Count Reform Act to protect the will of the people and the people transferring the — and the peaceful transfer of power. But we know that we must get the votes in Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. I’ve made it clear I will not let a filibuster obstruct the sacred right to vote and the right of any other right that flow from there.”

It wasn’t just Fox News who failed to honor this anniversary. After all, they literally regard equity as evil. However, the leaders of the Republican Party that Fox speaks for were also noticeably absent. That’s because they have no interest in showing respect for this part of the nation’s history. In fact, they even regard the teaching of it – i.e. Critical Race Theory – as an affront to their perverse notion of patriotism, even though they admit that they don’t know it means. And not surprisingly, this racially offensive fish stinks from the head…

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2 thoughts on “Fox News Attacks Biden for Joining the March to Honor the 58th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

  1. Of course, the Traitors would attack Biden if he had NOT joined the March. They would call him un-American for joining the March, and they would call him un-American for NOT joining the March.

    Meanwhile, Their God not joining the March wouldn’t have have rated a 2am mention….

  2. I really don’t think Pres. Biden really cares what Fox Spews attacks him for, i think he has the attitude that what they say doesn’t mean a damn thing, and he knows the scumbags that attack him are worthless excuses for human beings, which they most certainly are. Same goes for MAGA’t GQP in general. They are worthless mentally challenged idiots. They hate our President for wanting what is best for our nation. They want a dangerous, corrupt, evil. racist, cruel, xenophobic, hate mongering SOB like Donald TUMP to be their Lord and savior that really hates them. I think Pres. Biden has did great things, but these deluded MAGAts have been brainwashed and lied to the extreme, they desperately need psychological help for hating Biden for wanting good for our nation.

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