Fox News is SHOCKED that Biden Blew Off a ‘Stupid Question’ About Bogus Criminal Allegations

This week President Biden held a press conference to promote the progress made by his administration on eliminating the “junk fees” that are often applied to tickets for concerts, travel, and other activities. He achieved this without burdening companies with new regulations. The companies volunteered to reduce the fees and disclose them more prominently.

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However, Fox News is incapable of reporting anything positive about Biden or Democrats. So they had to find a way to nitpick the affair in order to cast the President in a negative light. They did this by latching onto a throwaway response to an inane and irrelevant question by a reporter from Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post. “Why did the Ukraine FBI informant file refer to you as the ‘big guy?’ the reporter asked. And Biden replied slyly, “Why did you ask such a dumb question?”

This is a subject that Republicans have been yammering about for weeks. Unfortunately for them, they have zero evidence of any misconduct by Biden. The “informant” they touted has mysteriously disappeared. The audio tapes they claimed to have don’t seem to exist. And the FBI report that they are obsessed with contains only unverified hearsay by a disreputable and biased source.

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Instead of reporting the real news that actually benefits American consumers, Fox chose to go after Biden for supposedly being rude to the reporter who hijacked the press conference with a hostile diversion. On Fox’s “The Five” co-host Dana Perino complained that Biden declined to answer the question. But what did she expect him to say? Did she expect that he would breakdown and confess to the trumped up charges? Or lash out in an incoherent, infantile temper tantrum like Trump?

Had Perino observed Biden’s demeanor throughout his career, she would know that he has a calm and respectful manner. It would be improper and pointless for him to answer such a ridiculous question. Nevertheless, Perino’s comrade, Jeanine Pirro had an even more preposterous take on the matter…

Pirro: First of all, I think it’s rich for Barack Obama, who is the President who created this division between the press and the White House when he started trashing Fox News and conservatives during his time as president.

REALLY? First of all, Obama rarely took shots at the media, even Fox News. When he did it was entirely appropriate and directed at specific instances wherein Fox News was out of line, unprofessional, and brazenly biased. Obama had a generally cordial relationship with the press, as does Biden. And Pirro has apparently forgotten that it was Trump who viciously denigrated the press in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people,” and personally insulted reporters – especially Blacks and women – at every opportunity.

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For the record, the allegations that the reporter was hounding Biden about on behalf of his GOP handlers, are allegedly contained in a document that the FBI has already made available to Republicans in Congress. It cannot be disclosed because of an investigation that is currently in progress, and because it contains unverified accounts provided by an unreliable source.

Consequently, Republicans have been making up what they want it to say and repeating their fabrications on right-wing TV programs. The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Jamie Raskin, countered that fictional narrative. telling the press that…

Once again Chairman [James} Comer has failed to provide factual evidence to support his wild accusations about the President. He continues to bombard the public with innuendo, misrepresentations, and outright lies, recycling baseless claims from stories that were debunked years ago.”

In the meantime, GOP House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy, is attempting to bully FBI Director Chris Wray with threats to hold him in contempt of Congress if he refuses to obey. Wray previously advised McCarthy that it would be improper for the FBI to reveal “unverified or incomplete information that could harm investigations, prejudice prosecutions or judicial proceedings, unfairly violate privacy or reputational interests, or create misimpressions in the public.”

But McCarthy and his Republican cohorts couldn’t care less about judicial fairness or legal ethics. And neither does Fox News.

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10 thoughts on “Fox News is SHOCKED that Biden Blew Off a ‘Stupid Question’ About Bogus Criminal Allegations

  1. I agree. Why should Biden answer a question that a) has no answer b) does not deserve an answer c) has absolutely nothing to do with the press conference subject

  2. This is what Kevin McSqueaky and the right wing Faux Nooze continue to do. It is the entire republican play book, denigrate, denigrate and denigrate. That is the only thing they can think of to do! I am glad that we have a truly decent man in the White House!

    • Great comment, Sunny B. Where have you been gone to so long??? Glad to see you back on here..

    • Kevin McAsshole and the right wing and Fox Spews are an organization of ignorance and lies that should have jobs in a pre school setting so they maybe could maybe learn something from the children in there. They are THAT stupid and immature.. They are baboons in adult human bodies just like their GOD and master of deceit Donald TUMP. I would have included Chimps, but Chimps are much smarter than they are. I agree that Joe Biden is a truly decent and good man in the White House..

  3. Well, guess that FauxSnooz (& rest of white-wing “news”[not!] needs more stupidity to fill up the airtime that WOULD be taken up with Trumpty-Dumpty’s crimes, courts & personal pity parties, since they all refuse to report the ACTUAL NEWS on those 3 major NOT-news networks [yes, 3 now – spreading like a diaper rash].
    And since GOP/MAGA’s front runner is also the WORST EVER criminal enterprise to shit on the U.S. from a gold toilet in our own WH ~ those who still support the EX-EXEC, LIAR ‘N THIEF will have to make up lots of phony news to tell their simple-minded viewers ~ fellow supporters of the traitor charged with 37 counts SO FAR!
    But, his voters & cohorts are just fine with the multitude of crimes he committed against OUR Country & People, for HIS OWN benefit, during (& since) his 4 ugly yrs in WH. Trump’s Season of Treason is A-OK with them & they want more, more, more of it! [Sick shit!?] Trump, the GOP, Fox & others ALL LIE TO THEM & by God, they LOVE it! They worship it! And we…must never let them forget any of it! Their children will pay a hefty price ($$) for the sins of their parents…sadly, OURS will also have to pay because of their blinded-to-truth-parents! Let no one ever forget that!

    • A judge totaled the number of years Trump would be in prison for if guilty on all counts. If the sentences run consecutively, 400 years. At that rate, he could be born in prison, grow up in prison and die in prison!

      • OMG! Like 5x! But I doubt he’ll get anywhere near that, if does any time at all. The judge he appointed who’s hearing this case…news reported that if jury convicts him, she can just nullify it – if that’s correct, that’s what she will do. Wondered why filed it down there & why a judge with very, very little experience as federal judge would be presiding over such an important & history making trial such as this!?! It’s inappropriate at best, especially since last Trump case she “judged” was overturned & she was strongly chastised for the poor job + biased & very wrong ruling she made. I think she is his “back door escape” from consequences. Kinda’ like how in many States, GOP has made it so election results can now be ignored by their people, put in place & given that authority. If you can’t win the court case, or election, just make it null & void…in other words words, cheat & you cannot lose!
        How much more UNAMERICAN can things get?! The USA, our Constitution, democracy & justice is being dismantled before our very eyes!! And those with the power at the top are doing nothing, it seems, to stop it from happening!

        • The case was filed in Florida because that’s where the actual crime occurred. It didn’t occur in Washington; that was packing the boxes and we didn’t find out until later that the documents that should have gone to NARA went to Florida. The crime was refusing to return the documents when requested, so the FBI had no choice but to get a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago. He has more cases coming up in New York; the Voter Fraud case in Georgia; and the J6 case in DC (yes, Jack Smith has a Grand Jury working on charges already.) Many cases seem to be coming to fruition at the same time. Going to make it diff. for Donny Boy to campaign. Keep hoping no one decides to go third party this time. We got lucky in the 90s. Ross Perot went third party and he siphoned enough votes off Bussh to give us Bill Clinton. When John Kerry ran against Dubya, Ralph Nader was a third party candidate and we all know what happened. Dubya and his plans for world conquest. There was a third party candidate in 2016 — Jill Stein. Result: Trump. So hope hope hope we don’t have someone deciding to go third party — Trump just might slither in.

          • What about that RFK, jr jerk?? He i nothing but a Rethuglican hack that has Rethuglican ideas. He says he is running on the Democratic side, but he talks and acts like a Rethug.. If TUMP slithers in, i will no longer live in the United States. I am going to the Great White North…… and by white, i don’t mean race, but their landscape in the winter time..

        • Lots of people wonder how Aileen (Loose) Cannon got the case if it was randomly assigned. There are only 4 judges for that particular district in the 11th Circuit. It’s not like it was predetermined ahead of time (my husband still thinks like it’s the early 50’s in a lot of ways. I constantly have to keep him updated and reminding him it’s 2023, not 1953). I don’t think Judge Cannon will be so blatantly biased this time; not only is the full 11th Circuit watching, but the whole world is watching too. She may just straighten up and fly right this time. The other judges are two Trump appointees who have pretty consistently ruled against him, and one judge that’s so conservative he makes Genghis Khan look like a liberal. Those three really went after Cannon. I doubt she wants to go through that again.

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