Squeaker McCarthy’s Debt Default Deceit is Wrecked By WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

As the deadline for avoiding a catastrophic economic default rapidly approaches, the dishonest rhetoric of Republicans – led by GOP House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy – escalates to absurd proportions as they remain steadfast in refusing to honor the full faith and credit of the United States by raising the debt ceiling, as previous Congresses have done.

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Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker (Squeaker), Donald Trump

The determination of Republicans to tank the economy has been evident for months. They hope to use the suffering that they would create to boost their political prospects in 2024. It’s a cynical and callous strategy that exposes their insensitivity to the hardships it would impose on the American people. And they are supported in this sinister scheme by right-wing media, especially Fox News.

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The latest example of the GOP’s disinformation campaign was contained in a tweet by McCarthy that completely misrepresented reality to blame the current chaos on President Biden. Fortunately, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was there to set the record straight in the most succinct and devastating way…

McCarthy thought he could just brush aside the fact that it was Donald Trump who contributed the most substantial portion of the nation’s current outstanding debt. But Jean-Pierre’s observation provided a stark contrast between the $800.00 that McCarthy is whining about and the $20,000.00 that he’s ignoring.

What’s more, McCarthy is making an utterly false assertion that the increased debt that he is misattributing to Biden actually ends up as funds that Americans have to pay each month. In reality, nobody’s monthly expenses go up as a result of this. It is just tacked onto the accumulated national debt and paid for by future tax revenue. Which, by the way, McCarthy refuses to discuss increasing by revoking the tax cuts that Trump and the GOP gifted to America’s corporations and the wealthy. He won’t even entertain closing tax loopholes or auditing tax cheaters.

However, the cuts that McCarthy is holding the nation hostage for, in order to force his broadly unpopular agenda down the country’s throat, actually do cost people real money in reductions to benefits for Social Security, Medicare, veterans aid, food assistance, infrastructure improvement, education costs, and much more. That amounts to thousands of dollars for millions of Americans, rather than the $800.00 that McCarthy is babbling about.

If McCarthy was truly interested in reducing the debt, he would do what Biden and the Democrats have been doing that resulted in the deficit declining by $1.4 trillion last year. And for the record, Trump increased the debt by nearly $8 trillion dollars – much of that due to his tax cuts that benefited his Mar-a-Lago guests – and ne’er a word of criticism was heard from the GOP or Fox News.

But then again, if McCarthy was truly interested in anything that the American people want, he and his party wouldn’t be so reviled by so many.

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5 thoughts on “Squeaker McCarthy’s Debt Default Deceit is Wrecked By WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

  1. His default? If there’s a default, it’s the Republicans who own it, lock, stock and smoking barrel.

  2. If this low life son of a bitch McCarthy wants his ”cuts” so much, he can start with his own salary and cut the Rethug house members pay by 50$, and Rethug Senator’s pay by 50%. and then end the tax breaks they gave the wealthy and tax them 60%. These greedy bastards make me sick with their corrupt BS. I hate McCarthy almost as much as i do Donald TUMP and Marjorie Traitor Goon. All 3 of them are the worst examples of humans in the entire world.

    • Mistake alert,,,,, i meant to write cut the house members pay by 50 percent, not 50 dollars… my proofreading is slipping lately…

  3. President Biden needs to schedule regular all-network TV addresses to the nation, to explain just how much peril we’re in thanks to the Repugnican party and its uber-rich backers. FDR held radio-broadcast “fireside chats” as a way of communicating directly to the people in times of crisis. Biden needs to take the same direct approach, to try to combat the endless barrage of lies coming from the Right.

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