Trump Posts His ‘Proof’ of Election Fraud in Georgia that Actually Proves Election Integrity

The last presidential election was nearly three years ago. But Donald Trump is still yammering about the election having been “rigged and stolen” from him, despite having failed to produce a shred of evidence of any such fraud in dozens of court challenges or any of his television appearances or cult rallies.

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A couple of weeks ago Trump promised to hold a press conference where he would finally unveil “A Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia.” He insisted that this report would result in “a complete EXONERATION!” Which is something that Trump has been promising for years. And typically, failing to deliver.

However, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, that press conference never came to pass. Trump claimed that his lawyers convinced him to cancel it. Which is plausible because most lawyers don’t want their clients to go public with lies that will further incriminate them.

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True to form, Trump is unable to keep his fat yap shut for any measurable span of time. Consequently, he has just posted what is probably a key portion of the mystery report on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. The “irrefutable” proof that Trump is now promoting is a copy of a November 17, 2021, letter that Georgia governor Brian Kemp sent to the State Election Board asking them investigate “36 inconsistencies” in the ballot counting. That’s 36, not 11,780.

However, Kemp was not as convinced of the irrefutability of this information as Trump was. In the same letter Kemp stressed that “this letter does not purport to dispute or contest the outcome of the 2020 election.” He also noted that the citizen who reported the alleged inconsistencies also “never alleged the outcome of the election was in question.”

Furthermore, the subsequent investigation by the State Election Board that Kemp requested found that “Overall, the results of the hand recount — both in Fulton and all of Georgia — were similar to two machine counts, showing that Democrat Joe Biden won the state by about 12,000 votes against Republican Donald Trump.”

In other words, what Trump was boastfully presenting as exculpatory proof that his fellow Republicans in Georgia had conspired with Joe Biden and his “radical left Marxist fascist thugs” to steal the election from him, was in fact validation of the accuracy and integrity of the vote count in the state. Which had already been validated by three audits led by GOP officials.

Nevertheless, there is still value produced by Trump’s tortured truthless tantrum. It certifies just how severely demented and desperate he is. And it’s a great companion piece to his new and hilarious video proclaiming that President Biden is “a stark-raving lunatic.”


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4 thoughts on “Trump Posts His ‘Proof’ of Election Fraud in Georgia that Actually Proves Election Integrity

  1. PROJECTION, that is Donald TUMP’s best, or really his worst tool in his endless rants. He continues to make a fool out of himself on a daily basis. His delusional followers do the same thing. My ex sister in law is one of them. She and my ex-wife lives in the same residence and just a few days ago, they got into a huge argument about TUMP. My ex-wife was saying very negative things about TUMP, (Which were facts about him) and her sister said, ” Donald TUMP is a decent, caring, kind, Christian man, and cares about people”. My ex-wife began to tell her the criminal charges and the court trials that TUMP was facing, and her sister started screaming and crying and ran out of their house. That goes to show that his followers are sick in the head and are in the throes of the biggest crook and con man that has ever lived. My ex-wife’s sister has a sign that says, ”I AM AN ULTRA MAGA”

    • I’m agree about your ex-sister in law, and would like to add. she’s nuts. Well, if the shoe fits

  2. The Republicans should have stuck with proclaiming election fraud rather than actually trying to prove it. All they’ve actually proved is some Republican voter fraud and they’ve gotten themselves charged with real election fraud.

  3. It will be a great day when we never have to hear from the combover Caligula ever again.

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