Matt Gaetz Guest Hosts Show on Newsmax, Affirming that Both are Unethical Propagandists

The devotion to disseminating blatant disinformation on the part of right-wing politicians and pundits is nothing new. Countless hours, and billions of dollars, have been spent on purposefully lying to advance a repugnant Republicans agenda. Fox News was created specifically to further the goal of making Americans stupider and angrier and deeper indoctrinated in conservative crackpottery.

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Matt Gaetz

In recent weeks Fox News has lost a huge chunk of their audience as a result of their editorial dishonesty. First, they were forced to settle a defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems for nearly a billion dollars. Then they fired their top rated host, Tucker Carlson, for reasons not fully disclosed, but probably due to his disparaging remarks about fellow Fox personnel.

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In the wake of Fox’s fumbles, an otherwise puny competitor, Newsmax, has been taking advantage of the turmoil in the wingnut press. They have enjoyed a bit of a ratings spike, although temporary and still badly trailing Fox. And in an effort to benefit from Fox’s misfortunes, Newsmax pulled a stunt intended to draw even more of Fox’s viewers away. They hired Florida congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Perv) to guest host a program in primetime. He began his debut by assuring viewers that…

“You’re on the right channel. If you’re confused, your eyes are not failing you, and Greg Kelly did not suddenly get better hair. I’m Matt Gaetz.”

It was astute of Gaetz to recognize the potential for confusion among Newsmax watchers. The network, much like Trump, relies on the “poorly educated” for support.

More to the point, Newsmax recruited Gaetz because of his demonstrated ability to lie with a straight face to the camera. Just like the network’s regular hosts. But what’s profoundly disturbing about this is that it appears to be the first time that a sitting member of Congress has appeared as a host of political TV program.

The hosting by Gaetz is wholly unethical for a member of congress who is paid to represent his constituents, not to advance his media career. He has plenty of opportunities to be interviewed on programs like this, but hosting is another matter entirely. Gaetz sits on committees that are debating important issues such as the looming debt default. His hosting gig puts him in a position to direct the editorial content of the program and dispense unfiltered propaganda.

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As for Newsmax, they are boosting the profile of a partisan politician who has a decidedly biased perspective and expecting the viewers to simply accept his as a presenter. Not that Newsmax viewers expect anything resembling neutrality, but it is still a flagrant breach journalistic ethics.

This isn’t the first time that Gaetz has pulled this kind of stunt. He previously guest co-hosted Fox News’ “Outnumbered” as the lone male panelist. That, however, could have been dismissed as an hour long guest appearance, which is precisely what Fox News did. However, Fox hasn’t been hesitant to snatch up former members of Congress and give them their own programs (i.e. Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy).

What’s next for Newsmax? Perhaps they could get Marjorie Taylor Greene to moderate a debate prior to the New Hampshire primary? Or maybe they will let Donald Trump guest host for the week before the 2024 election.

Another way to process the absurdity of Newsmax tapping Gaetz as a guest host can be demonstrated by imagining the horror with which the right would respond if CNN allowed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to sit in for Anderson Cooper.

On the other hand, putting Gaetz on the air just certifies the political bias of Newsmax. Which could be helpful in determining the outcome of the defamation cases pending against them. In addition to Dominion Voting Systems, Newsmax is also being sued by Smartmatic, another voting software company that is alleging defamation. So Newsmax may be digging its own grave. And for that endeavor, we wish them luck.

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9 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz Guest Hosts Show on Newsmax, Affirming that Both are Unethical Propagandists

  1. Little perv boy Gaetz should be expelled from the House ASAP!

  2. Either Gaetz is a television host or he’s a Congressman. He can’t be both. He can’t expect to be double-paid. Does NewsMax and their viewers know Gaetz is pedo? Do they see it as a bug or feature? If the Idiot Brigade (Freedumb Caucus) gets its way, do the viewers know what’s in the GQP plan, what they want cut? What will they do when Social Security checks are late or don’t come at all? Same with Welfare (I’ll bet anything a lot of them are on welfare).

  3. Keeping in mind, of course, that no TraitorBot will have a problem with Matty Gitz hosting the show, but if, say, Barack Obama guest hosted on, say, Rachel Maddow, every single TraitorBot will demand that MSNBC lose its license for that.

    But Traitors say, sure nice to see our great and wonderful Matty on TV, right?

    Damn all Traitors.

  4. Gaetz, (R-perv). That was great and really what Gaetz is. I just commented on another site that Gaetz is a child molester and a pure piece of stinking crap. These 3rd rate fascist TV shows must be desperate to put that scumbag on their shows. Spewsmax and OANN are perfect example of sleaze bag TV networks. Fox Spews is the king of sleaze TV. I hope the pending lawsuits put these biased assholes out of business for good. The other democratic nations of the world would have already outlawed or wouldn’t have allowed them to broadcast this barrage of lies and disinformation to be aired in their nation, . Of course, Russia loves this kind of TV propaganda. Putin encourages it.

  5. Oh yeah, the pending lawsuits — any idea where they are now and what will happen in the near future? I thought (naively, I suppose) that once Dominion’s vs FUX case was settled, the other ones would follow along somewhat smartly. Why does justice for these rightwing arseholes take so damned long to arrive?

    • I have been wondering why justice for the rightwing criminals is taking so long too. They seem to be privileged thugs that get away with a lot of crimes too with no arrests. I am totally fed up with the way things go here in the USA. I am more than ready to take my rear end to Canada and forget about the United States. Things are not perfect in Canada, but they are much better than here in the USA. It seems these Fascist/GQP are almost immune when it comes to their blatant disregard for the laws here. I am sick of it. Their main goal is to restrict voting to the point that Democrats can’t win and then win elections and end Democracy for good here. That is about as corrupt as it gets

      • If you’re thinking of Canada, bone up on its relationship with the US now. I think it’s changed. Our relationship with a lot of nations has changed. (Source: Miami Herald)

        • I do agree, our relationship has changed with many nations has changed. The Fascist/NAZI/GQP are really downgrading our relationship with other nations. They have ruined many things here in the United States and making us look bad. The feud that TUMP had with Canada while he was dictator didn’t help things either. I just hope the Dems win big in 2024 because like i have said many times i am not staying in the USA if TUMP and his Fascist/NAZI/GQP take over i am NOT staying here in the USA. I for one will not abide by their laws they will make us slaves to them and they will end up taking me prisoner of will murder me.

  6. Traitors is the word you are looking for. They are both traitors.

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