Big Baby Trump Unleashes a Wildly Racist Rant Against a Black New York Times Columnist

To hear him tell it, Donald Trump is both the most beloved political figure in American history, and the most persecuted victim of a vast army of adversaries. It’s a perverse and paradoxical perspective that illustrates just how far from reality Trump has ventured.

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Trump’s seething synthesis of narcissism and paranoia seeps into every public outburst he sputters in his attempts to keep his glassy-eyed cult followers fermented in fear and fury. And that animosity is only becoming more pronounced as the law gets closer to nailing him to the cross of justice.

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On Thursday morning Trump took to his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social, to lash out at Charles Blow, a New York Times opinion columnist who stirs Trump’s ire for daring to criticize him, and for having the audacity to be Black. In a fit of rancidly racist rage, Trump wrote…

“Racist Columnist Charles Blowhard of the Failing New York Times, a sick degenerate who doesn’t like our Country or the values that made it great, prior to its massive FAILURE over the last two years, writes that I should be prosecuted by Radical Left, Soros Backed Lunatics, even without evidence, because I’m WHITE. What has our Country come to? With Blowhard’s racist words and innuendo, dumb as he is, bad things happen, and we are now a Nation in Decline being stupidly led into World War lll.”

Trump has frequently accused prominent Black Americans of being racists, including three of the prosecutors currently investigating him (New York Attorney General Leticia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis). Blow had his own pithy reply to Trump…

Notice that Trump’s insult vocabulary is still firmly stuck at an elementary school level with his “Blowhard” taunt. Note also that he has no qualms about referring to a distinguished Black author as “a sick degenerate” and “dumb.” However, the most profoundly repulsive attacks on Mr. Blow relate to Trump’s accusations that he is a racist who is only criticizing Trump “because I’m WHITE.”

Trump doesn’t identify any particular article to support his tirade. Nor does he cite whatever he thought was racist in anything Blow wrote or said, because it doesn’t exist. But what likely triggered this tantrum was one of two articles published earlier this month that Trump is only now getting around to. One makes the case for why Trump must be prosecuted if there is credible evidence of a crime. Which is a position shared by most Americans. The other provides an accurate character profile of Trump as a perpetual whiner who seeks only to advance his own prospects for power and profit. In fact, he has bragged about being “the most fabulous whiner…”

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For the record, neither of the articles criticize Trump for being White, or ever mentions race at all. This is something that Trump has manufactured to peddle to his cult who devour such hate-driven nonsense. The first article published on March 15, addressed not race, but “unequal treatment of the rich and powerful.” It is titled “Donald Trump Must Be Prosecuted,” and says in part that…

“Any case against Trump must hang on the evidence and the principle that justice is blind. […] The justice system must be untethered from political implications and consequences, even the possibility of disruptive consequences.” [and that] “Prosecuting Trump wouldn’t break the country. On the contrary, it would be a step toward mending it, a step toward undergirding the flimsy promise of ‘equal justice under law.'”

In the the second article published on March 22, titled “Trump May Face Prosecution. America Faces a Test,” Blow wrote that…

“Moving forward, unapologetically and righteously, with the prosecution of Trump is another test that our country faces and another chance our country has to make the right — or wrong — choice.”

Somehow Trump found a reverse racial assault in there somewhere. Or at least that’s what he wants his cult disciples – who will never read the New York Times – to believe. It’s emblematic of his delusional take on everything. After all, just last week Trump posted a comment saying that…

“Every article I read, every show I watch, even the so-called Haters say that ‘President Trump did nothing wrong.”

Clearly that isn’t true, or Trump wouldn’t know about these articles by Blow. And if it were true, it would only confirm that his reading materials are strictly constrained to contain only the glowing adulation due to an aspiring authoritarian, or perhaps messiah. Which would fit nicely with his premonitions of Armageddon…

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  1. What’s with this ”DONALD J TUMP’ @real Donald TUMP” in his title heading on his ”Lie Anit-Social” site??? Could there also be a ”fake” Donald J TUMP?? I sincerely hope not. The so called real Donald TUMP is bad enough as it is.. I am SO glad this raging baboon has finally been indicted, i hope his arrest is forthcoming very soon… If there is a ” fake Donald TUMP” maybe he needs to be found and indicted too.

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