HUH? Trump Attorney Says ‘Criticisms of the Family [of D.A. and Judge] Were Not Something Personal’

Among the many mental deficiencies of Donald Trump is his notoriously atrocious ability (or lack thereof) to procure competent legal representation. In fact, several of his attorneys (i.e. Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis) have already had their licenses suspended and/or been reprimanded due to their flagrantly unethical behavior on Trump’s behalf and at his direction.

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Donald Trump, Godfather

The record for the Trump legal team is one of pitiful and repeated failure. Following the 2020 presidential election Trump and his allies lost more than 60 lawsuits seeking to overturn the results of the election based on wholly unfounded claims of voter fraud.

Trump’s legal team has lost cases against his political foes, such one naming Hillary Clinton and nearly fifty other people, wherein the judge admonished the lawyers for “deliberate disregard for the truth.” Then there was the time that his lawyers were sanctioned by the court for making “frivolous filings.” And more recently, Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, actually made the case against him on national television.

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On Sunday morning, one of Trump’s lawyers, the ironically named Jim Trusty, appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to preach his innocence in all things. During the interview with Jonathan Karl, Trusty managed to mangle the meaning of what constitutes a “personal” attack.

Karl: We also saw the former president go after, again, in personal terms, the judge in this case. Going after not just the judge, but his wife, and even his daughter. We heard from another member of the legal team, from Joe Tacopina, saying that he didn’t think the judge is biased. Trump obviously does. Who’s right about this? Do you think this is an impartial judge or not?
Trusty: I don’t have any experience with this judge. And again, my practice as somebody who’s been in the criminal justice lane for about 35, 36 years is to not, you know, jump onto any bandwagon when it comes to criticizing. I think the criticisms of the family were not something personal. It was pointing out that they have a bias, that they have a political interest that is contrary to President Trump’s. […] I think there’s gonna be some very well placed motions to dismiss based on the legal frailties of this kind of mental gymnastics indictment that Alvin Bragg is trying to piece together.

So after responding that he customarily doesn’t criticize judges, Trusty promptly criticizes the judge. And his basis for the criticism is profoundly absurd. How can maligning a judge, his wife, and his daughter, not be regarded as personal? Where is the legal argument in that criticism?

For the record, the allegedly non-personal attacks made by Trump – that have resulted in numerous death threats – included calling the Manhattan district Attorney, Alvin Bragg, a “racist” And that was only the beginning. In just the past week Trump has lashed out at Bragg repeatedly on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, with references such as…

  • “Radical Left Lunatics, Maniacs, and Perverts had me Indicted and ARRESTED for no reason whatsoever.”
  • “Biden and his ‘people’ knew all about the Radical Left, Soros backed D.A. (Bragg) going after ‘Trump.’ They pushed the Racist D.A.”
  • “The Corrupt D.A. has no case. […] and a Trump Hating Judge, hand selected by the Soros backed D.A. (he must be changed!).”

Apparently, Trusty believes that insults such as “racist,” “lunatic,” “pervert,’ “hater,” “corrupt,” etc., are appropriate legal terms and not the least bit personal. However, with that definition of what is personal, he sounds more like the Corleone family in “The Godfather” saying about an imminent “hit” that “It’s not personal…It’s strictly business.” And so far as Trump is concerned, insults and threats and other manner of personal invective, is precisely how he has done “business” his entire life.

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4 thoughts on “HUH? Trump Attorney Says ‘Criticisms of the Family [of D.A. and Judge] Were Not Something Personal’

  1. Naturally, Traitor Orange has only good things to say about Mr Trusty, which I translated as “Jim Trusty has a cool name and he masturbated at the sound of my name so I like him.”

    I. Want. That. Creature. To. Go. To. Prison. And. DIE!!

    • The last sentence in your comment is EXACTLY what i want for him too, except i want him to ROT away slowly and then DIE!! Just as Andy Griffith said about the old corrupt, greedy business man in Mayberry. Andy told Barney and his son, ” When that man’s time comes, he is not going like any other person does, he is going to NASTY away” I want TUMP to ROT away!! One other thing, i would like to see someone throw water on Marjorie Traitor Goon just to see her melt away like the wicked witch on the ”Wizard of Oz”

  2. Name calling (In Trump’s case, add on a life time of crime) Although infantile, funny, entertaining So persons like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert,, not to leave out all the rest of the domestic terrorists who need to fulfill something missing inside, who are drawn to orange man’s bulpucky Happily, Trump, aka Mr Corleone, is at this point, after his indictment only digging a hole into the possibility of a personal “hit”. This time by our Justice Department, which is hot on his tail Who’s laughing now?

    • In my opinion, the DOJ needs to go after Marjorie Traitor Goon, Kevin McCarthy, Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert next for their criminal activities. They are criminals too. All of these criminals in our Congress should be under the microscope too and gotten rid of for domestic terrorism. These are a grand example of the most corrupt Congress in United States history.

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