Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee to Hold Phony Hearing in New York to Smear Manhattan DA Bragg

The Republican Party has always been a fount of ironic hypocrisy. Their wild claims and accusations against Democrats are, more often than not, condemnations of offenses that they are far more guilty of engaging in.

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Jim Jordan

An outstanding example of this was provided by GOP House Judiciary Committee chair, Jim Jordan, who has targeted Democrats with subpoenas despite having refused to comply with those that were issued for him. He also formed a subcommittee on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government” whose sole purpose was to weaponize his congressional power to attack Democrats and run cover for Donald Trump. The GOP also created the absurd “Anti-Woke Caucus” to pursue whatever the heck they think that means.

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Continuing in that tradition of legislative tantrum throwing, Jordan has just announced that his Judiciary Committee will soon take its show on the road to hold a hearing in New York that he says will…

“…examine how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s pro-crime, anti-victim policies have led to an increase in violent crime and a dangerous community for New York City residents.”

Jordan isn’t fooling anyone with his references to crime. There is no question that Jordan is staging this hearing as a purely political retaliation following the 34 felony count indictment of Trump by a Manhattan Grand Jury. Jordan (and Trump and the rest of the GOP political and media confederacy) blame District Attorney Alvin Bragg for Trump’s tribulations, rather than the fact that Trump is a recidivist criminal who is acting out his mob boss fantasies.

It’s no coincidence that Jordan’s alleged “crime” hearing was announced less than a week after Trump’s indictment. Jordan has been maligning Bragg ever since for what he calls an “unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority,” and has demanded that Bragg testify before Congress. Jordan is apparently unaware that he has no authority over a local district attorney. In fact, he is potentially violating New York state law by making such harassing and intimidating efforts to interfere with the investigation.

What’s more, Jordan’s feeble allegations that “Bragg’s pro-crime, anti-victim policies have led to an increase in violent crime,” are flagrantly false. The truth is that crime has decreased during Bragg’s tenure as D.A. According to recent data from law enforcement

“Statistics from the NYPD show a decrease in almost all major crimes in February compared with 2022, including a 15% drop in shootings. New numbers from the department show an overall crime decrease of 5.6% year over year.”

Those numbers include a 27.8% decrease in murders, 22.1% decrease in rapes, and 15% decrease in burglaries. Although there were some increases in criminal activity outside of Bragg’s jurisdiction, It was reported that in the Republican stronghold of Staten Island crime is up 11.2%. So why isn’t Jordan going there?

To make matters worse, Jordan has also been demonstrating Republican hypocrisy with recent promises to defund the police, a policy that the GOP likes to pretend is on the Democratic agenda. But Jordan said, “We’re going to have to look at the appropriations process and limit funds going to [the DOJ and the FBI].” This is unambiguously political and intended to punish these agencies for any role they might have had in bringing Trump to justice.

However, such budget cuts would also hamper law enforcement efforts to combat serious crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, financial corruption, civil rights abuse, election fraud, and many other federal crimes. So the question is: Why do Republicans hate the police? It could be said that they are the ones who are truly “pro-crime and anti-victim.”

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8 thoughts on “Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee to Hold Phony Hearing in New York to Smear Manhattan DA Bragg

  1. Gymbag Jordan will say and do anything to get his smirking face and whining voice onto FUX News. He doesn’t care if it’s hypocrisy, lies and bullshit, as long as it generates soundbites for the rightwing media. But he may come to regret making enemies amongst law enforcement in general and the FBI in particular.

  2. The Rethulican Congress is ALL about getting revenge when they are caught breaking the law. That is what this phony hearing is all about. Donald TUMP’s bad habits and law breaking have rubbed off on almost all Rethugs. Their hypocrisy and blatant lying is beyond astounding. I hope they embarrass the hell out of that Gym Jordan and expose him for what he is, a dirty, rotten, habitual liar. How these incredibly ignorant bastards got elected is beyond my understanding. They haven’t the slightest idea of how to govern, they do not have a clue.. they are all hellbent on hate and revenge and that is all they know how to do… PITIFUL!!!!

  3. WTF!! Jim Jordan is all about trying to prove the malfeasance of Alvin Bragg as well as George Soros, while he is promoting conspiracy theories and his BFF, Trump. His desire for revenge is overwhelming. All of this on the taxpayers” money. I hope he goes down with Trump. And all the other Republican extremists.

    • Judy, a small caveat: Gymbag isn’t trying to “prove” anything about Bragg or anyone else. That would require evidence, which would require investigation, which would require actual work and effort. None of those are on Gymbag’s agenda. He just wants the air time on FUX, and for that, all he needs to do is make noise. The more noise, the more his awful face appears on screen. That’s all that matters to any of these cynical sleazesacks, none of whom are capable of real governing nor lawmaking.

      • Exactly! Some small district in some small state votes fora candidate who is then elected and sent to US House where he is appointed to be the head of a committee. That says a lot for their educational preparation and/or experience. Look at Marjorie Taylor Greene whose only educational preparation was extramarital sleeping around.

  4. Why does Gymbag Jordan wear his sleeves rolled up like a 9th grader entering puberty and just developing muscles rolling his sleeves up to impress the little girls?

    • He either wants to show he’s a former athlete, or to go go to bed with Marjorie Taylor Greene, or both.

      • Dreadful thought, Judy. I’m not sure which of them makes my skin crawl more.

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