The Crook Who Contrived Trump University Spells Out His Utterly Preposterous Education Plan

Ever since the start of the rape and defamation trial against Donald Trump by E. Jean Carroll, Trump has been unusually quiet. He completely ignored the White House Correspondents Dinner, where his named was hardly mentioned. He’s said almost nothing about the 3/4 billion dollar settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems. And he hasn’t bothered to stick up for Tucker Carlson after Fox News fired him.

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In fact, Trump – who has been known to post 40 or 50 times a day on his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social, appears chastened by his numerous legal tribulations. He has posted only five times in the past three days. Those posts included a pitch for his $95.00, self-exalting, book of letters, an attack on Ron DeSantis as ‘low-wattage,’ a promo for an interview with the pastor of a right-wing evangelical church, and a poll by the conservatively biased Rasmussen showing him beating Biden.

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The fifth post was another one of his shoddily produced campaign videos (posted below). This one outlined what he contends is the “education” plan that he will implement if he is returned to the White House. And as was entirely predictably, it’s a holy mess of ignorance and incoherent babble. Trump began by asserting that…

“For many years, tuition costs at colleges and universities have been exploding, and I mean absolutely exploding. While academics have been obsessed with indoctrinating America’s youth. The time has come to reclaim our once great educational institutions from the radical left. And we will do that. Our secret weapon will be the college accreditation system.”

Despite Trump’s complaint about “exploding” tuition costs, nothing in his proposal addresses that. And he has been an avid opponent of President Biden’s student debt relief initiatives. Trump does, however, advance the vacuous and unsubstantiated whining from the right about the “radical left” “indoctrinating” students.

Trump goes on to complain that “accreditors are supposed to ensure that schools are not ripping off students and taxpayers.” This is coming from the guy who was ordered to pay $25 million in restitution to students he ripped off with his bogus, and now defunct Trump University. Trump continued with his miseducation reform rant saying that…

“When I return to the White House, I will fire the radical left accreditors that have allowed our colleges to become dominated by Marxist maniacs and lunatics.”

As usual, Trump is hallucinating “Marxist and lunatics” hiding in every crevice and shadow. He imagines himself as something of a “ghostbuster” who will save the world from the phantasms that haunt him and the MAGA faithful. However, Trump would have no power to accomplish what he proposes. The college accrediting system involves a “triad” of non-governmental entities, as well as federal and state government agencies. It is administered by the Higher Education Act as enacted by Congress. So, true to form, Trump is blowing hot air, and his plan is no more connected to reality than his nonexistent proposals for healthcare, infrastructure, or peace in Ukraine.

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Adding to his oblivious gasbaggery, Trump claimed that his plan would achieve goals that are wholly outside of the jurisdiction of federal education administration, such as “defending the American tradition and Western civilization,” “eliminating wasteful administrative positions,” “removing all Marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrats,” “job placement and career services,” and “implementing college entrance and exit exams.” It’s a smorgasbord of totalitarian, re-education methodology. But he still wasn’t through. He felt compelled to insist that he would punish any institution that had the audacity to aspire to equality, and to operate independently in a free country, saying that…

“Furthermore, I will direct the Department of Justice to pursue federal civil rights cases against schools that continue to engage in racial discrimination and schools that persist and explicit unlawful discrimination under the guise of equity. We’ll not only have their endowments taxed, but through budget reconciliation, I will advance a measure to have them fined up to the entire amount of their endowment.”

Trump closed by promising that “we are going to get this anti-American insanity out of our institutions once and for all.” Which would be an admirable goal if only he were referring to himself and his MAGA cult. Unfortunately, he means to banish honest and experienced educators and administrators, and to poison the education system in order to make it compliant with his noxious agenda. Which makes it all the more imperative that this cretin who claims to “love the poorly educated” never be in a position to implement his demented policies.

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3 thoughts on “The Crook Who Contrived Trump University Spells Out His Utterly Preposterous Education Plan

  1. It looks more like he wants to shut down education in the US altogether.

  2. I totally agree with you. TUMP and most of the Fascist/NAZI GQP would love to eliminate education here in the United States to ”dumb down America” Keeping voters uneducated means more propaganda and manipulation in order to push their authoritarian agenda to the hilt. I have read on other comment websites that a good many said they are going to move out of the United States if TUMP cheats and wins in 2024. Even though i am really too old to move out, i am one that is also going to move to the great white north (Canada) if he somehow steals the election, i will not abide by their insane fascist rule. I will not put up with their insanity. If i stay here, the fascists will end up killing me anyway because i WILL NOT abide by their Christian Nationalism BS. They will brutally beat me and then kill me….that’s how authoritarianism works.

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