Fox News Host Praises Trump’s Mugshot as Appealing to Black Voters Because They’re Pro-Criminal

Right-wing media have spent much of this year attacking the “radical leftist thugs” conspiring to destroy Donald Trump by holding him accountable for his multitude of crimes. They regard the four criminal indictments (to date) and the 91 felony counts (so far) as contrived and dismiss them as “election interference,” despite the abundant evidence of Trump’s guilt, provided mostly by Republicans and former Trump staffers. It’s all been a dreadful drain on Trump’s ability to pursue his lavish life of luxury.

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Fox News, KKK

Among the most atrocious acts by Democrats, according to the Trump cult, has been their forcing him to pose for mugshots. Of course, that’s a requirement imposed by local law enforcement authorities, not political operatives. However, since Trump’s first mugshot was published, the very same Trumpists have been celebrating it as a boon to Trump’s image and electoral prospects. They insist, falsely, that it is increasing his popularity, and they greedily engage in peddling mugshot merchandise at every opportunity.

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On Monday, Fox News host Jesse Watters did a segment on the Trump smugshot that crossed the line from beatification to blatant bigotry. This should come as no surprise considering that Watters replaced Fox’s former Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. Watters gushed that…

“The Democrats Soviet tactics has alienated their most loyal voting block. The mugshot has breathed new life into the Trump campaign and broadened his appeal to Black Americans. Over the weekend, with the help of mugshot merchandise, the Trump campaign raked in more than $7 million. Today my garbage man told me he’s buying mugshot t-shirts for everyone he knows this Christmas.”

According to Watters, Black Americans idolize anyone who breaks the law and has a mugshot taken. He is implying that they are by nature drawn to criminals. He states this matter-of-factly as if everyone knows that it’s true. Does that mean that they also admire James Earl Ray, and Charles Manson? Watters’ assertion that Black Americans have a knee-jerk appreciation for outlaws is racist on its face.

Watters is also asserting, without evidence, that it is Black people who are shelling out for Trump’s mugshot merch, rather than his rank and file cult followers. And as proof of his offensive political theory, Watters cites his garbage man, who we are supposed to assume is Black, because of course he is. We are also supposed to believe that this wealthy, elitist TV host regularly converses with sanitation workers. But Watters apparently couldn’t find a Black financial analyst or mechanical engineer or oncologist who is gifting Trump mugshot apparel for the holidays.

What’s more, Watters makes a preposterous and factually unsupported statement associating Democrats with “Soviet tactics” that are alienating Black voters. He thinks that by charging Trump with crimes and arresting him, Trump joins the group of minorities who have been discriminated against by racist institutions. Never mind that wealthy white men are actually least often the victims of such prejudice. That fact notwithstanding, Watters believes that Trump’s legal tangles will result in Black voters abandoning Democrats. Not only is there zero evidence of that, but recent polls show that Trump’s criming has caused a general collapse of his support.

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Watters isn’t the only Trumpozoid who is certain that his mugshot is a huuuge positive. MSNBC compiled a partial list of others espousing the same idiocy…

“Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo told host Laura Ingraham that… Trump’s arrest gives him ‘cred among a new bloc of voters.'”

“Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield said Thursday that he believes ‘many Black men’ will find Trump’s arrest ‘endearing,'”

“Laura Loomer, a far-right activist [said Trump’s arrest made him] ‘the most relatable man on the ballot for the black community.'”

“Dinesh D’Souza claimed mug shots [made] Trump the ‘ultimate gangsta in our culture'”

For the record, it isn’t Black Americans who embrace felons as political leaders. It’s Republicans. And that isn’t conjecture. They actually admitted it on national television at the recent GOP primary debate where six out of ten candidates proudly committed to supporting Trump if he’s the party’s nominee, even if he is convicted of the pending charges.

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So contrary to Watters’ racist remarks, it is his party – and his network – that favor criminals in politics. Which is convenient since it is his party, and his network, where most of the criminals reside.

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2 thoughts on “Fox News Host Praises Trump’s Mugshot as Appealing to Black Voters Because They’re Pro-Criminal

  1. The criminals at Fox Spews do not report anything on real news, i think they make up things out of thin air just to call it news… this Jesse Watters probably just wrote this falsehood down on a legal pad thing about his garbage man saying what he said. I honestly think most black people are sensible enough not to watch Fox Spews. It seems that as more time rolls by, the insanity within the Fascist Rethugs and Fox Spews gets worse and worse.

  2. If Watters had any real acting talent beyond reading scripts he’d be on strike in Hollywood!

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