Questions that CNN Should – But Probably Won’t – Ask Trump During His Town Hall Charade

CNN appears to be making good on the promise of its new CEO, Chris Licht, to make the network “more Republican friendly.” As if that were a credible goal of any alleged journalistic enterprise. What Licht meant was that he wants to try to soak up some of the ratings glow of the ultra-rightist propaganda outlet, Fox News.

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Donald Trump, CNN

CNN’s newly adopted editorial position of patronizing the GOP is not only unethical, it’s doomed to failure. Fox News viewers have been trained to despise CNN. And why would they watch a weak pretender when they have the real Fox News to satisfy their appetite for crackpot conspiracy theories and lies? Especially considering that even Fox News is struggling to satiate their cravings for conservative delusions.

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In that environment, CNN just announced that they will be gifting Donald Trump with an hour of valuable airtime to conduct what they are calling a “town hall.” but is actually a televised Trump rally. The announcement said that the network…

“…will feature the former president taking questions from New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters who plan to vote in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. […] This will be Trump’s first appearance on CNN since the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Among the absurdities of this event is that CNN is bizarrely defining “undeclared voters” as those who “plan to vote in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.” But that’s just for starters. It’s preposterous that CNN would invite someone to hold a purely political event who is currently being probed for his efforts to steal an election and stage a violent coup against the government of the United States. And it’s equally preposterous that Trump would accept that invitation, considering that he repeatedly disparaged CNN as “fake news” that nobody watches. Not to mention his lawsuits against the network.

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It’s unlikely that CNN’s moderator, Kaitlan Collins (previously with the Tucker Carlson founded Daily Caller), will pose any challenging questions to Trump, or make any effort to refute his predictable lies. And the gimmick of throwing the questions to the Republican members of the audience doesn’t bode too well either for this affair providing any useful information for the television viewers.

However, if Collins were interested in some relevant and probing inquiries, and CNN allowed them, here are just a few that they could – but won’t – consider.

What about…

  • Indictments in the Stormy Daniels “hush money” case.
  • Indictments for financial and tax fraud against the Trump Organization.
  • Trial for rape and defamation of E. Jean Carroll.
  • Appointment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who has accepted gifts and cash from a right-wing billionaire.
  • Condemnation of his own top administration appointees at the Departments of Justice, Defense, State, the FBI, and several of his Chiefs of Staff.
  • Son-in-law Jared Kushner’s $2 billion deal with Saudi Arabia.
  • Proven false allegations that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and stolen.
  • Promises to pardon January 6th rioters.
  • Georgia District Attorney Investigation for election interference and intimidation.
  • Special Counsel Investigation for taking and hoarding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Special Counsel Investigation for inciting the January 6th insurrection and attempted coup.

If CNN were to tackle these subjects it would require a lot more than an hour. But not to worry. CNN will probably just let Trump ramble on incoherently on his response to the potential candidacy of Florida governor Ron DeSantis; or his ever changing views on abortion; or his whining about imaginary “witch hunts”; or Hunter Biden’s laptop; or his self-exalting claims to be the only human alive with simple solutions to every domestic and international problem; and, of course, how terribly the radical, communist, incompetent, albeit mastermind, of evil, President Biden, has destroyed the country that Trump had previously made great again.

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It is wholly irresponsible for CNN to host this farce. The media has no obligation to hand over its air to traitors whose past behavior has resulted in violence. and who has shown no indication of altering that behavior. Even if such a despicable person were running for president. CNN is proving that they learned nothing from their mistakes in covering Trump in 2016 or 2020. In fact, with everything they know now, they are just making things much, much worse. and they have no excuse for it anymore.

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6 thoughts on “Questions that CNN Should – But Probably Won’t – Ask Trump During His Town Hall Charade

  1. Now that the judge is refusing to let him discuss anything that could come up in court, I think he’ll use that as an excuse to cancel his appearance at the town hall.

    • No way Trump relishes any kind of good or bad information about himself And we never know who, what, when, where one will pop up as a vehicle for this poisonous vine

  2. What’s happened to CNN with Licht at the helm? They’re trying awfully hard to be Fox. There is no way this Benedict Arnold should be rewarded with a town hall. He’s a criminal who should not be given a platform to spew more lies and hate to the American people. Did CNN not learn from 2016? The media pretty much got this scumbag “elected”, along with a little help from Jim Comey, and probably the Russians as well. This man has pretty much destroyed this country and our democracy, and for that CNN thinks he deserves a prime time town hall? Really?

    This man should have been in prison already ; not still free to instigate more violence from the know nothings who will follow him off the edge of the earth, country and democracy be damned. CNN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

  3. Great comments, Terri, Judy, and Mary. i don’t have anything to add, because the comments made have already said it all for me, and i completely agree with all 3 of them. I just can’t understand what the attraction to is this low life son of a bitch Donald TUMP. What is so great about this serial criminal? He is nothing but a maggot infested walking piece of rotten scum. These insane TV networks go running to his sorry ass like he is something great, when he is just the opposite of great. If i could, i would leave the United States this coming Monday morning, but i still have a lot of red tape to go through before i can leave for Nova Scotia, Canada. I have lost faith in the USA and it appears there is no hope for us to escape an authoritarian Dictatorship here in the USA because with all of the cheating and voting restrictions and gerrymandering going on now, it will take a miracle for Democrats to win any elections in 2024, why can’t we stop this??? The fascist/NAZI GQP are breaking voting laws and getting by with it just as they are getting by with breaking all laws to their advantage. CNN is just another fascist TV network for letting this slimy bastard have this town hall thing. I am personally appalled and disgusted by the whole thing,

    • What’s so great about this criminal? The voters That’s why the fickle GOP is siding with Trump The voters are unintelligent hicks who live in mostly rural areas Let Trump speak in his ridiculous informal way, accompanied by his ridiculous motions, dancing across the stage, and they all scream, “Hey, this guy talks like me!! As I said, most of them don’t have the reasoning ability to figure out that Trump is a real danger, once giving him the power he desperately craves

      • Thank you, Judy. That is a VERY accurate of the whole TUMP worship. The fact is, i live in a rural area and me and my family that lives with me are the only people within a several miles radius that are democratic voters, the rest are just as you described, unintelligent hicks that have TUMP flags on big flagpoles and with huge signs in their yards that say, ”F**k Biden and say ”TUMP” president for life and the list goes on and on with these mental midgets. These ignorant hicks really don’t have ANY reasoning abilities or critical thinking skills because they don’t even know what that means. Their tiny brains are focused on just one thing, Donald J TUMP. I just wished i could hurry up and get out of here. I am beyond sick and tired of all of this.

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