The Final Battle? Trump’s Dystopian Campaign Ad Promises to ‘Liberate America From Villains’

Throughout his political career, Donald Trump has evoked a nightmarish vision of America and the world. In Trump’s diseased mind there are demons in every shadow and monsters under every bed. And all of them are hell-bent on destroying him due to his saintly virtue.

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Flaming Trump

Trump relentlessly portrays himself as a comic book hero warrior battling on behalf the enfeebled peasants who cannot survive without him. But he comes off as a pathetic loser steeped in victimhood who only cares about himself. His seething weakness and fear is glaring to anyone not blinded by the worshipful idolatry he demands of his devotees.

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This week Trump released his deranged version of a campaign ad on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. It reaffirmed his grotesque impression of the nation that he aspires to lead – no, make that rule over. The video is a horror show of ghastly imagery and looming threats. As he walks down a dark hallway with his customary pained grimace, Trump says in voiceover that…

“This is the final battle. With you at my side we will abolish the Deep State. We expel the war mongers from our government. We will drive out the globalists. We will cast out the communists. Marxists, and fascists. We will throw off the sick political class that hates our country. We will rout the fake news media. And we will liberate America from these villains once and for all.”

Trump’s message most closely resembles that of an aspiring messiah. Notice that his single focus is that he will remove all manner of imagined atrocities that plague the nation and its tortured citizens. It is all about who he will “abolish, expel, drive/cast out, throw off,” and “rout.” Of course, everyone that he is declaring will be banished are merely Americans who dare to disagree with him, and the legal authorities seeking to hold him accountable for his multitude of crimes.

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When he’s done, Trump’s concept of the nation would have about 10% of the population, consisting only of his embittered cult disciples. It’s a recasting of the divine doctrine that he is the only savior for the sorry sacks who salivate over him. He frequently tells his followers that they are the targets of the evildoers, but that he is taking the blows on their behalf. In other words, he’s dying for their sins.

Death and morbidity (and salvation) are common themes in Trump World. This campaign ad is reminiscent of his prior messaging wherein he whines that “Our nation is now third world and dying,” and that “the American dream is dead!” That’s when he isn’t fear mongering about America being plagued by “blood-soaked streets” in “cesspool cities.” And don’t forget his inaugural address in 2017 that gleefully warned of “American Carnage.”

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The “optimism” in Trump’s campaign ad is sure to expand the voter base – of Democrats. He is simply incapable of expressing himself in any terms that are remotely positive or uplifting. The entire strategy of Trump’s Republican Party and MAGA movement is to manufacture as much dread of the future – and hatred of the “others” – as possible. It may be the one thing that he’s any good at. But unfortunately for him, it won’t help him to achieve his goal of Putinesque tyranny.

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5 thoughts on “The Final Battle? Trump’s Dystopian Campaign Ad Promises to ‘Liberate America From Villains’

  1. Oh, how I long for the day when there is no news about that
    orange faced MAGAt!!! I will truly rejoice when there is not
    even a mention of it (him) anywhere!

  2. Psychopath Trump strikes again. When will they ever learn? Wishy washy Lindsey Graham. Overbearing Ted Cruz. Brainless MAGA. And other “worshipful idolaters” whom Trump requires for his “devotees”. And does anyone else think his “customary pained grimace” may be a side effect of his addiction to Adderall? I’ve been watching horror movies of late. Mainly because I want a different stimulation than “Trump.” But as this post points out, Trump and horror are becoming much the same. Geez, Trump, go and join Putin so you can share and combine your hatred for Democracy.

    • There might be some touble with Putin doing that. With the Wagner Group march on Moscow being halted only 150 miles from Moscow, and Putin taking the sail festival somewhere else then, there are rumors that he took a plane out of Moscow while it was being marched on. Putin looks weak, there’s rumors rumbling about of regime change. I really think Putin doesn’t have time to think about Trump. He’s too busy looking over his shoulder.

      • Did you read that Zelensky stated Putin is more likely to be assassinated than himself, because “everybody hates Putin.”

  3. A reminder that the Traitors’ God and his fellow worshipers are quite ready, willing and able to stage a rebellion to get Their God on the American (golden) throne to be proclaimed Emperor for Life. After all, they tried it once….

    Their God constantly says the quiet part aloud. Which the Trunt Worshipers then scream Biden actually said.

    All Traitors must die.

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