Trump Pitches Perverse Proposal to Give Pulitzer Prizes to the Loud Boys (Only) of Fox News

Donald Trump’s speech at the “Conference for the Party of Ass Clowns” (CPAC) on Saturday was everything that a glassy-eyed Trump cult follower could have wanted. He touched on all of his greatest fits from his “Big Lie” that the 2024 election was “stollen” (his spelling) from him, to the unfinished vanity wall on the southern border, to the wind turbine bird holocaust.

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Along with his standard lies, self-exaltation, and infantile insults, Trump reiterated his nightmarish narrative of a dystopian future marked by world war, rampant crime and drug addiction, communist oppression, and invasions by “thugs, Marxist radicals, and dangerous refugees,” from “shithole” countries. It was reminiscent of his brutally bleak 2016 “American Carnage” inaugural address, and his more recent apocalyptic announcement for the 2024 GOP nomination for president. It was everything that Trump promised it would be in his preview prior to Saturday…

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Among the most malodorous moments of his malevolent monologue was the part where he whined about the Pulitzer prizes awarded to the Washington Post and the New York Times for their accurate reporting on his unsavory associations with Russia. Trump raged that…

“We’re trying to get the Pulitzer Prize taken away. They got Pulitzer prizes. We’re suing. You know what the prize says? ‘For its concise and accurate reporting on the Russia, Russia, Russia event…’ And they have it actually totally wrong.

“Actually, Mark Levin should get a prize. And Gregg Jarrett should get a prize. And even it’s not his deal, Sean Hannity should get a prize. And frankly Jesse should get a prize. And you know who should get a prize? Tucker should get a prize.”

Trump has been yammering about this for almost a year. However, in December he did indeed file an utterly impotent and frivolous lawsuit against the Pulitzer board demanding that they revoke the awards they gave to WaPo and the Times. The Board responded with a statement that said essentially, “No friggin’ way!” They noted that they had conducted an independent review after receiving Trump’s complaint and that the review found that “no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.”

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As if Trump’s comical commandment for revocation of the awards wasn’t sufficiently humiliating, his nominees for who should get the awards instead included Fox News hosts Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, and Gregg Jarrett. Never mind that these hacks were just exposed as flagrant liars and promulgators of pure propaganda. Their rancid partisanship, ethical vacancy, and rank dishonesty was revealed in their own words in documents produced in the billion dollar defamation lawsuit against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems.

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Also notable in Trump’s praise of his Fox News fluffers was that it included only the alleged men on the network. Apparently Trump doesn’t think that Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, or Jeanine Pirro, are deserving of Pulitzer prizes, despite their equally sycophantic subservience to Trump. That’s not especially noteworthy considering his long history of misogyny and abusive treatment of women.

Fortunately, Trump’s puerile perspective will not travel far. CPAC is suffering from “Trump Fatigue Syndrome.” Attendance is way down, and many conference regulars of the past are skipping the affair this year. Those that showed up are especially fringy and unabashedly Trumpian (i.e. Donald Trump Jr, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ronny Jackson, Jim Jordan, and the MyPillow Guy, Mike Lindell).

For a taste of Trump’s Conservative Political Action Cult address, see this Twitter thread.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Pitches Perverse Proposal to Give Pulitzer Prizes to the Loud Boys (Only) of Fox News

  1. This maga horror show is indescribable. It was so bad the worst Nazi propagandist would be embarrassed. This is the Republican party today. They have always been horrible but it is on full display for all to see. Only the most brain-dead maga freak can watch this and think “nailed it”.

    • I agree, that was the worst horror show the MAGAts have ever put on. I don’t dare watch any of this of the MAGAt crap. If i did watch it, i would have already ruined my TV by throwing a brick through the screen, but from what i have read about it, it was really full of some of the worst propaganda i have ever heard them spew. That rotting piece of crap TUMP cries lawsuit every time someone or some organization does something he doesn’t approve of. I would like to see every Democrat file a huge joint lawsuit against that yammering senile son of a bitch TUMP for destroying our nation and causing so much hate and division in the United States. TUMP and the entire MAGAt terrorists have caused way too much embarrassment to our nation already.

  2. Extremist Republicans say anyone who doesn’t follow Trump suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. We are so sick of Trump we say we suffer from Trump Fatigue Syndrome. Trump is, after exploding about such as Carlson, Watters, Hannity when they admitted they lied about the 2020 election, is now praising them. So he can add another lawsuit to his never ending line of lawsuits? It would help ALL of us if this maniac would just go away.

  3. I didn’t even know there was a Pulitzer Prize for lying in media.

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