Trump AG Bill Barr Says ‘He’s Like a Defiant Nine Year Old Kid’ and Trump Proves That’s True

Among the most prominent characteristics of Donald Trump’s toxic personality is his unrelenting outrage and his tendency to throw infantile tantrums whenever he feels he has been treated with insufficient adoration. He is a textbook example of a malignant narcissist who has an obsessive compulsion to exalt himself at every opportunity and to fiercely denigrate his perceived foes.

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William Barr, Donald Trump

Trump promised make appointments in his administration from among “all the best people” that he pretended to have personal relationships with. As it turned out, his appointees were notoriously – according to Trump himself – weak, incompetent, unqualified, and utterly unfit for the jobs to which Trump appointed them.

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On Sunday’s edition of Face the Nation on CBS, Trump’s former Attorney General, Bill Barr, was interviewed by Robert Costa and provided some insightful observations of Trump from the perspective an insider who worked closely with him during his occupation of the White House.

Barr was one of Trump’s many appointments who were intended to run their offices with loyalty only to Trump rather than to the Constitution or the nation. He was also one of the many suckers who Trump later maligned in the most offensive terms. And no wonder Trump was furious. In this interview Barr gave a particularly accurate of description of Trump…

“He’s like a defiant nine year old kid who’s always pushing the glass toward the edge of the table defying his parents to stop him from doing it.” [and…]

“He’s a very petty individual who will always put his interests ahead of the country’s.” [and…]

“Our country can’t be a therapy session for a troubled man like this.” [and…]

“He is a consummate narcissist. He constantly engages in reckless conduct.”

For his part, Trump has been trying very hard to validate assessments like these. In just the past 24 hours, Trump has posted a series of utterly deranged harangues attacking law enforcement, Republicans, Fox News, and of course, President Biden. For example…

“[Special Counsel Jack] Smith is a sick and deranged sleazebag.” [and…]

“This is all about Election Interference by the Communist Misfits and Thugs.” [and…]

“[Mitch] McConnell and RINO Republicans are a disaster for the Republican Party.” [and…]

“Do not broadcast negative ads against Republican and Conservative Candidates. […] Only “TRUMP” can save Fox News.” [and…]

“Long live the King. The only solution for Fox News is to bring back Trump.” [and…]

“CROOKED JOE BIDEN pressed deranged Jack Smith to do this FAKE INDICTMENT on me.”

It’s clear that Barr is right about Trump’s stunted emotional state. And it’s equally clear that he’s gotten under Trump’s thin skin. This has been festering for quite a while. But it has gotten worse in recent weeks. For instance, referring to Trump’s indictment, Barr recently said that “If even half of what it says is true, HE’S TOAST!” And you can lay odds that way more than half is true, just by going on Trump himself has said.


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9 thoughts on “Trump AG Bill Barr Says ‘He’s Like a Defiant Nine Year Old Kid’ and Trump Proves That’s True

  1. Long live the King. The only solution for Fox News is to bring back Trump. (!?) That’s Baby Trump in a nutshell.

  2. Like i have said many time before, can’t they see that this severely mentally deranged kook Donald TUMP is only fit to be in prison, or an institution for the mentally deranged?? He needs to be disqualified immediately to run for Dictator of the United States. He is one sick son of a bitch.. I do not like former AG Bill Barr, but his views on TUMP are exactly right, and i hope he keeps on at TUMP to the point where the SOB nuts up and has to be hauled away to the Funny Farm in a straight jacket. ” There coming to take him away, ha ha, there coming to take him away ha ha, to the Funny Farm with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers… there coming to take him away!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • I love that “They’re Coming To Take Him Away” take. You’re right he should be in a straitjacket with the arms crossed in back, tied for safety. I’m no fan of Barr either, but when Trump talks about him like “He was a mistake” then I’m on Barr’s side when he makes a sensible comment about TFG (aka DJT)

      • I am on Barr’s side too when it comes to his comments that, ”get under TUMP’s skin”, As for that ” Coming to take his away thing,” Back in the late 1960’s when i was only 12 years old that was a thing they played on Rock Stations in Atlanta, GA then, it really wasn’t a song but it had drums playing in the background with sirens wailing. It was about a man that went crazy when his wife left him and he went insane, and he kept saying, ” There coming to take me away, ha ha” and on and on to the end of the song. I think if i listened to that too much i would have went insane, it actually gave me a very creepy feeling. My wife left me 7 years ago, but they didn’t have to take me away, thank goodness..

        • Wow, I was in my teens back then. I’ve heard that song, and you’re right, it does have a creepy vibe. My parents were teachers here, and they decided I was best served by schooling in Pennsylvania. It’s where I grew up.

          • Did you and your family live closer to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia?? Both of those cities have both of my NFL teams that are among my favorites. Going to school throughout my school days was uncomfortable down here in GA when the weather started getting hot, back in those days we had NO air conditioning in our schools. That was no fun at all.

            • No, John. Mom and Dad taught in Ohio; they sent me to school in Pennsylvania. I lived there until I graduated. I don’t have a favorite sports team unless we get into hockey; then I guess it would be the old Red Wings under Scotty Bowman. I watched one Stanley Cup game where Btrendan Shanahan tied the score at 40 seconds to go; Brett Hull ‘paid the insurance’ by getting the puck into the opposition’s net just as the buzzer went off. Georgia sounds like May in Florida — open door, meet blast furnace..

  3. Wonder what Trump thought when Jack Smith got a Trump gag order from a federal judge.

    • Most likely Trump thought the gag order wouldn’t be enforced. He’s never really been held to account before, so that’s how he thinks. “Nothing will happen” so he thinks he can violate court orders with impunity. This is his first brush with Accountability, and he doesn’t like it. A judge totaled up all the counts he’s charged with and if he’s found guilty of all of them he’s looking at 400 years of jail time.

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