Biden Snubs Fox News, Ignores the Right-Wing Propaganda Network’s Super Bowl Interview Invite

The upcoming Super Bowl is bringing with it the expectation of an interview with the President of the United States, Joe Biden. It’s regarded as a traditional affair, despite the fact that it only began in 2009 with President Obama. Nevertheless, ever since then, the network that airs the football game, with few exceptions, has had a brief chat with the President.

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Fox News, Joe Biden, Fake News

This year the Super Bowl is being broadcast by the Fox “Entertainment” network. Consequently, the interview would be conducted by Fox News. However, with just a few days before the event, President Biden has not indicated that he would be participating. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that last year Biden was reported to have accurately described Fox News as “one of the most destructive forces in the United States,” and that Rupert Murdoch “was the most dangerous man in the world.”

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While there is still a small chance that Biden may show up for the interview, Fox News isn’t counting on it. According to Variety

“With just three days to go before the Kansas City Chiefs square off against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the White House has yet to commit to the traditional interview between the President of the United States and the news division of the media company broadcasting the gridiron classic.”

Biden has good reason to refuse Fox’s invitation. The network serves as the official Ministry of Propaganda for the the Republican Party. While prior Super Bowl interviews on other networks were conducted by reputable journalists, Fox News has assigned the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity to handle their Super Bowl babble. And in the first week of his administration, Biden’s press office spelled out their criteria for engaging with the media that appears to rule out Fox News:

“We expect reporters covering the White House to operate in good faith and tell their audience the truth. […] Organizations or individuals who traffic in conspiracy theories, propaganda and lies to spread disinformation will not be tolerated.”

Of course, the Biden White House wasn’t going to ban Fox News. But they were putting them on notice. Variety notes that this year, “Fox News had been planning to offer one of its news correspondents to handle the duties.” The problem with that, however, is that Fox News doesn’t employ any “news correspondents.” Do they think that partisan hacks like Bret Baier or Martha MacCallum would do any better job of it than Hannity or Tucker Carlson? Maybe Fox would hand the mic to their White House correspondent, Peter Doocy.

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Fox News is naturally going ballistic over this brushoff. They can’t comprehend how a leader could disrupt this habitual ritual (of fourteen whole years). Never mind that Trump skipped out on the Super Bowl interview with Lester Holt of NBC News in 2018.

We can predict the sort of questions that a Fox “News” interviewer would ask. Rather than covering issues that the American people care about, like those that Biden addressed in his State of the Union speech (inflation, taxes, climate change, reproductive rights, Social Security, etc.), Fox would harp on nonsense like Hunter Biden’s stolen laptop, Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” of election fraud, classified documents found at Biden’s home (but ignoring Trump and Pence), migrant “caravan” invasions, false allegations of bias against conservatives by Twitter, and the sex appeal of cartoon candy characters.

For a preview of the sort of interview that Fox News would conduct, just have a look at how they have covered recent breaking news stories…

UPDATE: Apparently Fox News had canceled an interview that Biden had agreed to do with Fox Soul, a Black audience focused streaming network. But now the interview is reportedly back on, for now. [Update to update: The interview was canceled again]

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Fox News Frantically Struggles to Exonerate Trump After Release of the Redacted FBI Affidavit

For nearly three weeks Donald Trump has been plaintively whining about the FBI executing a legally obtained search warrant on his Mar-a-Lago bunker. The agency was seeking to retrieve highly sensitive national security materials that Trump had unlawfully absconded with when he was evicted from the White House by the American people.

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Donald Trump Fox News

Among the complaints Trump had was a thoroughly contrived allegation that the search warrant was improperly issued by a politically biased Justice Department that Trump baselessly charged was influenced by President Biden. It was just one of many pitifully incoherent attempts by Trump to make excuses for his criminal behavior. And as the days wore on, those excuses got incrementally more bizarre.

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Lacking any evidence of his self-serving accusations, Trump resorted to demanding that the Justice Department’s affidavit used to justify the search warrant be released. Which, if he were capable of learning, may have taught him the lesson about being careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

On Friday the Justice Department did release a redacted version of the affidavit. The redactions were intended to prevent the disclosure of information that could reveal sources and methods of the FBI, or could interfere with ongoing investigations. Nevertheless, there was significant material in the release that only further incriminated Trump. For example, the affidavit confirmed that there were numerous classified documents stashed in the boxes Trump was hoarding at his Palm Beach resort hotel. According to Politico

“[A]gents found 184 unique documents, 25 of which were marked ‘top secret,’ 92 of which were marked ‘secret,’ and 67 of which were marked ‘confidential’ [and that] some of those ‘highly classified records were unfoldered, intermixed with other records.'”

The damning evidence of Trump’s blatant violation of the law was apparent to anyone who read the affidavit. Well, anyone who wasn’t deliberately trying to absolve him of his obvious guilt, such as the propagandists at his Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News). Upon the release of the affidavit, the news manglers at Fox commenced their whitewashing.

Martha MacCallum, host of Fox’s “The Story” interviewed her Fox colleague Bret Baier (video below). She began by asking an oddly unrelated question about “Whether or not this was an effort to dig for January 6th information.” To which Baier replied that “It really is.” He then elaborated saying that…

“There is a belief that there was something bigger here that they were searching for. But the impetus for it was these classified documents and the possession of them. Even just the possession of them is a question, even though it’s a former president. There’s a lot here that we have to digest. The 1978 Presidential Records Act, and how that affects all of this. We’re gonna dig in but, gosh, there’s a lot of black.”

If there is “a belief that there was something bigger here,” it exists only in the twisted imaginations of Fox News and their glassy-eyed viewers. Also, what does Baier think is bigger than the possible treason of Trump stealing classified documents, storing them at his home, and being unable to account for who might have had access to them?

As for the Presidential Records Act, Baier appears to be parroting Trump, who has been yammering about the same thing on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Trust Social. For the record, the Presidential Records Act “Establishes that Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.” In other words, a former president has no right to warehouse classified materials outside of the legal custody of the National Archives. And he surely has no right to lie to the FBI about having those materials.

However, MacCallum and Baier weren’t finished defending Trump. After describing The Former Guy’s actions as “a very Trumpian move,” MacCallum and Baier engaged in the following exchange…

MacCallum: The big question that remains is “why?”. Why was the [former] president holding on to these materials despite the fact that they continually asked for them? Why was there not an ability to make some sort of agreement about returning all of it that he could sort of be at peace with? And the reporting that he sort of felt like ‘”this is my stuff and I have the right to it.”
Baier: But why, also, wasn’t there another subpoena, another effort at interaction? Were they seeing a total stiff-arm from the Trump people? That’s not in this document yet, at least we can’t see it.

MacCallum actually made a good point at first by questioning why Trump should ever have had the documents at Mar-a-Lago in the first place. But she spoiled it by suggesting that there wasn’t a concerted effort by the FBI to retrieve the documents, which was resisted by Trump. And Trump has no rightful expectation of being “at peace” with his obligation to obey the law.

Baier went even further off the rails with his query about whether there should have been a another subpoena. That’s not how subpoenas work. If someone fails to comply with one, you don’t start issuing more. In fact, you get a search warrant, which is what the FBI did.

As more information comes out about this affair, we can expect more evidence of Trump’s guilt. And simultaneously, we can expect Fox News to continue covering for Trump. Even as some at the network are beginning to lean away from Trump, and toward potentially worse alternatives like Ron DeSantis, the network will feel compelled to soft peddle Trump’s crimes so that they don’t tarnish the already declining prospects of other republicans. It’s a tightrope that they are walking because they are trapped in Trump’s world and are too scared to walk away or – heaven forbid – tell the truth.

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Fox News Hack’s Deranged Defense of Trump’s Insurrection and Coup Plot Backfires Bigly

For more than a year and an half, Fox News has been propping up Donald Trump and his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. All of their Trump-fluffing hosts, contributors, and guests, have participated in the deceit that has driven the nation apart and led to the deadly insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

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Donald Trump, Fox News, Lies

Among the most pernicious of Trump’s accessories to sedition is weekend host, Mark Levin. He’s allegedly a lawyer once served as chief of staff to Edwin Meese, Ronald Reagan’s disgraced Attorney General. On the latest episode of his lie-cast, Levin lashed out at the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. The premise of this harangue centered on his contention that there was no insurrection at all. Never mind all the video of hundreds of StormTrumpers assaulting Congress as they tried to carry out their constitutional duties to certify the election. But distorting legal arguments is nothing new for Levin.

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Levin’s argument rested on his twisted definition of the word “insurrection.” He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about or, more likely, is deliberately mangling the language to disinform his dimwitted viewers (video below). He began…

“If Donald Trump were seriously interested in an insurrection, he would have issued a video, and his video wouldn’t have said what it said. His video would have been a call to arms, right? To leading an insurrection.

He would have called everybody who could hear his voice to come to the Capitol armed, armed, to take over the Capitol building. He would have called out the United States military, whether they would respond or not, to come to the Capitol building, encircle it, arrest the Vice President, and arrest other officials, members of Congress. That’s an insurrection. He would have declared martial law. That’s an insurrection. He didn’t do any of those things. As a matter fact, He didn’t do any of the things people told him he might want to do in order to, quote/unquote, ‘hold onto the presidency.'”

First of all, Trump actually did issue a “call to arms,” when he told his cult followers that they had to “fight like hell,” or they “wouldn’t have a country anymore.” He then told his Deplorable Army – who, according to the aide to his own chief of staff, he knew were armed – to march to the Capitol, even promising that he would be marching with them. And while he didn’t order the arrest of Mike Pence, he did agree that he deserved to be hanged.

Levin also implied that the reason Trump “didn’t do any of those things” that would keep him in power was because that wasn’t his intention. To the contrary, Trump did try to orchestrate a coup, but the people he needed for it to succeed refused to go along with it. So far Levin’s argument is a total bust. But he was just getting started. He continued with a question that was surprisingly fitting, although not for any reason he might have been thinking:

“What am I talking about? He didn’t send out the military to get voting machines, as some have suggested. He didn’t send out the Department of Homeland Security to get drop boxes, as some have suggested. He didn’t fire the Attorney General or the acting Attorney General, as some have suggested. He didn’t appoint a special counsel, as some have suggested. He didn’t do any of it.”

Here is where Levin’s loopy lecture went completely off the rails. Virtually everything he said was a lie. Also, he is not describing an insurrection here. He is describing a coup. Of course, Trump is guilty of attempting both. In this case, however, Trump actually did seek to “send out the military to get voting machines.” He did try to have federal agencies “get drop boxes.” He did plan to “fire the Attorney General or the acting Attorney General,” and replace him with a corrupt crony. He did want his crackpot lawyer, Sydney Powell, to be “appoint[ed] special counsel” He did all of that.

What’s more, Levin left out entirely that Trump also pressured state election officials in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc., to “find votes” for him. And he sought to replace legitimate electors with Trump supporters. And for more than three hours Trump failed to take any action to halt the insurrection that was in progress on Capitol Hill. Instead, he was watching it on Fox News and cheering them on.

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Trump’s treachery is well documented. And Levin’s tirade did nothing but affirm his anti-democratic criminality. In fact, the points raised by Levin make a strong case for indicting Trump and his crime syndicate. Even the newspapers owned by Fox News magnate, Rupert Murdoch, are saying that Trump is “unworthy” to serve as president again.

Fox News itself has yet to be so explicit in their criticism. But anchor Bret Baier did comment on how the House Committee’s work is playing out, saying that “Laying out all these 187 minutes makes him look horrific.” However, Baier is a little late. Most Americans had noticed the horror of Donald Trump a long time ago.

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Frightened Fox News Audience Tunes Out January 6th Hearings Even When They Air on Fox

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump has been providing increasingly incriminating evidence of Trump’s criminal culpability and that of his disreputable underlings. The latest hearing featuring Mark Meadows aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, may be the most devastating yet for the seditionist cabal.

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Fox News Sad

Hutchinson’s testimony included bombshell revelations about Trump’s fore knowledge and approval of the potential for violence at his Capitol rally. She disclosed Trump’s seething anger that erupted into food flinging tantrums. She told the Committee that White House lawyers were worried about criminal charges and that several members of Congress had sought pardons from Trump.

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Needless to say, this is not the sort of testimony that is welcomed on Fox News. In fact, it is usually either ignored or framed with knee-jerk rebuttals in order to intercept any potentially honest presentations from infecting their brainwashed viewers. However, it appears that Fox need not be so concerned about that happening, because their viewers are self-censoring the network. According to the Huffington Post

“Fox News Channel is airing the Jan. 6 committee hearings when they occur in daytime hours and a striking number of the network’s viewers have made clear they’d rather be doing something else. During two daytime hearings last week, Fox averaged 727,000 viewers, the Nielsen company said. That compares to the 3.09 million who watched the hearings on MSNBC and the 2.21 million tuned in to CNN.” […]

“Last Thursday, Fox had 1.33 million viewers for the 2 p.m. Eastern hour before the hearing started […] After the hearing started, Fox’s audience’s sank to 747,000.”

Following the hearings last Thursday, Fox’s ratings shot back up to 2.76 million for an episode of “The Five.” What this tells us is that Fox’s audience is so afraid of being exposed to any information that challenges their pre-programmed biases, that they will even tune out Fox News – the source of their pre-programmed biases. Then they file back in when Trump-fluffers like Sean Hannity resume their lying propaganda.

As a result of this “canceling” of candid accounts of events, as told mostly by Republican witnesses and Trump staffers, Fox fans effectively shield themselves from a reality that they are too fragile to deal with. They even missed Fox Newsers like anchor Bret Baier saying that…

“This testimony was very compelling from beginning to end. [Hutchinson] obviously had access to all of the players.” […]

“[Trump] says she’s lying. Cassidy Hutchinson is under oath, on Capitol Hill. The [former] president is on Truth Social.”

Baier added that he would have liked to hear some pushback from Republicans like Jim Jordan, but that “the testimony in and of itself was really, really powerful.” That commentary was followed by an embarrassingly long moment of dead air. What Baier doesn’t say is that the absence of Republicans is due to them boycotting the hearings and to Trump ordering his flunkies to refuse to testify.

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Consequently, Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples will remain blissfully ignorant of the facts regarding the January 6th insurrection, just as they are about the economy, the border, COVID, Ukraine, gun reform, reproductive health, and of course, election “fraud.”

Ignorance is, in fact, their natural, preferred state of being. And they prove it by deliberately avoiding any news that contradicts their preconceptions and their Dear Leader Trump. Even the relentlessly Trump-friendly Fox News.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, the ratings showed that Fox News still trends down during the hearings, with MSNBC beating Fox while the hearings were in progress. More proof that Fox News viewers remain too feeble to face reality.

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SAVE THE DATE: MyPillow Pinhead Mike Lindell is Organizing a Protest Against Fox News

This holiday season Americans will be busy visiting with friends and family and planning festivities for Christmas and New Year’s. It is a season full of joy and comradery and hope. But Mike Lindell, the MyPillow mogul who has become Donald Trump’s foremost election fraud flouting flunky, would like you all to keep open some time for another of his screwball circus acts.

Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, MyPillow

Lindell has announced that he is organizing a public protest against Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation, Fox News:

“We are going to do something out in front of Fox News, I think we should have – you know, if people want to go down there, maybe we should give out Frank Speech signs. [Fox News is] a big part of our country being taken from us.”

Based on the record of abject failure of Lindell’s previous media events, this demonstration promises to be an affair to dismember. It will rank up there with his “Absolute Proof” crocumentary, wherein he declared that he would provide irrefutable evidence that Trump won the election. His presentation was a spectacle of hyperventilating harangues and hothead hyperbole. The only thing it was missing was the “proof” part. Although it did earn him a hysterical disclaimer from OAN prior to airing it, and a place in the billion dollar defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems.

Lindell also staged a “cyber symposium” that likewise guaranteed confirmation of election fraud. But this event was so preposterous that even Fox News refused to accept advertising for it. As a result, Lindell pulled all of his ads from Fox. Which must have upset Tucker Carlson where MyPillow was his biggest – and pretty much last – advertiser.

Lindell isn’t the only right-winger who is angry with Fox News. Trump has been bashing them regularly, despite continuing to appear with devoted Trump-fluffers like Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin. And with the release of Tucker Carlson’s horrifically anti-American diatribe, “Patriot Purge,” – that defends the violent January 6th StormTrumper riots in Washington, D.C. – many staunchly conservative Republicans, and even Fox News staffers, are distancing themselves from the network. NPR is reporting that…

[Fox anchors] Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, shared their objections with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and its president of news, Jay Wallace. Those objections rose to Lachlan Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of the network’s parent company.”

None of the Fox executives responded to NPR’s request for comments. However, two longtime Fox contributors, Steven Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, did respond. They just resigned citing Carlson’s pro-insurrection piece as the last straw. And their resignations touched off a wave of support from other Fox regulars.:

  • Liz Cheney: “Thank you @stephenfhayes and @JonahDispatch for standing up for truth and calling out dangerous lies.”
  • Charlie Sykes: “Good.”
  • Adam Kinzinger: “This…. Leading by example. Nice job”
  • Bill Kristol: “Kudos to @stephenfhayes and @JonahDispatch for standing up to Fox, yelling Stop, at a time when few other conservatives are inclined to do so.”
  • Stuart Stevens: “Until @FoxNews commits itself to journalism, anyone who cares about democracy shouldn’t work there or advertise. Doesn’t really hold up to say ‘I support a channel because not every show is a racist attack on democracy, just the most popular'”

This exodus from Fox News may seem like a positive development that could impact their future editorial mission. But don’t count on it. The honchos at Fox don’t appear the least bit interested in slanting back toward sanity and/or reality. And CNN’s Jim Acosta articulated that in a succinct assessment of the state of Fox News:

UPDATE: The Fox News protest was, predictably, a total bust that drew about dozen Lindell flunkies.

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President Who? Fox News and Mitch McConnell Still Don’t Acknowledge that Trump Lost

Last November Joe Biden decisively won the presidential. He drew over eight million more votes than the loser Donald Trump, and a sweeping electoral college victory of 306 to 232. But despite that conclusive result, Trump spent months spewing incendiary allegations of an allegedly “stolen” election. His tirades were unarguably responsible for the deadly riots that occurred at the Capitol on January 6th.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Now, even after widespread condemnation of Trump and his insurrectionist brigades, even after Biden’s inauguration, Trump and his Republican cult disciples continue to pretend that Biden is an illegitimate president and that Trump is the rightful head of state. And naturally, Fox News is enabling that delusional hero worship. Sean Hannity, tucker Carlson, and other Fox hosts routinely refer to “President” Trump, while dismissively calling the actual president “Biden” or simply “Joe.” It’s a deliberate attempt to belittle President Biden, while feeding their audience’s fantasy that Trump remains on what they must believe is his throne.

Case in point: On Thursday Fox’s chief political “news” anchor, Bret Baier, interviewed the Senate’s Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and engaged in this bizarre exchange:

McConnell: There’s no incumbent. And fun for you all to cover.
Baier: If the President was the Party’s nominee, would you support him?
McConnell: The nominee of the Party? Absolutely!

First of all, notice that McConnell, without challenge, said that in the 2024 presidential election there would be “no incumbent.” That would only be true if Biden chooses not to run for reelection. But there’s no way that McConnell know that now.

More to the point, notice that Baier’s question addresses whether McConnell would support “the President” if he were the Party’s nominee. Well, the President is Joe Biden. While etiquette would permit the use of “President Trump,” the meaning of “the President” is always the one currently in office. So was Baier asking if McConnell would support Biden if he decided to run as a Republican? Of course not. Baier was just casually – and dishonestly – referring to Trump as the current president. And McConnell didn’t blink in replying as if he thought the same thing.

This isn’t a trivial rhetorical glitch. They are both pretending that Trump is still president and that Biden is a villainous usurper. It is the same sort of purposeful deceit that produced the violence in D.C. by Trumpian loyalists seeking to restore him to his rightful place by any means necessary.

It should also be noted that McConnell’s expression of support for Trump were he the GOP nominee in 2024 is an astonishing admission that there are absolutely no consequences for the treasonous behavior of Trump. And that’s not just the opinion of disgruntled Democrats. After voting to acquit Trump in the Senate Impeachment hearing, McConnell actually admitted that Trump was guilty because “He did not do his job. He didn’t take steps so federal law could be faithfully executed and order restored.” McConnell elaborated saying that…

“There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president. and having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth.”

That’s the guy for whom McConnell just declared his support. And the support for Trump by McConnell, along with a frightful majority of Weak-minded, obedient, Trump-obsessed Republicans, almost ensures more of the hostilities that Trump incited. It forgives his transgressions and enables his most dangerous followers among the racist, seditionist, anti-democratic hordes who continue to articulate threats to civil society.

And that’s what’s wrong with today’s Republican Party. It’s a personality driven cult. It is totally devoid of principle or ethics. It is addicted to the lies and propaganda of Fox News. It is wholly devoted to the maintenance of power. And nothing – not the interests of the people, or the welfare of the nation, or sustaining the Constitution and democracy – nothing else matters to them.

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Fox News Forced to Apologize for Grossly Racist Graphic

This is one of those days when you need to check the weather report in Hell. If it hasn’t frozen over, there is at least a severe polar vortex bearing down on Satan’s lair. The storm warning came in the form of an announcement by Fox News that they were sorry about having aired a graphic so drenched in bigotry that even they couldn’t tolerate it.

Fox News Sad

On the Friday episode of Fox’s signature evening “news” program, Special Report, (not an opinion show like Sean Hannity), they did a segment on the economy and the recent gains in the stock market. Seeking to contextualize these gains, Fox produced a graphic that compared past market increases with particular events in history.

The problem was that each of the historical events they selected was the murder of an African-American. The only feasible conclusion to draw from this presentation was that Fox News regards the killing of black men in America as a positive factor in economic growth. They seem to be saying “Just think how much higher the market would be if more black men were murdered.”

It is not coincidental that they did this the same day that the Racist-in-Chief, Donald Trump, tried to conflate the stock market with what he said is “a great day” for George Floyd. But in a rare gesture of journalistic remorse (only after an avalanche of crushing criticism) Fox News later issued a tepid apology:

That’s a big concession for the network that has never apologized for backing conspiracy theories like Barack Obama being born in Kenya. Or that a Democratic aide was murdered by Hillary Clinton associates. Or that Russia didn’t interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Or that the fictional Antifa(scist) “organization” is orchestrating civil unrest at protests over the killing of George Floyd by police. Or that Joe Biden is mentally unfit. Or that Donald Trump IS mentally fit.

Still, Fox is only apologizing for not having put the data in context. Although, it’s hard to imagine a context that wouldn’t have made this flagrantly racist. There is no framing for which this information would have been useful. The stock market rises and falls on a variety of triggering factors that include corporate earnings, international trade, employment statistics, federal legislation, and even gut feelings about speculative future economic environments. But nowhere is there any evidence of violence against African-Americans being the cause of any market activity.

In fact, it’s easy to make the case for virtually any activity producing some market movement based on one week’s worth of data. For instance, the market rose 1.5% in the week following Trump’s impeachment. Is that an indication that Wall Street was celebrating Trump’s political demise? The week after racist GOP icon George Wallace died the market rose 2.4%. And of particular interest to Fox News, the week following the death of their founder and CEO Roger Ailes, the market leapt 3.2%. Is that telling us something about bigoted, sexual predators who run propaganda machines?

With all of the naked racial prejudice that airs on Fox news on a daily basis, it is not nearly sufficient that they put out a perfunctory “apology” for this sort of behavior that is so consistent with their noxious conduct in their past. They need to demonstrate that they have a grasp of the consequences of their broadcasts by censuring their repeat racist offenders: Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, for starters. Absent that, they can take their apology and shove it.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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HUH? Fox News Implies Barr’s Absolution of Flynn Invalidates the 2018 Election

The criminal administration of Donald Trump is frantically trying to slip through as many political atrocities as it can before it is swept out office next year. And they aren’t shy about hiding behind the tragedies of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in order to achieve their nefarious goals. In fact, it almost seems like they are deliberately making things worse by prematurely “reopening” the country economically in order to better cloak their activities.

Donald Trump, Bill Barr

On Thursday Trump’s Justice Department led by Attorney General, Bill Barr, announced that they were asking a federal judge to drop the charges against Michael Flynn, Trump’s disgraced former National Security Advisor. Flynn had pleaded guilty to an array of charges including lying to the FBI. He also promised to cooperate with federal prosecutors until he abruptly reneged and hired a new team of lawyers. The charges against him were pretty airtight, which is why he originally admitted his guilt. But more recently he concluded that by hanging tough he would be able to secure a presidential pardon or a dismissal, which is what has now occurred.

Flynn was the poster boy for the corruption that infects every cell of the Trump regime’s body. He had unsavory relations with the governments of Russia and Turkey. He was considered dirty even before Trump was inaugurated. President Obama fired him and warned Trump to steer clear. Naturally, that probably had the effect of endearing Flynn to Trump. Birds of a feather, and all that. Just last week Trump unleashed a tweetstorm of 27 tweets supporting Flynn.

The news that Barr was dropping the charges broke pretty quickly as every news network interrupted their programming with special coverage. However, the coverage on Fox News stood out for its predictably biased slant, including bizarre opinions by their “straight” news anchors, Bill Hemmer and Bret Baier. They joined to imply that Barr’s dismissal of Flynn’s charges somehow reflected on the validity of the 2018 election (video below):

Hemmer: It begs the question, what was Bob Mueller doing all this time? And were they out there looking for something that never existed? Were they trying to find a crime were they could not find one?
Baier: We’re in the middle of dealing with COVID and all of the health crisis and the economic crisis, but if you look back and you realize when Bob Mueller and his team knew that there was nothing there there, it was before the midterm election. And that raises its own questions about where that investigation went and how it proceeded.

WTF? If these guys don’t know what Mueller was doing at this point, they are either too stupid to be allowed to function outside of an asylum, or they are brazenly lying in support of their extreme right-wing agenda. Hemmer’s “questions” as to whether a crime occurred is deliberate disinformation. Mueller’s report explicitly stated that he was not able to exonerate Trump. It also enumerated several instances of felony perjury. Plus, there were several indictments and convictions in addition to Flynn’s guilty plea. All of this has been on the record for years now.

As for Baier, his preposterous speculations expose him as a bitterly partisan political hack. He asserts that Mueller at some point “knew that there was nothing there there.” That’s a flagrant lie. When Mueller testified before Congress he said that “Trump and his campaign welcomed and encouraged Russian interference,” and that they “lied about it to cover it up.” Does that sound like he knew there was no there there?

What’s more, the contention that Flynn being let off the hook now has some bearing on the 2018 election cannot be squared with reality. First of all, how can a decision to allow an admitted felon to go free by a dishonest and devotedly loyal Trump Attorney General have any such effect? Barr’s decision doesn’t make Flynn innocent and it doesn’t alter the voters’ choices to sweep corrupt Republicans out of office. Flynn’s get-out-of-jail-free card only serves as a further indictment of the corruption in Trump’s criminal syndicate. If anything, it validates what voters did in 2018.

More importantly, Barr’s Trumpist puppetry will likely spark a new level of outrage among the majority of Americans who already want Trump, and his GOP confederates, gone in November. If they think that coddling traitors is going to translate into Republican votes, they are dumber than Trump looks. Flynn’s freedom will remind every American voter that Republicans are on the side of those who betray our country. The likelihood of a Democratic tsunami at the polls in November became greater today.

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It’s a Crime! Fox News Anchors Tell the Truth About Trump’s Witness Intimidation

On Friday the Congressional hearing on Donald Trump’s impeachment continued with the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, the former Ambassador of the United States to Ukraine. Most observers have noted that Yovanovitch is a respected diplomat whose decades of service to the country reflect her honor and honesty. That opinion, however, is not shared by the President, whose nasty animosity is starkly contrary to the consensus of those who know her and her work.

Fox News, Impeach Trump

While the hearing was in progress, Trump demonstrated his deep-seated fear of the consequences of Yovanovitch’s truthful and credible testimony. True to form, Trump grabbed his Twitter machine and lashed out savagely at her in a loathsome attempt to discredit an honorable public servant. Trump tweeted that…

First of all, the fact that Yovanovitch voluntarily served in “hardship” posts (or what Trump might call shithole countries) is evidence of her patriotism and commitment to the advancement of our national interests. She was not responsible for the adversity in those countries. To the contrary, she could be credited with mitigating the chaos and suffering they endured over many years prior to her tenure.

Trump’s tweets can only be interpreted as intending to intimidate this witness and discourage other witnesses from coming forward. It is a corrupt and potentially illegal act that exposes his consciousness of guilt and further incriminates him. That view is surprisingly shared by the principle “news” anchors at Fox News. Bret Baier was asked for his assessment immediately following the first session on the hearing. He said that…

“This whole hearing turned on a dime when the President tweeted about her real time. And during the questioning Adam Schiff stopped the Democratic questioning to read the President’s tweet to her and get her response. That enabled Schiff to then characterize that tweet as intimidating the witness, or tampering with the witness, which is a crime. Adding, essentially, an article of impeachment real time as this hearing is going on.

Not only did Baier identify the potential criminality embedded in Trump’s disparaging and threatening tweet, but he recognized that having tweeted while the hearing was still in progress was an unusual interruption that had a profound and improper impact. And he wasn’t alone. Fox’s Chris Wallace also commented on Yovanovitch’s testimony saying that “if you are not moved… by the testimony of Marie Yovanovich, you don’t have a pulse.” He went on to deliver a brief history of her sterling career with the State Department. And then he added that…

“I agree with Bret here that the really dramatic moment is that this wasn’t just testimony about the past. This played out in real time with the president attacking her and saying that every place that she served went bad. And she was asked by Adam Schiff, ‘Do you see that as an effort to intimidate you and other witnesses?’ And she said that ‘I feel that is quite intimidating.’ And that does raise the possibility of witness intimidation and witness tampering as a new charge here.”

It was not, however, all hearts and flowers at Fox News. Yovanovitch has been bitterly attacked by the usual suspects during Fox’s primetime (Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham) and their morning propaganda block (Fox and Friends, Outnumbered). Wallace alluded to this when he spoke of the “smear campaign that came from Rudy Giuliani and some of his cohorts and was repeated in some of the outlets in right-wing media.” What Wallace didn’t acknowledge is that Fox News is the most prominent of those right-wing media outlets that smeared her. And we can expect that to continue despite these rare and candid comments from Baier and Wallace.

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UPDATE: As Fox took a break from the hearing, their senior Capitol Hill producer made the utterly irrelevant observation that “When we look at the U.S. Constitution and look at Article 2, Section 4, it doesn’t say anything about witness intimidation.” Of course it doesn’t. It also doesn’t say anything about murder, rape, bank fraud, perjury (see Bill Clinton), tax evasion, child pornography, cannibalism, etc. The Constitution never intended to itemize every possible illegal act that would warrant impeachment.

SO WHAT? Fox News Trump-Fluffer Read the Mueller Report and (Surprise) Found Nothing

The desperation of Donald Trump seems to be escalating with each new day and frantic tweet. This may be exacerbated by the upcoming congressional hearings featuring testimony by special counsel Robert Mueller. That has clearly been dominating what precious little comprehension capability Trump has. It has overtaken his obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad,” which he has only been exploiting as a method of distraction anyway.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Strange

On Monday Trump demonstrated just how frightened he is of the Mueller hearings. He tweeted a quote from Fox Business anchor Trish Regan that, for some bizarre reason, he thinks should settle the debate on whether Mueller found any evidence of collusion and/or obstruction of justice:

This may be one of the most supremely useless tweets Trump has ever posted. It is substantively vacant, providing no information whatsoever to support its premise. And it’s exactly the sort of biased propaganda that makes Fox News such a disreputable source for anything other than Trump happy talk.

In the segment, Regan summed up her perspective on the entire Mueller investigations saying that it was a “lousy thing to do to the American people and the President of the United States.” And her guests were equally as servile to Trump’s ego. Jenna Ellis Rives, a Trump 2020 campaign advisory board member, said that the 95 Democrats who voted to impeach Trump should all be impeached themselves. For casting votes? Pete Hegseth, of Fox and Friends, said that Democrats are hoping that Mueller will “slip up” during his congressional testimony. How? By letting the truth about Trump’s crimes slip out?

It requires a massive amount of self-delusion to conclude that there is nothing in Mueller’s report that incriminates Trump. There’s plenty. Including evidence of conspiracies by Trump and his associates with unsavory Russian characters. And Mueller enumerated at least ten instances of obstruction of justice. But most damning for Regan – and by extension, Trump – is that even some at Fox News have seen the light. You have to wonder why Trump didn’t post quote-tweets about these comments:

Bret Baier, the Chief Political Anchor on Fox News, offered his analysis after Mueller’s public statement. Baier blasted Barr’s misrepresentation of the Mueller report saying that it was more nuanced than Barr’s portrayal and “In fact, it was almost exactly the opposite.” He elaborated saying:

“I was struck by the tone and tenor of those remarks as he laid out his case wrapping up this report. This was not, as the president says time and time again, ‘no collusion, no obstruction.’ It was much more nuanced than that. […] He said specifically that if they had found that the President did not commit a crime on obstruction, they would have said that.”

Fox News Senior Legal Analyst, Andrew Napolitano, has made a number of observations that provide legal confirmation of Trump’s guilt. For instance:

“Mueller laid out at least a half-dozen crimes of obstruction committed by Trump […] The president’s job is to enforce federal law. If he had ordered its violation to save innocent life or preserve human freedom, he would have a moral defense. But ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior is unlawful, defenseless and condemnable.”

And then there was this:

“While there was some evidence of collaboration between Russian agents and the Trump campaign – like 127 telephone communications between them – there was not enough evidence to establish the crime of conspiracy.” […]

“If the subject of a criminal investigation tells the people that work for him to lie to the FBI and falsify evidence so that the FBI will not find out whatever the subject does not want them to know – as Mueller said Trump did between ten and eleven times – that is obstruction of justice and it is for a corrupt purpose.”

The Chief News Anchor and Managing Editor of the Fox News breaking news division, Shepard Smith, also weighed in with remarks that undermined Trump’s attacks on the Mueller probe. Specifically, Smith pointed out that the dossier by Christopher Steele was not the tainted documented that Sean Hannity and others have tried to paint it as:

“While the U.S. intelligence community has not confirmed parts of the dossier, there are elements of it that are confirmed true. No part of it, to Fox News’ knowledge, has been confirmed false.”

Given those comments by the most senior people at Fox News, Regan’s mushy remarks seem even more absurd and obsequious. And Trump’s promotion of them is simply more proof of the narcissistic fetish that defines his warped personality. It’s a certainty that we will be seeing more of this from Fox StormTrumpers like Sean Hannity as Trump’s fortunes continue to decline. In fact, be prepared for it to get even worse as Trump’s mental state deteriorates.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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